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Skeeter Zero

Written By: Bob - Feb• 02•13

After Barack Obama’s bizarre claim that he goes skeet shooting all the time, and sources confirmed he hardly ever did, the White House felt compelled for some reason to release a photo of the President shooting a shotgun in mid 2012.

Barack Obama fired a shotgun.

Barack Obama fires an over/under shotgun.

Rather thin-skinned to mockery, isn’t he?

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  1. Robert says:

    And the White House is officially warning people not to Photoshop the image. Good luck with that one.

  2. Bill says:

    What a complete tool.

  3. Chas says:

    What a fraud! Posing with a gun while scheming to rape our Second Amendment rights! He’s a commie con artist!

  4. BillC says:

    All the time?

  5. Jim says:

    What is the second vertical discharge?

    • Bob says:

      The barrel is ported. Barrel porting redirects some of the gases upward, nudging the barrel downwards and keeps it on target.

  6. Comrade X says:

    Hey Obama, I’ll quit manipulating your scrawny photos when you stop manipulating my freedoms!

    Death before slavery!

  7. Honeybadger says:

    Skeet Shooting?? The barrel is horizontal. Maybe he has one of his minions holding the clay 20 feet away.
    “Hold it Up! Don’t be afraid! I won’t miss!”

    • Klingonwork says:

      Reminds me of the scene in “The Fugitive” where Bruce Willis blew off Jack Black’s arm. Trust me.

      Look for one armed men in high government positions.

  8. Phoenix says:

    If you look real close at his left pocket, you can barely see a copy of his birth certificate sticking out….

    So….it must be real.

  9. John Galt says:

    I see the mom jeans have made another appearance. Nice form, too.

  10. Publius says:

    I wonder how many takes were needed to get a releasable photo?

    And how much coaching from Secret Service it took to get him to hold it correctly?

  11. John Galt says:

    That guy’s sight-line is all wrong for hitting anything. His eye is below the receiver. No way he could see the bead, and target acquisition would be very difficult.

  12. Nogo Joe says:

    AP headline with this picture:

    “Hours before gun control speech,
    photo of 0bama firing a rifle surfaces”
    Must be one of them new-fangled skeet rifles I been hearing so much about lately. The press is so knowledgable about these things.

  13. Comrade X says:

    We need to recognize all of those on the other side;

    Sylvester Stallone supports assault weapon ban…

    Can’t wait for his next movie; NOT!!!!!

    Death before slavery!

    • louielouie says:

      as i could care less about stallone, or his movie(s), i have a suggestion, lame i know, but a suggestion for some legislation.
      what’s left of congress should pass, for hussein to sign, with immediate effect, a law stipulating that in any broadcast media, regardless of origin, text preceding/succeeding, a scene, wherein the unlawful use of a weapon of any type will be displayed on screen for a duration of at least three seconds stating the US code/law that is being broken.
      this wouldn’t effect platoon, but can you imagine what scarface would be like?
      bruce willis movies?
      pulp fiction?
      if the libs in hollywood are so anti gun, put their money where their mouths are.

  14. Treker says:

    In honor of the Patron Saint of Firearms ( Burt Gummer) On gun rights it appears the President Obama has broken into the wrong God Damn rec. room.

  15. Steve Ramsey says:

    I could care less if Obama ever shot skeet. NOBODY was saying “PULL!” at LexingtonConcord on April 19th 1775.

  16. robins111 says:

    You know, given about 6 months training, Bammy, just may be able to shoot like a girl, as Sarah Palin suggested.

  17. Comrade X says:

    Mock & load! Web jokers Photoshop Obama pic;

    Death before slavery!