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Appleseed on the Outdoor Channel

Written By: Bob - Feb• 19•13

I talk about Appleseed a bunch, but there’s no substitute for seeing it for yourself. If you can’t make it out in person, seeing it on TV is about the best substitute you’re going to get. Follow the link on over for a prequel of the episode, which airs twice on Wednesday, the 20th.

We’ve got ‘seed at the home range in Ramseur this weekend where I think I’m scheduled to do the third strike and some positional demos. With any luck, I’ll have a beautiful young assistant; if not, I’ll be the one contorting in the dirt. We love late attendees and walk-ons, so come on down if you’re able.

There is also a Ladyseed on March 9-10 that still has some seats left, which is a great way, ladies, to bring your daughters or moms to the range for some very cool bonding time.

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  1. earthman92 says:

    So, do you at Appleseed have men-only shoots where fathers and sons can have some “bonding time”, as you put it, or is that just for the females?

    • Bob says:

      Regular Appleseeds are open to everyone, and fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, and frequently entire families attend these events.

      Unfortunately, there are enough pigs in the traditionally male-dominated shooting sports that have acted in a condescending manner to women over the years that women (especially those of middle age and older) would rather have a female cadre of instructors, at least for their first shoot.

  2. earthman92 says:

    Male Chauvinist Pigs eh?
    Thank you for that answer, says everything.

    • Bob says:

      It is what it is.

      If so many guys hadn’t acted so bad, for so long, we might have had more female shooters a long time ago and prevented the current political mess we’re in today. These jerks created the situation which has spurred intense interest in many women-only shooting classes and clubs. Is it ideal?


      But until these Fuds grow up or die off, that’s the situation, and we’ll improvise, adapt, and overcome it the best way we know how.