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Hitting the brakes

Written By: Bob - Feb• 03•13
Templar Custom Military Compensator-Enhanced (MC-E) Muzzle Brake

Templar Custom Military Compensator-Enhanced (MC-E) Muzzle Brake

I’m off to the undisclosed training location with some of the crew to try out the Templar Custom MC-E muzzle brake to see if it lives up to its billing as a comp friendly to those beside the shooter. We’ve always known that most brake designs port gas in such a way as to blast the shooters to the right and left with hot muzzle gasses. I actually saw a situation a month back where a guy with an extremely dirty comp sprayed debris out of his brake that hit the shooter beside him, which led to less that cordial relations and the removal of that firearm from the firing line.

It it was designed as well as we think it is, it should eliminate any muzzle rise and be tolerable to other shooters, which is close to being the “holy grail” of comp design. I’ll post a review later in the week.

Also trying out a new gunbelt from Dragon Leatherworks. It’s built like a tank!

[Disclaimer: the guys at Templar Custom are friends, I maintain their web site for them, I shoot a Templar Custom MCWS rifle, and so there is going to be some unavoidable bias, even though I’ll attempt to be objective.]

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