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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Chambering the next “shot heard ’round the world.”

Written By: Bob - Feb• 19•13
The first Revolutionary War was triggered by a government attempt at gun control. It appears the second Revolutionary War may be triggered the same way.

The first Revolutionary War was triggered by an ill-advised government attempt at gun control. History suggests the second Revolutionary War may soon be triggered in much the same way.

Colorado is poised to be the next domino to fall in the prelude to the Second American Revolution. The Colorado House passed four gun control bills yesterday, and only the Colorado Senate can stop them from reaching Governor Hickenlooper’s desk. As freedom-hating statists have the edge in that chamber, they have the advantage there are well. Three Democrats will have to vote with the Senate Republicans to block these bills, and at the moment that seems unlikely.

The blatant hypocrisy of the Colorado House Democrats is a thing to behold; standard capacity magazines created by Colorado manufacturer Magpul will not be legal in the state because the legislature says these magazines are “too dangerous” for civilians to own, but these same politicians, wanting to keep the jobs and taxes created by the company, wants Magpul to keep manufacturing these same “deadly” accessories for export to other states.

It is a dance we’re seeing play out in a number of states across the nation, where big government statists—primarily in urban areas with high levels of taxes, poverty, government dependence, and unemployment—are using the bodies of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School as an excuse to focus on gun control instead of the economic disaster created by socialist economic destruction being waged from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, either through gross incompetence or a design towards implementing Cloward-Piven at last.

The battle over gun control is a political construct to benefit politicians, not an actual problem based on rising crime; violent crime rates have actually fallen as gun ownership has increased. The only place where violence has gone up is Chicago, where Gangwalker, the domestic version of Operation Fast and Furious, has created the increasing body count and outrage in the Windy City that Obama couldn’t generate in Mexico.

Obama’s goal is plain to see, as Washington Times editor Emily Miller so eloquently lays out:

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action acquired a research document prepared last month by the Justice Department’s research arm, the National Institute of Justice. The report, titled “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies,” explains that a “complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides.” It further noted banning guns with certain scary-looking features “could be effective” if the government outlawed all existing firearms, and bought them all.

Similarly, the Justice report asserts that the only way to achieve the “goal to reduce the lethality of guns” with a ban on magazines over 10 rounds would be by a “massive reduction in supply.” It recommends not “grandfathering” the hundreds of millions of existing magazines, but implementing an “extensive buyback” program. Even then, it would “take decades to realize.”

In a speech on Thursday, Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association said the president’s true agenda with his “universal background check” proposal was “the national registration of every single gun owner in the country.” The Justice Department memo recommends the creation of a national gun registry to make background checks for private gun sales useful for the government. The report says registering every gun purchase in the country would “increase owner responsibility,” enable “monitoring” of multiple gun purchases in a short period of time and “improve law enforcement’s ability to retrieve guns from owners” prohibited from possessing firearms. That’s code for confiscation.

When General Gage sent his Regulars and Royal Marines from Boston to Lexington and Concord to  capture or destroy any items of militia utility—from cannon, muskets, powder and shot to wooden plates and community food stores—his goal was to increase the peace by removing the colony’s ability to resist the government.

The Colonists did not think of themselves as Americans when they formed ranks on Lexington Green, only to be cut down by a ragged volley of fire and bayoneted by British troops. They held their fire until fired upon.

They did not think of themselves as Americans when they marched upon Concord’s North Bridge and Regulars upon fire upon them unprovoked, but they did return fire, routing the Redcoats with just two minutes sustained fire.

No, these first Americans did not actively become Americans—and the war was not fully joined—until a place called Merriam’s Corner on the long road back to Boston, where British Regulars once again formed ranks to fire upon colonists who were following them, but who had not fired upon them.

The geography forced the flankers of the Regulars to collapse back upon their column at Merriam’s Corner, and the woods were filled with colonial militia who saw the Regulars forming up to once again attack American forces who had not fired upon them. This was the third and final strike of the match that ignited the American Revolution.

