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I hate to ruin Clueless Joe’s day…

Written By: Bob - Feb• 25•13

…but the lady who shot “rifleman” at Appleseed in Ramseur yesterday did so with a M&P 15/22 (and had good form doing it).

mp1522Women do use AR-15 pattern rifles with expert-level proficiency, despite Vice President Biden’s sexist advice to the contrary.

Update: fxhummel1 strikes again.

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  1. Jake says:

    Both of my daughters (12 & 14) have M&P 15/22s and both will be attending an Appleseed event in March with their mother and I (need to find another pair of 22s for the weekend).

  2. Klingonwork says:

    Let me correct you sir as you sadly mistaken in your verbage, since Clueless Joe is a liberal and looking out for our interests as we are far too stupid to look out for our own self interests…Clueless Joe did not say anything “sexist”. He was merely pointing out an “enlightened alternative”.

    If you being defender of the Constitution had said it, then it would have qualified as sexist.

    Clueless Joe is wise…why just the other day he knew what state he was in.

    Molon Labe