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You don’t need 30 round magazines?

Written By: Bob - Feb• 27•13
Authorities in New Zealand try to gun down a Great White Shark.

Authorities in New Zealand gun down a Great White Shark.

You don’t need standard-capacity 30-round magazines… until you do:

Adam Strange, 46, was attacked and pulled under water about 200 metres from Auckland’s Muriwai Beach at around 1.30pm in front of hundreds of beach tourists.

Up to three more sharks were said to have been drawn to the attack as police officers fired at least 20 shots from a lifeboat and helicopter in a desperate bid to rescue him.

The Great White eventually let go and moved away. It took rescuers – including three lifeguards who knew the victim – 30 minutes to retrieve the father-of-one’s body.

The remains of a shark were later dragged up on the beach.

The headline of the article is “Swimmer mauled to death by Great White Shark in front of hundreds of tourists on New Zealand beach as armed police opened fire on the animal at least 20 times.”

As one boat with a rifleman attempts to kill the shark, the other attempts to rescue the swimmer.

As one boat with a rifleman attempts to kill the shark, the other attempts to recover the swimmer.

No rifle could have saved Adam Strange, but any rational person is forced to admit that authorities had a greater likelihood of killing that shark because they had high capacity magazines and could put more rounds on the target.

Fortunately, we have very few shark attacks in the United States, but we do have far more deadly two-legged predators hunting men on the streets and in their homes. We have the natural and constitutional right to defend ourselves against these animals as well, with as much ammunition as it takes.

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  1. Hunter says:

    Nice article, however I would refer to 20 or 30-round magazines as “standard capacity”.

  2. Klingonwork says:

    Should have used a shotgun as recommended by Super-Genius and Mensa Extraodinairre combat and self defence expert…Clueless Joe

    Molon Labe

  3. everett cox says:

    Owens you can keep your gun. We’ll take your ammo off the shelves and the gun shows until the only place you can get it is out of the trunk of a car.