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ATF/FBI stage raids on FPS Russia… apparently don’t “get” tannerite

Written By: Bob - Mar• 29•13

Kyle “FPS Russia” Myers is the Internet’s most famous fake Russian gun nut, and while he’s know for outrageous stunts involving guns and explosions, he’s never done anything on his YouTube channel that remotely looks illegal.

That didn’t keep the most over-rated law-enforcement agencies in the land from raiding him anyway, and coming up empty-handed:

Federal agents and sheriff’s officers raided the Georgia residence of the Myers family in Royston, as well as the 60-acre farm owned by Kyle’s father Lamar Myers in Lavonia, where FPSRussia’s famous shooting range and testing area are set up.

No illegal explosives were found and no arrests were made, but considering the unprecedented arsenal stocked at one of the locations, the agents considered confiscating Myers’ weapons. “The idea at one of the locations was to take firearms, but they did not do that,” an ATF spokesperson said, according to

Did you catch that? Even though there was nothing remotely illegal going on, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Very Large Fires considered confiscating firearms anyway. Apparently only a senior agent had the brains to suggest they can’t steal property.

Or maybe the local Sheriff had to clue them in.

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  1. Greg B says:

    One of these days actions like this are going to blow up in their faces.
    Just wait and see.

  2. john says:

    That time and money, at taxpayer expense I might ad, would’ve been better spent investigating eric holder, in my opinion.

  3. Samuel Adams says:

    This crap even more makes me question how the other guy from FPS Russia died now.

    Never have seen any reports about that.

    It appears FPS Russia has been on their radar for a while. This didn’t just happen out of the blue.

  4. David says:

    Anyone whos read the book Unintended Consequences by John Ross knows how this played out in the book. The Henry Bowman outcome was much better.

  5. cloaked in mystery says:

    did they seriously think someone as well managed and successful as fps russia would be stupid enough to violate explosives law on video and broadcast it to the world? after all, it isnt all that hard to get a permit if you need one and have land away from inhabited buildings.

  6. Klingonwork says:

    The legacy of Himmler lives on, and you thought the Nazis were gone. Nope, just retooling with better toys.

    I hate Nazis.

    Molon Labe

    • Kevin J Kehoe says:

      This Nazi crap make me sick this is nothing like the Nazi’s but Exactly like the Marxists.

      How long is hitler dead but people keep whining about him and his entourage.

      Under Hitler everything stil worked, Under Communism you have to give it up for the More equal among us.

      Communism, Marxism and Islam, Get it right who your enemies are and stop worrying about the Dead.

      This illegal govt espouses marxmism and you keep whining about hitler.

      The Men who whined about a superior race versus the ones who Implemet we are all equal.


      Nothing but quislings and red herrings.

      I am ready for war and to do my Duty under the Declaration.

      Is there any one else in LI NY as Dumb as Me

      Time to dispose of some commies for mommie.

      • Cole says:

        Nazis, Commies, Jihadis…

        It’s all socialism. And it’s all evil.

      • Rob Crawford says:

        This Nazi crap make me sick this is nothing like the Nazi’s but Exactly like the Marxists.

        Same flock, different feathers. Nazi means “National Socialist” — as opposed to International Socialist, which is what the USSR pushed.

        And the Nazi ideals aren’t dead. They just call themselves “progressives” these days.

    • Comrade X says:

      Tyranny!!! That’s where the fight is! you can call it Nazi’s, Commie’s or even Red coats but it is all about Tyranny baby!

      Got your back!

      Death to slavery!

  7. Cole says:

    Well the purpose of the raid was clear:

    1. Intimidate other youtube people making gun related videos.

    2. Fishing expedition by the ATF in violation of 4th amendment.

    3. Confiscate more weapons to supply the Mexican cartels. ;)

  8. Treker says:

    Please read the open letter to all FFLs dated Jan. 16 2013 from Chad J Yoder of the BATF. Telling all FFls to get on board and be ready to act as middleman in all private gun sales.
    Barrack is ready to go Cyprus on our bank accounts and wants no one to stand in his way.

  9. A says:

    unreal. they went after FPS Russia. i wonder if they have made any progress on the murder of his partner. this is pretty much word for word how it starts in the Bracken novels isn’t it?

  10. concerned says:

    If you haven’t read the book Unintended Consequences by John Ross, you should. Great book.

  11. Chris Watson says:

    This is BS and more proof that these guys are being targeted – and killed.

  12. Just a Guy says:

    The regs say that if he gets commercial gain from using explosives, he must have a permit. The gain is the revenue he gets from Youtube views. That is why they raided him and it looks like they have a case.

    YES, I KNOW ITS BULLSHIT. And yes, I have read UC and LOVED it.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      They don’t get revenue from the explosives — not one penny comes from transferring explosives to another party.

  13. booey says:

    waco 2? lucky they didn’t come a knockin on some fringe elements “abode”.

  14. Rob Crawford says:

    “Unprecedented arsenal”? WTF does that even mean?

  15. ericcartman says:

    FPSRussia is a key pro-gun voice for us. he has help spread positive gun culture to the youth of America. Along with games like COD and Battlefield more and more of the youth are interested in guns.