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Colt shuts down production, buses workers to CT legislature to protest threat to 400 jobs

Written By: Bob - Mar• 15•13

Ever since Sandy Hook, there has been a coordinated effort in the polimedia (liberal politicians and media are the same these days, bouncing back and forth with jobs between the two fields) to gin up hysteria about firearms and use language to keep people emotional.

The purposeful intent it to keep the citizenry from coming down from their emotional roller coaster to think about the constitutionality of gun control, the warnings against it from the Founders, and the crime statistics that overwhelming prove that the “solutions” the polimedia are trying to push through are about protecting the polimedia from the people, and nothing else.

When pressed, each and every time polimedia have admitted that the laws they are pushing would not stop the next Columbine, Aurora, or Sandy Hook. They aren’t designed to. The unconstitutional laws being pushed by the political left were created to prevent the next Lexington and Concord. They don’t want their intolerable acts challenged. Thus tyrants have always operated.

The President of Colt Manufacturing shut down his plant yesterday to protest the witch hunt in Connecticut:

The president of one of the nation’s oldest gun manufacturers closed down his Connecticut factory Thursday morning and bused 400 of his workers to the state Capitol so they could personally urge lawmakers not to pass gun control legislation that they say could risk their livelihoods.

Dennis Veilleux, president of the Hartford-based Colt’s Manufacturing Co., said even though he has spoken with legislators and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s staff about his trepidations several times, he believes they don’t truly understand the financial ramifications of the legislation being proposed in the wake of the deadly Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

State officials have listened to the concerns he and other Connecticut gun company officials have voiced, “but I would say it’s more pacifying us,” Veilleux said. That’s why he decided to rent 10 buses and bring over his first shift workers, plus some second- and third-shift ones, and some suppliers.

“These are the faces of the jobs at Colt,” Veilleux said in an interview with The Associated Press while riding on a bus back to the factory. “Each of these people represents other people in the state. They represent the community and, in a lot of cases, they’re the breadwinners of their families. And more and more, manufacturing jobs are hard to come by.”

I don’t think Veilleux gets it, any more than the other gun manufacturer’s in the increasingly socialist northeast. Of course wants these workers unemployed. They want to have all gun companies shut down, all firearms confiscated except those which they control. In Connecticut, they don’t view Colt loosing jobs as a bug, they view it as a feature. As soon as Veilleux and other executives figure that out, and start efforts moving their manufacturing plants to free states, the better off these companies and their owners/shareholders will be.

I’ll offer the same advice to Colt as I have to Magpul, that I’ll make to Beretta, Springfield Armory, and other companies in the industry in unfriendly territory. Move to central North Carolina. We’ve a new Republican governor eager to generate jobs who I’m sure would work with you, Republicans in both sides of the state legislature pushing gun-friendly laws, a great climate and skilled non-union labor.

Start a “gun park” here similar to Research Triangle Park (RTP), which has made this area a hotbed of high tech and pharma for so long. Duplicate that success again here. We already know how. Accept our offer of southern hospitality.

Come to where you are wanted and respected Mr. Veilleux. Connecticut rather obviously views you as something less than a contributing member of society.

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  1. angrymike says:

    Ohio has a pretty good base of ppl who were in manufacturing also, a good governor in Kasich, so I say, have a look at Ohio, its perfect ………….:-)

    • chowthen says:

      Ohio is one of the most socialist state. So they voted for a RINO for governor for once in a lifetime does not make them conservative. The problem in Ohio like most socialist states headed by Democrats are the cities that are infested with parasites and they are the majority of the voters.

    • Armitage12 says:

      Seconded. Ohio would welcome you all with open arms.

      • Fu#kObama says:

        Should Colt move there remember the democratic union dues….gotts keep those union bosses fat and happy while they plot how to destroy the 2nd amendment.

  2. Fu#kObama says:

    Dear Colt:

    Make sure it is a right to work state you move to. Labor unions have traditionally been democratic strongholds using union dues to elect and re-elect democrats who bring along anti-2A laws. The DNC is all about tyranny regardless of the peaceful sounding platitudes they primise.

    • Redbear762 says:

      +1 – NO UNIONS!!

      Guns are expensive enough as it is!

      • Fu#kObama says:

        Typically companys that re-locate to right to work states still pay at the same rate as they did in their forced union state.

        Where they save money is labor negiciations and union work threats ahd stoppages. Unions are no longer for the working man, as they claim, they are for keeping corrupt politicins in office to keep the union bosses well paid. Often, the worker receives more pay because union dues are no longer extracted for the union leader scum.

        So don’t expect the cost of firearms to go down, but they may not rise in price as fast. (not considering Imam Obama’s currency printing press)

  3. Kelley Butler says:


  4. OpenTheDoor says:

    As long as Colt stays far away from Ashville, a hotbed of fruits and nuts.
    I recommend my new home state, South Carolina.
    I moved here to escape high taxes, high crime and incompetent politicians in Savannah. Never regretted the move for one second.
    Hey, if Boeing trusts us to build aircraft, we should be able to build quality firearms as well.
    Our female Indian governor, I love shoving that in the face of those who call us all racists, will welcome you with open arms and generous tax breaks.

