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Super-genius Joe Biden advises committing a felony instead of defending yourself

Written By: Bob - Feb• 19•13

He’s second in line to the throne, folks, and here’s his brilliant advice for self defense if you hear something go bump in the night: commit two counts of assault with the deadly weapon.

Biden then goes on to claim that an AR-15 is “harder to aim, harder to use” than a shotgun, which would come as a shock to the teenaged girls I’ve seen shooting targets at 300 yards with them, as well as the police agencies that advocate using AR-15s for their accuracy and ease of use.

“Double-barrel Joe” would leave Doctor Jill Biden (the “Second Lady?”) unarmed with an empty gun after loudly announcing her presence with a double felony.

When is he teaching the SEALs again?

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  1. A says:

    be wary of Biden and his charm. he is a master of propaganda. his father was also a used car salesman (seriously). do not underestimate the appeal he has to those Americans who expect him to protect them. their number is legion.

  2. Justin says:

    First thing he claims is he has Parenting Magazine at home. I guarantee that’s a lie.

  3. mytralmann says:

    He wants the odds stacked 30 to 1 against you when His forces arrive.

  4. david7134 says:

    This goes against what the local sheriff says. He says do not warn, kill. If you feel threatened, you aim to kill the individual. Biden makes a point of killing someone on your property, which is ok in Louisiana. Elsewhere, it is murder. Normally the person has to be in the house. You also have the use the phrase that you feel threatened. But it would be stupid to be sitting with an empty gun if a bad guy is near. A friend who owns Sports South recommends a street pump. He says to sound of loading usually gets rid of most people (universal language).

  5. Treker says:

    Our whole nation is awash in a sea of estrogen . This video is proof of that.

  6. peepants says:

    If we combine this with what Colorado Democrats have suggested you have the perfect rape prevention tool. If you feel your are being threatened release some “warning vomit” or “warning urine” to ward off any would be attackers! (obvious sarcasm)

  7. AZOolddog says:

    For my small framed Wife her AR is much more controllable than a hard kicking 12 GA. That is if you don’t count the .45APC in her purse!

  8. Mike Gregory says:

    His statements are proof that he is a simple minded poser who has never been taught anything about guns or the liability of brandishing and/or “shooting to scare” someone. He is as stupid as a human can get and his boss is pushing hard to assume the role. Their two IQ’s combined would barely hit 100. Ever wonder why they can’t practice law legally?

    Instead of Joey’s plan you should try this approach:

    Simply dial 911 and state: “I fear for my life” then you say “I can’t feel my legs” and promptly hang up. (Staying on the phone is how they gather initial evidence and they already know where you are due to enhanced 911.)
    HANG UP.

    Now that that is all legally taken care of you kill the bastard(s)that are in your house. Kill or injure anyone outside the house and you are on your own in MOST cases.
    Don’t vomit or piss or even issue a stern warning; those options are only for the liberally impared.

    If one happens to live… through some miracle… you then sue them in a civil court for pain and suffering due to your leg paralysis that shows up “now and then” along with constant severe back pain.

    Even a stupid lawyer knows who will win. Right Barry?

  9. Klingonwork says:

    Every time I think of Joe Biden, I picture lightning bolts radiating from his head in a 360 degree pattern because of his super-genius Mensa-extraordinaire like capabilities. He must use a lot of grease to keep his hair down cuz of the intense radiating energy coming from his cranium.

    Or maybe he does crack.

    Molon Labe

  10. Rob in Katy says:

    As i understand it, you can discharge a weapon in most cities as long as the projectile does not leave your property – so shoot the floor. I used to tell my wife, take the 20ga and point it at the pool and let one off. the worst we would have to do is buy new windows. I was pretty sure since we were in the county, still a close neighborhood, there wound’t be a issue. But I do think that 80 years of Joe drinking has caught up with his brain cells…