Before the Regulars could fire upon the militia trailing their column, American militia hidden in the woods and behind stone fences were given the order to fire. It was a deliberate, calculated decision that triggered a war. This battle, not Lexington nor Concord is where the American Revolutionary War truly began.

The Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition, more than 8,000 rounds per employee, and recently sent out an RFP for 7,000 short-barreled 5.56 selective-fire assault rifles typically only useful for diplomatic protection and close-quarters combat.

When you look at the groundwork being laid by Barack Obama’s White House, the Department of Justice, and the Department of  Homeland Security, it appears to any student of history that they are arming and reinforcing themselves to impose their will upon the nation much as the British garrison in Boston swelled to put down those “damned rebels.”

Then, as now, we speak foundationally different languages with irreconcilable world views. We are two peoples separated by a common language where terms such as “liberty,” “freedom,” “safety” and “fairness,” have become near antonyms. There can be no compromise in such circumstances.  It is sad to see that partisanship has grown so fierce in this nation, and the radical left so obsessed with abandoning both God and Country as outdated concepts of a bygone era.

If you have an ear for history, you can hear the drumbeats sounding as the did in the early 1770s or the late 1850s. A war is coming, whether we like it or not.

Search your soul. Choose your side. Prepare your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon, but if they mean war…

Tread carefully.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    “This is not inflaming or exaggerating matters, but trying them by those feelings and affections which nature justifies, and without which, we should be incapable of discharging the social duties of life, or enjoying the felicities of it. I mean not to exhibit horror for the purpose of provoking revenge, but to awaken us from fatal and unmanly slumbers, that we may pursue determinately some fixed object….

    ….To talk of friendship with those in whom our reason forbids us to have faith, and our affections wounded through a thousand pores instruct us to detest, is madness and folly. Every day wears out the little remains of kindred between us and them, and can there be any reason to hope, that as the relationship expires, the affection will increase, or that we shall agree better, when we have ten times more and greater concerns to quarrel over than ever?….

    Common Sense by Thomas Paine

    Death before slavery!

  2. Pierre says:

    It is striking how everywhere you look politicians are attacking our right to self-defense against rogue government…

    At the very moment when we have a President who “hung” around with Bill Ayers, a man who had wet dreams about murdering 25 million americans, we are being disarmed. Gosh nothing to worry about eh?

  3. Gayle says:

    On the upside, the huge overreach on the 2nd amendment is awakening people thought to be safely and permanently asleep, and moving them to activism.

    And most importantly, they’re becoming energized and active on the state level, where a nascent civil war against FedGov is just finding its legs.


  4. Klingonwork says:

    This must be somewhat similar to what it felt like in the old Soviet Union before the fall.

    This government either knows what it’s doing and wants a rebellion to tighten its grip, or has no clue. I believe the former. Trust me, I’m absolutely not a conspiracy whacko, but I cannot believe they are oblivious to the rumblings and this has to be one of the sites they monitor to get a pulse beat. Stories this AM say Dems are purging pro-gun members, shows being banned out of pure emotion, and…that dems in Washington state would even consider…EVEN CONSIDER! any bill that would allow police inspections of gun owners homes ought to cause many many more to say enough.

    This also scares the hell out of me…we are more than ripe for rebellion…NO ammo to be found, local gun stores picked bare (I have witnessed this), even accesories now running scarce. As someone said recently…this is a country preparing for war. Recently I was offered first $2k, then $3k cash, sight unseen for one of my ARs….people are getting desparate….and that is not good as it ignites panic mode.

    I am not GOP, but why does it seem this is coming mainly from the dems? Again, it reminds me of those wild eyed people when Hitler drove by, this is lust for power, this is out of control.

    Keeping at the ready. I have chosen sides. God be with us.

    Molon Labe

    • Klingonwork says:

      Saw this today and remembered the Vichy collaborators…

      “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”– Samuel Adams

    • Comrade X says:

      Got your back.

      We once had a discussion on universal background checks, the following shows how right you were and how wrong I was;

      On the bigger subject; you know I don’t know how it will start or where or when, I do know why and I know as we precede down the path we are going if we do not stop there will be a point of no return.

      But just as our forefathers did, let them fire the first shot and as also of which our forefathers did, let us fire the last one!

