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Christopher Dorner has already won his war

Written By: Bob - Feb• 08•13
Rogue former LAPD officer Christopher Dormer (L), Heavily armed and armored SoCal LEOs hunting him (R).

Rogue former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner (L), Heavily armed SoCal LEOs hunting him (R).

Californians are waking up this morning to the news that a single man, Christopher Dorner, an angry ex-cop with no special training, is still waging a successful revenge-based one-man war against southern California law enforcement. The only reason they even know who he is is because Dorner decided to out himself through a length manifesto posted online and packages mailed to media figures.

So far, he’s murdered three people, and has injured two more, targeting law enforcement officers and their families. He’s put local law enforcement so on edge that they’ve fired dozens of rounds into vehicles that look similar to the truck Dorner was driving, shooting two innocent women delivering newspapers.

Dorner will eventually be cut down, but he’s managed to become a catalyst for a number of issues in just 24 hours since word of his deeds, which began with the assassination of a former captain’s daughter and fiance, became common knowledge.

He’s shed light on and popularized an apparently popular belief among some Californians that the Los Angeles Police Department is a corrupt and criminal enterprise to its core. Dorner has become an anti-hero to some, as words of support for Dorner and hatred of the LAPD flows freely on Twitter and no doubt other social media.

Dorner’s 22-page manifesto—as obviously deranged as much of it is—has struck a nerve with many who are choosing to believe Dormer’s claim that he was set upon and destroyed for being a good cop in a bad department. That is extraordinary… and not in a good way.

It takes an incredible amount of bad blood and distrust between the LAPD and the broader citizenry for the claims of an admitted murdering assassin to be accepted at face value over that of law enforcement. Because of his claims and the apparently widespread public belief in them, the LAPD is going to have to hold public hearings re-investigating his case and firing just to reestablish a modicum of credibility.

In damaging the LAPD’s reputation further and showing that is a fairly widespread belief, Dorner has already won his public relations war.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    Speaking of California;

    List of Proposed California Gun Control Measures — 500 Round Max, No Grandfathering, No Detachable Mags, Mandatory License…

    Methinks there will be more than Dorner rebelling in California soon!

    Death before slavery!

    • Phoenix says:

      Yep, there’s going to be way more Dorner’s, I agree.

      We’re just getting started down this rabbit hole.

  2. Chief661 says:

    I pray the CA anti-gunners hold off long enough for me to retire next year and flee back home to PA. Otherwise I will become, by default, a criminal because I will NOT turn in one round of ammo or one magazine. Five hundred rounds maximum my a_ _; let’em come and collect them. America has become a police state along the lines of Nazi Germany. Guess the death trains and FEMA camps are next. As someone said he saw a movie where only the police and military had guns.. it was called Schindler’s List.

    Death before slavery.

  3. Steve Moyer says:

    Left out of most of the MSM’s coverage of this is the fact Dorner is a far-left ideologue who has praised a whole list of leftists in the media and Democratic politics. This guy can’t be tagged as a right-wing fanatic so the narrative has to be that he was unhinged by right-wing oppression. Not one liberal will admit this kook shares their ideology.

  4. Ouroboros says:

    Isn’t this guy some sort of huge Obama supporter?

    • creeper says:

      Dorner’s “Manifesto” praises Obama profusely but I suspect there may be some racial component there. The entire story is intriguing. Much as I dislike Obama and his supporters I can’t help feeling some sympathy for a man who tried to do the right thing and lost everything because of it.

      This is not a simple case of left vs. right.

      • Veritas says:

        By right thing you mean murdering innocent people for revenge, correct? Someone who cannot understand what a murdering loon is cannot hope to understand what is the “right” thing.

  5. NotClauswitz says:

    How typical of LA celebrity-induced mental illness, he’s famous now: OJ with a badge.

  6. Klingonwork says:

    Yes, according to several sources, he is pro Obama, anti gun, and pro Piers. The broader public has yet to read his ranting 22 page manifesto, but they never will. These are the same low info voters who elected der Fuehrer, and their take-away from this will assume Mr. Dorner is right wing…thus, because of their intellectual apathy and reluctance to assume responsibility for their belief system, will use that to socially justify re-electing der Fuehrer.

