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Will magazine restrictions save lives? Video evidence from law enforcement

Written By: Bob - Feb• 27•13

The theory behind magazine limits in gun banning terms is that if you make a shooter reload more often, they will be able to fire fewer shots, and there will be a “window of opportunity” where people near the shooter will have a chance to rush and overpower him.

How does that play out in tests administered by law enforcement officers with both experienced and novice shooters?

I don’t practice magazine changes (yeah, bad Bob), but I can change an AR-15 magazine and resume firing on a small target (say, 100 yards away) and be making hits in about 3 seconds. It’s a only a skip of the beat of my cadence as a rifleman. When pistol magazine changes, I tend to be faster, and I suspect I’m back on the trigger in two seconds or so on a pistol with a double-column magazine, retrieving the second magazine from a pouch on my offhand hip.

I’d like to reiterate; I am in no way “fast” to reload a magazine. I am average, at best.

Like other gun ban ideas, the magazine restrictions are created by people who know nothing about firearms. They won’t stop mass shootings, but they might get a good person who only has one magazine on them killed.

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  1. Orion says:

    OutSTANDING video.

    The Sheriff is awesome.

    And remind me not to piss Jim off. Sir.


  2. Matt says:

    Yeah, I’m a terrible shot and I can still put ten aimed shots on target with a magazine change in under 55 seconds. Somebody good can do a lot more than that.

  3. Bill says:

    That should effectively dismantle any argument, but I can already see where grabbers will make their argument:

    He wasn’t charging full speed during a reload!
    Yeah, he wouldn’t be. Adrenaline and fine motor control screws with that. Plus fear, terror, nerves, whatever. Your legs can and do turn to jelly if you’re terrified sufficiently.

    No way! I’d full on tackle the guy!
    No, you wouldn’t. Talk about having “Rambo” fantasies…

    But it was significantly slower for the untrained person, these shooters are untrained!
    Not so much. That the person supposed to tackle would still be in shock is more likely.

    But but but- the KIDS!
    Control your emotions or you are considered one of those kids.

  4. Comrade X says:


    Death before slavery!

  5. Advo says:

    I don’t think the magazine limit is about people not understanding anything about guns. I think it’s about getting the edge of a prybar under any corner they can reach. Once they can get leverage, any leverage, they are on their way to opeing the whole door.

    Once the left can ban anything from the Second Amendment and make it stick, they will be back for the rest. This is not gun control this is people control.