      Death before slavery!

  5. Jay352 says:

    I think that one of the states is going to trigger this. There are a lot of angry, righteous patriots out there without a clear target. The Fed cannot be attacked directly , so they hold off. Now when cops start busting down doors, or arresting people for gun violations (Say New York)they will mark themselves as identifiable targets and then all hell will break loose. You can see what one man did in California. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating this because many, if not most in LEO share our values (Some of whom are my friends), I am just seeing this as the most likely scenario.

  6. A047 says:

    Buy Ammo whenever possible. Will be great to barter with if not used personally.
    Eyes and ears open.
    Molan Labe

    • Klingonwork says:

      OK…THIS is what I’m talking about…this movement can catch on like wildfire.

      Contacting the sheriff to light a fire here in LaLa land.
      Molon Labe

  7. Parker says:

    Mark Levin, whose opinions I respect, recently stated he thought the large ammo and gun purchases were because DC is preparing for massive civil unrest when the economy collapses. I think that’s as good a guess as any. Fortunately, as others have noted, the States are pushing back. Be alert, but stay focused on doing what you can through the political process in your state. If you live in a blue state you should move, most of them are going down an economic rabbit hole.

    I’m an old fellow and would not be effective for long in a civil war, but I will put an 8MM out of the pointy end of my Mauser through the eye socket of a kevlar ninja who comes to my house to register my arms or tries to take them. So, should it come down to civil war redux I will take at least one with me.

  8. Arkaden says:

    The difference between then and now is that we have no Colonials that are organized to enact a direct show of force. The modern day militia movement is scattered and hunted by the government, described as radicals. Do you think farmer Joe is going to round up his neighbors when the SWAT team rolls up? Nope.

    Millions of modern day patriots have no vehicle by which to stand up. Sure the tools are there. The heart is there, but standing up one at a time only makes news stories, not a restoration of this country.

    Freedom will die in this country by a thousand paper cuts and before you know it we’ll all be looking at each other saying “Is is time yet?” and ten years will pass before someone responds, “yup, should have organized better.”

  9. Bill says:

    If the first war of states was decided on industry, this one should be over very quickly on the side of the angels.

  10. kerry says:

    Donald Sensing at his blog, Sense of Events clarifies the 1.2 billion round purchase. Math errors were made, and a source he knows explains the codes in the order. Still a lot of rounds, but not 1.2bn. For reading, I recommend David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride, and Washington’s Crossing. The former about Boston, the shot heard round the world, Lexington, Concord and the British retreat back to Boston. The latter about the 1st & 2nd battles of Trenton, and the battle of Princeton. Molon Labe, Stand your ground!

  11. Orion says:

    Kerry beat me to the Sensing correction.

    However, I’ve concluded that there is no political process that can be followed to remove the criminal cartel that runs our nation. All that can be done there is to change one cartel for another – the difference between them is only the names.

    So, to hasten along the start of the cleanup, I’ve joined the push for more gun control, more taxes, more stimulus spending – every Democrat, Statist wet dream there is. Let them have everything they ask for! Ban every gun from private possession – Free Speech Zones! National Health Care and the Oil Industry – Criminalize Coal, Carbon taxes, ban GM Foods, All of it!

    I don’t want them to slow down, I want them to SPEED UP – so that we don’t get caught in that “What about now?” trap that Arkaden points out. Make it obvious. And like the Colonials of old, I won’t start it, but I’ll damn sure be there to help it finish, and with the clean up.


  12. A says:

    the question is how do the patriots organize? how do you unite millions of men and women around the US who want to defend the constitution? how do we ‘stand together’ to avoid ‘hanging alone’?

    That is the question. The only answer I have is to start locally with your like-minded friends you know you can trust. Be wary of newcomers and family who may want to lick the hand that holds them as referenced in the Sam Adams quote above…their number is legion.


  13. Fu#kObama says:

    The gun grabbing politicians and their media enablers will be the first…

  14. Frank Hall says:

    Love your site and insights. A minor hoistorcal correction. The British Marines did not become Royal until 1803. thanks and keep up the good work.