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Biden YouTube parody “Buy a Shotgun”

Written By: Bob - Feb• 26•13

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  1. Chuck in Wake County says:

    My beautiful wife of 32 years has shot several 22’s and an M-1 carbine. I think she enjoyed the experiences and learned a small bit of marksmanship.

    I don’t think she would appreciate the exposure to a 12 gauge. Duh … I weigh 175, she weighs maybe 120 soaking wet. She’s tough and could do it, but why should she, if there are alternatives?

    Mr. Biden, in the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, is a maroon.

  2. A047 says:

    Awesome! We all needed a good laugh Im sure!

  3. Orion says:

    Despite the humor of the gentleman losing his trousers – I note that he maintained control of his weapon, continued to engage targets in his lane, and maintained proper orientation of the weapon after he DID break to raise the trousers again.

    Good control, focus, and range-safety.


  4. Kenny says:

    Biden … You are a foolish man! Dropping a semi auto shotgun/rifle is very dangerous!!!! Suggesting to purchase even a 20 gauge ( smaller caliber )has the same potential. AR’s have a very small recoil and can be recovered from quickly to even the most rookie shooters, as this video points out. The Woman shooting the AR isn’t taking any type of recoil stance and is handling the firearm easily……….

  5. Billy The Squid says:

    Hilarious video; thank you for posting it. BTW, the video also provides good reasons for not exposing women to combat.

  6. Patriot Lady in Minnesota says:

    I am buying a couple of guns this year and my Dad told me to get a .410. I must say I like that AR-15 much better and the ammunition is cheaper.

  7. R. PALMORE says:

    Biden is the best friend that Republicans could possibly have right now!! Let him rant on!!

  8. Chet says:

    How is it that someone as ignorant as Uncle Joe is allowed out alone ? That knucle head only opens his mouth to change feet !!!!