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Alert Clueless Joe Biden: Even shotguns use AR-15s in self defense

Written By: Bob - Mar• 07•13
"Need advice on how to go to jail for gun crimes up to an including murder? Ask me how!"

“Need advice on how to go to jail for gun crimes up to an including murder? Ask me how!”

Even Fate is mocking Joe Biden’s absurd gun advice to use a shotgun instead of an AR-15 for self defense. A thief in Oregon was shot and killed by a shotgun that pulled the trigger of an AR-15:

In a press release sent to KOIN 6 News, detectives say that 19 year-old Genaro Hernandez Mendoza of West Salem was going to visit family who lived on the farm when he entered and burglarized a home on Independence Highway.

Deputies say Mendoza took several items and fled from the home on foot. He returned to the farm and placed the stolen items behind a barn. They say he then stole a pickup truck belonging to the farm and returned to the home he burglarized stealing more items and a shotgun and AR-15 rifle.

Det. Williams with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department tells KOIN 6 News that they believe a piece of the shotgun was caught in the trigger area of the AR-15. While crossing the field the truck hit a bump causing the weapon to fire once striking and killing Mendoza.

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  1. rumcrook says:

    A heart warming story right up their with Chavez dying and Ted Kennedy taking his dirt nap. Now if all the rest of those so deserving a maggot facial got what they so richly deserve, I’m talkin to you Bill Ares, assorted other traitors I could charter a bus tour to drink beer and piss on their graves.

  2. BillC says:

    “Genaro, do you mind stopping on the way over and picking up a few things?”

  3. LeroyT says:

    Wow. I guess guns really do kill people.

  4. Al Reasin says:

    Thank you detectives for the press release, otherwise we would not have known about this story and how the gene pool was now less one defective member.

  5. louielouie says:

    you won’t be laughing when eric holder charges the burglarized home owner with murder 1.

  6. Poshboy says:

    Who says God does not have a sense of humor and irony?

    Wow…I did not even know something like this was possible, and I have been around guns all my life.

  7. hutch1200 says:

    Headline you’ll never see:
    “Stolen guns bring down criminal”.
    See what happens when ya go to register your “new” guns?
    I guess he closed the gun show/theft loophole (which is bogus)
    I’d settle for this story hitting it big w/a headline:
    “Thief accidently killed w/stolen guns”.