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You say “pre-game,” I say “range time”

Written By: Bob - Feb• 04•13

After church yesterday I ran home and headed off to test some of the gear (some on sale, some under development) with the guys from Templar Custom, with the focus on the the newMC-E (AKA “Mickey”) muzzle brake and the Siege suppressor. I’ve generally not been a fan of brakes due to the fact that most of the time I’m shooting I’m on a firing line with shooters on either side of me, and I don’t like to port muzzle blast in their faces. I’ve generally been content with the old A2 flash hider, keeping things simple.

I may have to reconsider that, as the MC-E eliminates muzzle rise, even on burst fire. They went on sale Friday.

Yeah, I was playing around with pairs. No, this dealer sample select-fire assault rifle is not something the general public can buy. Thank the corrupt Democrats that pushed through the Hughes Amendment in 1986 as part of the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA), making the manufacture of real assault rifles for the civilian market illegal 27 years ago. I probably should have just let it rip to really demo the ability of the MC-E to arrest muzzle climb, but figured most folks with select-fire capability rarely burn ammo with little reason, and prefer short bursts.

After the “Mickey” brake, we tested one of the suppressors under development, the Siege.

If you listen close, you’ll notice that you hear a shot, then a click a second or so later. The click is the trigger resetting. That’s how quiet the suppressor is in comparison. We also shot some other video that hasn’t posted yet.

Templar Custom .50 BMG (prototype)

Templar Custom .50 BMG (prototype). “Naked” aluminum chassis and steel.

I didn’t get any photos of anyone shooting the single-shot 50 BMG developed by one of our engineers while it was being used, so I swiped this photo from Templar’s Facebook page. I’d never fired a .50 BMG rifle before, so this was a new experience for me.

Shooting at a torso-sized steel target at 833 yards in a 25 MPH full-value crosswind, I might have anticipated the shot a little, and dropped it two feet short. I rationalize it into a hit by claiming that if the target had legs, a 750-grain bullet would have taken it off. Is that a legitimate excuse? I dunno, but that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. Klingonwork says:

    .50 cal BMG….geez Bob thanks, thanks a lot. Gonna keep me drooling all night (now that’s fodder for the anti-gun crowd).

    Off topic…der Fuehrer said today assault rifles with more than 10 rounds are weapons of war. I ask….and your point is? Yes mein Fuehrer it IS a weapon of war along with the rocks in my back yard….and I pray you remember that before trying to eliminiate or redefine any part of the Constitution. (Psst, Barry if you’re reading this, that IS what the 2nd Ammendment is for…just a tip being as you swore to protect afformentioned Constitution).

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Have any of the gun-grabbers explained why the so-called “weapons of war” are OK in the hands of police and retired police?

      • Klingonwork says:

        What, are you kidding? The Gestapo (sorry, I meant to say the DHS and ATF…easy mistake), are counting on law enforcement to support them. 1 gynormous problem…I don’t know any law enforcement here in the LA county area that aren’t Oathkeepers. They will not obey any executive order or any law to confiscate weapons or magazines.

        Hey everyone…let’s not be timid…they ARE weapons of war…they are fun at the range, give us a hobby and something to do on the weekend, and most importantly keep tyrants and dictators in check. How many different ways can we say it…the 2nd Ammendment is there to enforce all the others. That sick demented twisted bastard that hurt those beautiful angel kids in Newtown deserves to suffer, but that’s not our call. WE, the law abiding God fearing citizens of the United States cannot comprehend the slaughter of the innocents…and we take great vengence on those who would even think of hurting the innnocents (that’s what Rangers and Marines are for). We have a great and mighty directive from our honored heritage, our forefathers…PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States. To do differently would be to dishonor our freedom. I will defend the rights my God and the founders gave me and do so to my last breath and last heartbeat.

        …OK I’m done…

        Not one more inch will I give

        Molon Labe

  2. Rob in Katy says:

    Cool, I dropped them a short note to see if they would make one that I could screw my M4-2000 onto. That would be sweet.