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It’s that time of the month… Appleseed!

Written By: Bob - Feb• 22•13


It’s currently in the mid-30s, with 100% chance of snow tonight, switching over to fog in the morning with 100% chance of rain tomorrow and a high of 45F.

A perfect day for an Appleseed at the home range in Ramseur! We had 3/4″ an inch of ice on the ground last month when we started, so I’m not kidding about the weather being an improvement.

I’ll likely being demoing prone, siting, and standing positions (talking through the steady hold factors, not doing the modeling… I think) tomorrow and telling the Third Strike and Dangerous Old Men stories on Sunday when temps will reach a blistering 59°F and we’ll actually see the sun.

For those of you who can’t make it to listen to my dulcet tones but would still like to test your shooting skills, I’ve got a nice 10-meter, 9-shot Appleseed practice target that you can print out at home and take to the range.

Let me know if you how you do.

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  1. Dave Owens says:

    I REALLY need to do one of those this year. I would love to earn one of those patches.

  2. Matt says:

    There hasn’t been an Appleseed around here since shortly before Christmas. I’ve been missing them, I want to keep working my way up the IIT ranks. I also miss some of the neat people I know from Appleseed (Hi Larry!)

  3. MattHurts says:

    My first Appleseed, I couldn’t even hit the redcoat. By the end I managed to score Rifleman. It pays to be the only student with two instructors in 105 degrees.

  4. WhaddyaKnow says:

    Got interested in attending Appleseed after a guy I met at a TeaParty Meeting went over the program. Looked it up online and I see it costs $80 for a weekend. No big deal. But then I see that women get charged half as much. So, in essence, I get charged double because I stand to pee instead of sit down. I understand the reasoning behind this is to attract more females to the event, but quite frankly, I have had enough of discriminatory policies against hetero males. If women have no desire to learn shooting, too damn bad; it shouldn’t take some form of financial incentive to entice them. Patriotism shouldn’t have to be purchased at a discount.

    So I guess I will hit the range on my own, and learn from my fellow shooters on the line as I often do. Perhaps Appleseed should re-think this policy, and apply an equal fee across-the-board regardless of gender. When/if they do, I will look into attending.

  5. Comrade X says:

    A few weeks old but she really hits it out of the park!

    Death before slavery!

  6. David says:

    I’m attending my first appleseed this weekend in Ariel, WA. Just above freezing, drove through some snow to get there, and it rained most of the day. I still had a blast. I’m using a rifle I’d never shot before, to say it was not sighted properly for the first round is an understatement, but by the end of the day I was putting decent groups on target. Hoping for my rifleman patch tomorrow!