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Let’s kill Hitler

Written By: Bob - Feb• 27•13
Adolph Hitler discovers the TARDIS.

Adolph Hitler discovers the TARDIS.

One of my favorite television series is the modern Doctor Who. Yeah, I’m kind of geeky like that.

In the eighth episode of the sixth series, Let’s Kill Hitler, the Doctor and his companions accidentally save Adolph Hilter in 1938 Berlin, as he is about to be tortured and killed by the Teselecta, a sort of time-traveling justice department. The irony in the situation is that they showed up to kill Hitler themselves, and in the end, neither side kills Hitler because they discover an even bigger war criminal in their midst.

I’m reminded of the episode for some reason when I read Mike Hendrix’s Proclamation this morning.

In that post, Hendrix goes on a (perfectly justifiable) rant against California Senator Dianne Feinstein. She is one of many Senators who feels that the Constitution is malleable and fleeting, something to use once and discard like a snot-filled tissue. It is Feinstein’s argument that popularity should matter more than natural rights… rather obviously an immoral position that allowed for slavery, relegated women to a role a second-class citizens, and yes, disarmed minorities prior to democides around the world that put 262 million souls to death in the 20th Century.

What Feinstein and her fellow politicians are proposing with gun control laws across the nation and in Congress aren’t merely wrong. They are evil.

We can look to recent history to see the mass graves in Cambodia and China, the smoke pouring from the ovens in Germany and Poland, the corpses stacked on the frozen tundra of Siberia, and bleached bones scattered across the deserts of Turkey.

In each an every instance, mass civilian disarmament preceded the democidal targeting of minorities polarized, demonized, and then exterminated by the majority.

262 million dead, killed by their own governments… those are the wages of gun control. It makes the number killed in wars between nations and domestic crimes pale in comparison. It makes the 25 million Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and the rest of the Weathermen predicted would have to be exterminated look shockingly prophetic.

If you open your eyes, my fellow Americans, the battle lines are being clearly drawn for a Second American Revolutionary War.

One one side are the ultra-conservative statists and collectivists (though they call themselves “progressives”), those that believe in the diminishing  or eliminating of individual rights to achieve social harmony and societal homogamy. Uniformity is their goal, and they view it as a necessity in their highly urban environments where the exercise of any meaningful individual liberties—not the skin-deep liberties of appearance—cause chaos.

On the other side are the classical liberal values, those that flow to us from thousands of years of enlightened philosophy, which carried us through every dark age imposed by power-mad statists, which fed the Enlightenment and ultimately formed the views of natural rights which inspired the men who wrote our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. This is the side of individual liberty, freedom, and growth.

Both sides are now separated by a common language, just as we were in 1775.

We use the same words, talking about the same things, and yet the meaning of those same words are understood far differently. The world views are too dissimilar. We cannot talk with one another. Orwell’s 1984 is upon us, and words no longer mean what they mean.

This will be a war not between nations or states, but between urban and rural. Urban areas have the advantage in population, technology, and trade. Rural areas have the advantage in land, practical skills, food growth and power generation. Cities cannot supply themselves. The eventual outcome seems assured, though hundreds of thousands or millions may fall before that inevitability is recognized.

It may be cathartic to warn politicians that they are pushing this nation towards a cataclysmic war, but they can’t hear you. They speak a different language.

It may feel necessary to threaten politicians, but I assure you that all they hear from that threat is that their ideas must be excellent to face so much resistance from the great unwashed they imagine us to be.  In the end, the threats and the cajoling and the speeches simply won’t matter.

You know what the ultimate irony of “Let’s Kill Hitler” was? Even if Mels or the Teselecta had managed to kill Adolph Hitler in 1938, it probably wouldn’t have stopped things and indeed, might have even made them worse. Hitler was elected in democratic elections, reflecting a popular viewpoint shared by tens of millions. His death wasn’t going to stop World War II, and it wasn’t going to chance the viewpoints of the millions of Germans that had embraced his view of the world.

At some point, wars become inevitable.

Tread carefully.

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  1. Dick says:

    Not to sound cavalier, but I’m in.