    This speaks to one of my greater points, either 1, there is some type of mass psychosis as happened in Germany in the 30s propelled by some spiritual evil perhaps, or 2, the advances in technology are backfiring rendering the populace particularly the crowd who have grown up with the technology, intellectually apathetic. They have Twitter and what the Kardashian’s are wearing at the beach to concern them…do not expect much beyond what flavor of yogurt they like in any debate with these folks. Try your goldfish first, at least he LOOKS like he’s trying to think.

    We are now witnessing the utter and complete subversion of our 1st ammendment by the media. Anything that involves any gun, doesn’t matter the type or facts, will now be used to propel the anti gun crowd (such as Mr. Dorner)to further push non-senscial laws like what happened in NY and soon here in California…this on the bodies of those kids at Sandy Hook. This is profound evil, but the left wing believes they are justified and their self pride and vanity inflates even more. Reminds me of the speech Al Pacino gave as satan in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”…vanity was his favorite sin.

    This situation has gone critical mass and simply awaiting a trigger event. God help us from here.

    Molon Labe

  7. Molon Labe says:

    I certainly can not express any type of support for the crazed actions of a mentally unstable person. But yes the media will certainly spin this into him being a Right-Wing extremist.

    The real terrorists in this country sit on capito hill. I wonder how many drones will be hovering over washington?

  8. smitty says:

    By no means is Dorner to be much admired.

    But his point about police corruption may be valid.

    Does anyone really believe LAPD today is markedly different than in the Rampart days? That police that attempt to address the ‘bad apple’ cops are likely exposed to a sort of ‘Frank Serpico’ treatment?

    The reckless trigger-happy behavior of cops shooting up trucks that are merely similar to Dorner’s (one wasn’t even the same make and model…just painted blue) with no provocation whatsoever speaks volumes…

  9. cloaked in mystery says:

    Dorner is a nut, but LAPD proved his claims about them correct when they shot up the truck, police going on kill missions without the Governor declaring martial law is beyond merely unnacceptable.

    apparently dorner is not the only nut LAPD needs to fire.

    • Veritas says:

      Gee the police delibertly shot innocent people right? They jsut fired without cause or reason? If I could understand your reasoning or the crazy rant of the murdering loon and justify it as you have I’d check myself into Credmore.

      Seek help.

      • Comrade X says:

        Police gunning down two ladies for just delivering newpapers is outrageous for any reason!


        Death before slavery!

      • SDN says:

        By every account I have seen (including LA Times), that is EXACTLY what they did. Twice.

        The pickup trucks were neither the same make or color.

        The first two victims were Hispanic females; the third was a white male. None could be mistaken for a large black male in broad daylight.

        The cops fired 71 rounds in the first incident; there are photos of bullet holes scattered through the houses in the neighborhood.

        You, sir, have no relationship with the truth.

    • Mark E says:

      Police going on kill missions is beyond merely unacceptable whether or not the Governor has declared martial law.

  10. twolaneflash says:

    My son’s Green Beret teammate’s house in Fayetteville, NC, where my son was also living, was burglarized while they were on pre-deployment leave. The theft included weapons and Special Forces combat equipment. A few days later a soldier called my son’s cellphone and left a message that he was in possession of my son’s laptop, which he had “bought from some dude”. The information was given to the sheriff’s office, but the lead was never followed; the detective said when they called the number it was out of service – go away and file insurance – nothing to see here.

    A couple of weeks ago one of my cars was vandalized here in GA, and I got a call from the local sheriff’s deputy. The police were called while the vandalism was done. Because my daughter was driving the car and I couldn’t contact her, I filed a missing person report. In the process of locating my daughter, the police interviewed two eye witnesses to the vandalism who identified the vandal. The car was totaled by the insurance company. Despite having a police form with a case # on it, the police department is unable to find reports on either incident, the vandalism or the missing person, in their “system”. Without the reports, I am having difficulty pressing charges against the vandal.

    Some years ago I told a group of friends that I had never seen the policeman I was glad to see. Sadly, they each and all agreed.

  11. LordChamp says:

    On thing that can be taken away from this is the amount of resources only one semi-dedicated person can tie up. And the libs think WE don’t stand a chance against the government.


    Imagine 100 Dorner’s nationally? 1000? 10000? Maybe some with some real training and planning. Think they couldn’t create havoc with the system?

