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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Bravo Company USA tells Milwaukee PD to FOAD after Cheif Flynn’s dishonest Senate testimony

Written By: Bob - Feb• 28•13

Big city police chiefs are Democratic politicians, not law enforcement officers. Edward Flynn has undermined the Second Amendment and is now going to have to find rifles for his department elsewhere, as Bravo Company USA is done with his lies.

Update: Via Western Rifles Shooters comes this eye-opener from Pro Libertate, which portrays Flynn as little more than a uniformed crime boss. Is that a fair assessment? Read the post and draw your own conclusions.

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  1. KP89DC says:

    Good for BC USA and the rest of us for the stance they’ve taken. Cheif Flynn is a bonehead.

    Molon Labe

  2. Arnold Kohl says:

    I have been a law enforcement- working not management behind a desk somewhere for over 37 years. My first comment to the Chief is that he is a liar and he knows it. Traffic accidents have been and continue to be the number one cause of police officer on-duty deaths. Many of them because of the officer’s own poor judgement- excessive speed, etc. My second comment is the FBI stats don’t show any type of fire arm at the top of the list for homicide or assault. Check out these lists that come out yearly.
    This man is a politician, not a peace officer.
    Keep up the good work Bravo Company.

  3. Treker says:

    With 45,000 firearms sold every single day since our ” Dear Leader” came to power I have not seen one politician complain about about the sales tax revenue generated.
    We are at war 67 million firearms have gone through the NICS background checks in Obama’s term . I can’t find a box of 22LR at any Walmart I attend . The lid is coming off , stock up and prepare.

  4. JeffS says:

    Now I understand why the Sheriff of Milwaukee County made that PSA.

  5. Brad says:

    Sounds like his testimony was deliberately deceptive if not out right false about the incidence of rifles used for criminal violence in his community. Aside from the anecdotal incidents he mentioned only some of which involved rifles instead of handguns, the high number of rifles he claimed were most likely property seized in the course of investigations and not rifles used to fire shots in anger. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of rifles claimed is false as well.

  6. Will says:

    Hold on a second here. I am confused. Now this fella Flynn says that so called “assault rifles” are designed to “quickly, easily, and efficiently inflict lethal damage to human beings”. But “Shotgun” Joe Biden says they’re too hard for us ordinary folks to use and he’s really smart so….?

  7. smitty says:

    The best case to be made for the right is democide.

    The sorry record of 262 million souls murdered by governments in the 20th century, and how all-or nearly all-those murderous governments preceded that incredible evil with the registration then confiscation of arms in private hands.

    His point about police (who, generally, unfortunately have gradually over time, morphed from being ‘peace officers’ into ‘law enforcement officers’, willing to enforce any law enacted no matter how wrong or silly it is) and their critical function as the support troops of tyranny (we know who will be tasked with the confiscation of our arms…), must be faced too…by the officers themselves, and those supposedly being served. The evidence indicates the majority of police officers have accepted the ‘law enforcement attitude’ and dismissed the honorable role of ‘peace officers’ keeping the peace. The ‘law enforcement attitude’ was every bit a component of 20th century democide as were the confiscation and prohibition laws they carried out.
    It is critical that this be dealt with…

    This government-our government: genocided the Indians off their lands, allowed slavery and the horrors of its aftermath, stuffed Americans of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps…there’s much more in the way of proofs that…

    governments are never to be trusted, in general, but especially with a monopoly of the possession of arms.

    Those wanting to disarm us must be hounded (politely-if possible-firmly for sure) to answer as to how and why-given that historical evil-anyone should trust any government, including our own with an arms monopoly…

    We know they can’t make a convincing case for the impossible.

    They know it too.

    That’s why they resort to arguments that are empty of logic but full of boatloads of emotionalism…the children and other similar blather.

    The question must be pressed on them, relentlessly…

    democide information:

  8. Klingonwork says:

    Still waiting patiently for the big 3 to issue their own FOAD to the states…

  9. gary says:

    flynn is a joke as a chief of police for milwaukee