  2. Al Reasin says:

    If, a big if, sheriffs and police chiefs establish the Constitution Security Force began by Chief Kessler. His all to citizens of Gilberton Borough, Pennsylvania to join him and his police department in putting together a “reserve force” to help defend his city in the event of a foreign invasion or, more precisely, an invasion of the Federal government to confiscate firearms, may provide an avenue to avoid conflict. The progressives seemly only respect force not discussion, debate and compromise, in my experience.

    The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is another group supporting constitutional rights.

    I have spead the word via my blog and E-mails to MD sheriffs. May all you out there do the same.

    • fubar says:

      We’ve been asking around the Gilberton Police Chief. The entire boro council is supporting him and his efforts.

  3. Real Deal says:

    The question is when the second “shot heard round the world” is fired will we hear it or will it be smothered under MSM bias and babble?

  4. Russell says:

    Re: Language
    In “Liberal Fascism”, Jonah Goldberg reveals that Statists (progressives, Socialists, Fascists, etc.) are the only ones who stress unity as a political/social national goal. This is why the constitution is a threat AND a roadblock. The Founding Fathers intentionally created a system that was nearly the direct opposite of the Feudal-style systems in the rest of the world.

    I remember this whenever I her someone exclaim that we must have a leader to unite the nation.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      And, as Jonah pointed out, this is why EVERYTHING becomes a “war” in their rhetoric. “War on Poverty”. “War on Drugs”.

      Americans, you see, are notoriously go-it-alone but UNIFIED during times of war. To try to turn that attitude to their use, the statists try to make every one of their pet causes a “war”.

      I’m waiting for the “War on Violence”.

  5. Russell says:

    What’s the difference between someone suffering from schizophrenia and a progressive?

    A schizophrenic cannot control the voices inside his head.

    A progressive cannot control the voices outside his head.

    • Folo says:

      Actually, a schizophrenic hears voices from outside his head. When the voices are inside the head, it is considered a mild form of schizphrenia, or perhaps another mental disturbance.

      I get your point. the in or out of the head thing is quite important. Full on crazy is outside of the head.

  6. Comrade X says:

    The evil that has permeated our land is in every community in the land, every county, every town, and every hollow.

    Have do we rid our land of this evil? Some areas are so infested it would be a waste of resources to even go there now. But those areas that would be behind our lines, those that live there should be thinking about how they will be securing their land for liberty. It could be one inch at a time or one person at a time or one block at a time.

    Something our forefathers did with their “Sons of Liberty”, we have much to learn from their actions, much of which is not very well known, IMHO great things are can be done by starting small.

    For example I betcha there ain’t a community in our great nation that doesn’t have traitors that could use a good tar and feathering!

    Death before slavery!

  7. Matt says:

    Unlike the definition in the dictionary, modern political liberals are very narrow-minded in a politically correct sort of way. They have been trained to feel guilty about other people’s problems.

    As far as threatening politicians, the only threat I use is to campaign for an opponent in the next election.

    And, speaking of threats, it’s funny that the threats of violence I receive are always from liberals. There are a lot of conservatives who disagree with me, sometimes very passionately, but never threaten violence.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Conservatives are used to people disagreeing with them. “Liberals” can go years without hearing a peep of disagreement.

  8. chief661 says:

    “At some point, wars become inevitable”. Bob I have felt for some time now that our country has become so polarized along racial, ethnic and ideological lines, that there is no alternative. Like you, I believe it will not be a war between states. I am pushing to get back home into a rural area before TSHTF; I hope I have time.

    Domari Nolo

    • Orion says:

      Might want to hurry that move up a bit.

      I’d be surprised if we make it to mid 2015 without a civil war starting.


  9. Members of the MSM are all “redcoats” and should be treated accordingly.

  10. Mudlark says:

    Urban areas are very fragile. They are artifical and lack the group dynamics that sustain small towns and rural areas. Worse, urban areas are the concentration points of those who will not work, are on the fringes of society, and the disturbed. In a list of the ten largest cities in the US, only one is truly habitable, and that will not last. But how many small cities and towns are there where you might like to live.

    If war comes, the fracture lines are clear. The American experiment has failed. I hope there will be another chance, even if it is on a reduced scale. Let the NE and the West coast join Canada or Cuba.