    Imagine the nightmare of just 10 organized people in a large city like LA or NYC. The LEO would go bonkers chasing their tails.

    • AT says:

      AMEN! Really puts this whole thing into perspective. 100,000,000+ weapons in the U.S. and countless rounds of ammo.. if only ONE PERCENT were to be used in an insurrection, thats, what, 1,000,000 weapons! Thats alot. Put those in an organized groups hands…bad news. Pray for this Country people. we live in desperate times.

      • Phoenix says:

        AND…what if the electrical grid went down and the EBT cards quit working?

        Obama’s own people would turn on him.

        It’s not that farfetched…anymore.

  12. smitty says:

    As I said in another post where I described a snowy night last week in which my vehicle slid into the ditch, and both an Ohio State Trooper and a Deputy Sheriff separately appeared on the scene, acted professionally and as gentlemen, I worry for the good police officers who really try to “serve and protect” in regard to the storm clouds on the horizon.

    On the other hand, such widespread dislike and distrust of cops has some, maybe very much credible basis.

    And much of it is a result of the normal way in which police misbehavior allegations are usually addressed: by a committee whose creed appears to be sort of a rubber-stamp attitude that police-can-do-no-wrong, even in obviously blatant cases. Shooting people in the back while claiming they posed an imminent threat, and the like.

    The rabble do indeed have a bad attitude regarding cops, generally, and in general too, the cops have brought this on themselves…

    By way of entertaining illustration, watch classic episodes of the Andy Griffith Show.

    Who do you little but respect and trust from the folks of Mayberry? Sheriff Andy Taylor.

    Who often is despised and disliked? Deputy Barney Fife.

    The difference? Taylor is a Peace Officer, while Fife is a Law Enforcement Officer, citation pad always ready.

    But modern versions of Andy seem to be the exception, while the rule seems to be a steroids-pumped brutal and heartless trigger-happy version of Fife, who really should be allowed only one round in his pocket.

    The transition has been slow, and the state of police officers’ relationship with the public they are to serve is a sad and disappointing thing…

    Back to Dorner and “investigating his case and firing just to reestablish a modicum of credibility”, upon what basis is such an investigation to be credible?

    Given what he’s already evidently done-murders and shootings-and the inevitability of his being taken down-fatally of course-can police really be expected to avoid the the gung-ho “look we got ‘im, we’re protecting and serving” and open themselves to serious a truth-seeking inquiry?

  13. JoeKidd says:

    Christopher Jordan Dorner is the cop-killing son that Barack Hussein Obama never had. Just like James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora, CO theater shooter, who not only belonged to the Barack Hussein Obama-supported and nurtured “Occupy” movement, he was a proud member of the “Occupy Black Bloc” member <– they want to kill cops too.
    Note: Sociopaths are usually identified by their first, middle and last name.

    • Veritas says:

      Wow you nailed it. I pity those who identify with these murdering thugs. There are so many filled with hate. Nice post.

      • Comrade X says:

        There are good cops and bad cops just like there are the same with doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, contractors, et al.

        IMHO most cops are good, just like most gun owners are too, it’s the minority that make us all look bad, and the narrow sighted seem to only view!

        Death before slavery!

  14. Comrade X says:

    I know some LEO’s who will keep their oath but even they will admit that much of what they do today is merely tax collecting!

    Death before slavery!

  15. TigerLily says:

    Great article and great comments. I read the entire Manifesto. In it, Dorner calls for strict gun control. At first that didn’t make sense to me. Stricter gun control could have stifled the cop-killer’s stated agenda – to murder masses! But after thinking about that twisted thought process, it made sense to me. Gun control gives the advantage to cops and criminals. If this doesn’t make the bleeding heart, anti-gun liberals wake up and recognize that gun control = total control to a cartel of criminals – cops and non-cops alike, then they have some serious indoctrination to overcome.

    You almost have to be a sociopath to be a cop.

  16. Comrade X says:

    Do not fear has Jesse come to the rescue:

    “Jesse Jackson Writes Plea/Open Letter To L.A. Shooter Chris Dorner: “I understand your feelings of hurt, and your pain”… “I will do whatever I can for you without hesitation”…

    Death before slavery!

  17. john says:

    Guys a nutjob plain and simple. BUT, take note, he’s ONE man, with a rifle… ONE.