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Minnesota Democrats walk out of the “national conversation” on guns

Written By: Bob - Feb• 07•13

This is why the gap between politicians and citizens, liberals and conservatives, demagogues and rational human beings continues to widen. Two calm and reasonable men attempt to explain why the proposed gun laws being pushed by Democrats are unsound logically, and in response five DFL legislators get up and walk out rather than have to listen to facts, logic, and reason.

Democrats don’t want a “national conversation” on guns. They want to be bullies.

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  1. Grrr.

    While I think it is deplorable that these Dems, as is typical of their character, walked out of a conversation, and I do commend the two that testified for actually bringing the guns in to demonstrate the silliness of restricting firearms based on cosmetic features, I am still dismayed that a number of people on our side are going after the wrong points.

    As I said in a post not long ago:

    The conundrum here is that absolutely every single quality of a particular firearm that makes it more deadly in the hands of criminal, also makes it just that much more effective in the hands of a good guy. And that’s what we want, and what every individual in this nation, save the criminals and tyrants themselves, should want.)

    If we keep reminding them that they are only banning cosmetic features, what happens if they make a course correction and start focusing on ‘features’ such as the caliber or hollow points that do more internal damage or shotguns with all those double-ought buckshot 30 caliber projectiles?

    I do see value in correcting the idiocies of those who would control us, but I think it’s important to hammer away at their misconception of the intent of the Second Amendment. It was intended that our access to all the terrible instruments of the soldier be protected. If we don’t emphasize those points, we are going to be caught flatfooted and behind the curve in educating those on the fence when the next attack on our rights is more finely tuned.

  2. Comrade X says:

    Methinks the Minnesota Democrats walked out to play a new game:

    Death before slavery!

  3. A047 says:

    Not surprising at all really. They have already made up their minds as far as what they want to ban. Keep stacking, training and preparing. They are.

  4. 1911A1 says:

    :::sticks fingers in ears::: LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA….I can’t hear Yooooooooooooou!!!!!!!

  5. tracy coyle says:

    Another example of Democrats refusing to participate unless they are determining the outcome. Recalling in WI where legislators left the state to avoid voting.

  6. Bill says:

    Are they going to run away like the Wisconsin twits if they don’t get their way?

  7. Rikkisan says:

    “Minnesota Democrats walk out of the “national conversation” on guns”-guess they didn’t want to converse and possibly learn something. As expected, factual presentation causing an emotional, childish reaction. Not very mature and sure as hell not representing any of their constituents in a mature and professional manner. Guess they went off to pout.

  8. Bill says:

    It’s time to form an independent citizens brigade to arrest these clowns for derliciton of duty.

    Maybe we can bring back guillotines. No, wait. They’re high capacity. /Sarcasm

  9. smitty says:

    How did those political critters ‘disappear’ the video?

  10. Mike says:

    Hi Bob,

    what happend to the video? I would love to see this.


  11. Thomas F says:

    Why was the video pulled, how can anyone lay claim to the rights of a video made at a public hearing.