  5. R.C. says:

    Colt has long professed that it doesn’t want it’s firearms in the hands of civilians. They intended to manufacture arms for Law Enforcement and Military only.

    That being said, I could care less if their plant closes. I will never own a Colt Firearm, and hope they eat crow.

  6. III Pat says:

    Unfortunately, of the (ahem) 57 States, North Carolina ranks as the 7th most business UNFRIENDLY state in the Nation. It would be smarter for Colt, Magpul, Beretta, etc. to move to some other states that supports 2A and are tax friendly to a business.

  7. Roscoe says:

    No, don’t move the manufacturers to one state. Spread them out, the better to mount challenges to federal authority and enable active resistance to any attempts to confiscate or restrict the manufacture of arms, ammunition, and accessories.

  8. Blanche Holstein says:

    Mossberg,Stag and Ruger had reps there too. Their devotion to the 2A varied, Mossberg being the most supportive. I agree, a hostile business environment is a feature, not a bug. Why any firearms company would stay in CT puzzles me.

  9. Richard says:

    Colt should relocate to Raleigh-Durham, near Camp Butner, which has a major range for full accross-the-course national match-style High Power Rifle shooting. Colt’s products are particularly suited to that “sporting purpose” which has national and personal defense ramifications.

  10. david7134 says:

    Come to Louisiana. You will never, ever have problems with labor, rules and regulations or taxes. Why live and work above the Mason-Dixon line when you can have some freedom in the South? Although that is rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs with the big O.

  11. Daddy Hawk says:

    Please allow me to extend an invitation to the great state of Texas. No state income tax. Right to work state. Lots of available land. Major metropolitan areas. About as pro-2A as it gets. Your choice of climates and topographies. Great infrastructure. Even our democrats are moderate by comparison.

  12. Parker says:

    Wyoming is the reddest of the red. Move to Cheyenne.

  13. Matt says:

    Texas is great, just stay a couple of counties away from Austin. The town that used to be full of laid back, mellow hippies has become infested with narrow minded, intolerant liberal. It’s miserable here these days.

  14. Mark says:

    Remember that “will work with you” means political cronyism, kickbacks, and tax free incentives. We can’t have it both ways people. This kind of politics has got to stop. What’s wrong with letting them move to NC if they want and they believe it’s the best location for there business and “Hey, you’re on your own government support wise? When they move again, go out of business, or decide they can make even more money to send those jobs to China and Mexico do you think they give the money back? Also these are union jobs. Do you really think they want to move south, be non-union and make half of what they make now? Some incentives a state can use to attract businesses is a low or no tax rate and right to work laws. How about “we don’t f@*k businesses over with bulls^@t laws” on the books. An ample educated work base wouldn’t hurt either. Quite supplementing business and just let them do their thing, run a business.

    • Gary says:

      You are so right, this dependence on government to be the answer has got to stop. Government was is and always will be the threat behind wrong doing, not the answer to living well. Government is the knife that cuts off the hand that steals, not the road to prosperity. Government regulates period and regulation isn’t freedom. Making deals with government is like buying protection from organized crime, good only as long as you do what your told.

  15. David says:

    Colt NEEDS to stop selling to the Federal Govt.

    • Gary says:

      If they did they would do more to limit government than sending people to Washington on a bus, they also would get the support of the people. I doubt that is there concern though, these days getting more dollars that are losing value is all big business and the people for that matter care about. The attitude over the last century has made it so that a millionaire 100 years ago was as well off as a billionaire today. The dollar because of this obsession with it over all else (the love of money) has caused it to lose 96% of it’s value since 1903.

  16. Klingonwork says:

    Sadly, today, another Carnival Cruise ship had mechanical problems. This is absolutely insane to permit any more vacation cruises. Therefore DiFi has insisted upon the following safe and sane “reasonable” cruise restrictions:

    1. All ships can no longer carry more than 7 passengers.
    2. The railing on all ships must have safe and sane swing gates so passengers can crap out to sea in emergencies.
    3. All passengers must go through a DOJ check to make sure they are safe passengers and not terrorists.
    4. All ships must have California safe gang planks for deboarding.
    5. All cabins are single passenger only.
    6. 1 lifeboat for every soul on board.
    7. No ship may travel more than 1 nautical mile per hour

    Under the circumstances we have no other choice so that we can protect our children from irresponsible cruise operators.

    I feel so good knowing Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and der Fuehrer are doing my thinking for me so I don’t have to.

    Molon Labe

  17. Comrade X says:

    The latest;

    “DHS deploying in Homeland with ‘weapons of war’…

    Death before slavery!