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Shoot like a girl… if you can

Written By: Bob - Feb• 04•13
Donna shooting prone from DIVA WOW

2011 Ladyseed participant in Texas shooting prone from DIVA WOW.

[I have to start this off with a disclaimer: I know the shoot boss of this event, and consider her a friend, so I can’t be completely objective about what I’m about to write. I also adore one of the younger instructors-in-training, whom I’ve adopted during Appleseed weekends as my “shoot kid,” who regularly shoots rings around her peers of either sex.]

The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is hosting a ladies-only event in March 9-10 in Elon, NC that I would highly encourage moms and daughters  in the region to attend.

Ammoland just ran a press release about the event that has a lot of the information about the upcoming event, and I’d recommend reading the DIVA WOW article on the 2011 Texas Ladyseed to get a woman’s firsthand perspective on the Ladyseed she attended.

I’m going to treat you to a very rare quote from my best friend and the love of my life, who attended her first Ladyseed in 2012. She’d never fired a rifle before going to Ladyseed. When she came home, she held up a golf ball she’d cored dead-center at 25 meters. She had this to say:

Ladyseed was a exhilarating and educational experience. I had never held a rifle before Ladyseed and was hesitant to go because of my lack of experience. Not only were they professional, they made me feel at ease and helped me through my “tough” areas. But it’s not all about learning to shoot, I got a deep and emotional look at the history of this great nation and how it came to be. This has made me want to be a better American and has put a fire under me to help other people know what our founding fathers did for their America.

You can register here either for the full weekend or an individual day. Unlike a visit to a theme park, you’ll come away with knowledge, pride, and skill with a rifle that no one can take from you.

There are only 15 slots left. Sign up quickly, before they’re all gone.

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