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Dear Magpul… have you ever had Carolina on your mind?

Written By: Bob - Mar• 14•13


Magpul made their position abundantly clear, and Colorado Democrats have decided to ignore the Constitutional rights of their citizens all the same:

Both chambers of the majority Democratic Colorado legislature approved a package of four gun-control measures on Wednesday, capping months of debate in a state that has experienced two of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

The most controversial of the bills that are now headed to the desk of Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is a ban on ammunition magazines with more than 15 rounds, which the governor said he will sign into law.

No one of the laws will prevent the next mass shooting, nor even slow them down, because Democrats never intended to do anything to stop the subject, and instead attacked the object. They’ll find other tools and come back as vicious or as viciously as before, and Democrats will use that as another excuse to impose more laws. Destroying liberties to assert control is what they do.

Magpul long ago said they wouldn’t stand for this outrage on principle, and that they would pack up their company, their jobs, and their tax revenue and head to another state.

Might I recommend North Carolina? It’s a bit more of a move than the more obvious choices of Wyoming and Texas, but here in the central part of the state we have solid infrastructure, skilled non-union labor, strong public universities and an excellent community college system.

We’re also world-famous for our southern hospitality, so come on over a “sit a spell.”

You might just like what you find.

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  1. Critch says:

    I told the director of our Work Development that Missouri needs to be actively going after these gun and gun related companies in gun-unfriendly states, such as Illinois.

  2. Steve D. says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Magpul move here. But even more than that, I’d like to see North Carolina become a Constitutional carry state. Nothing would please me more than walking the streets of Asheville with a gun on my hip, and there being nothing the hippies could do to stop me. And it might even work to convince Magpul to head east.

  3. Jerry R says:

    I think they should come to central Virginia. We have two brand new shipping centers that can stock up on Magpul products.

  4. Steve in TN (@sdo1) says:

    Tennessee, folks. Like Texas, NO INCOME TAX.

  5. louielouie says:

    i would suggest oklahoma. let’s compare red to red. with any previously mentioned state.
    texas is a blue state.
    NC as well.
    tennesse, bluer than blue.
    let’s compare how many counties in oklahoma voted for hussein.
    let’s do that.
    pick a county any one of the 77.
    i told you texas was blue.
    …. i’ll leave a light on for ‘ya.

  6. MI-copperhead says:

    I’d like to see Magpul move here to Michigan. We have the manufacturing experience and work force plus lots of customers.

  7. RDA says:

    The Triad, the Triangle (ideal), Wilmington, the east, the west of the Tar Heel State – I’d be happy to have them join us in the home of the original “plastic” magazine – the Thermold. As for fixing some of our broken firearms laws, I’m hoping that after 136 years of corrupt Democratic governance we can modernize and liberalize those laws and fix lot of other things here in NC too.

  8. Norris says:

    There’s a reason VW and Nissan built cars in Tennessee…!

  9. DRM says:

    Yes come to NC, here in Charlotte the plastic industry is booming, its about the only industry in the state that is making $$$$!

  10. squidgrunt says:

    Move and move fast. Just don’t come to Minnesota. They are trying to pull the same crap as CO.

  11. john says:

    I have a little problem with this whole “run away and maybe totalitarianism wont follow you” approach. WHERE exactly do you plan to retreat to when there are no free places left in America? I say the fight is where it finds me and damn the consequences.

  12. Parker says:

    Wyoming would welcome the new business and the accompanying jobs. Cheyene has great transport connections, a work force that treasures a good job, and Wyoming is a beautiful state filled with majestic mountain ranges scattered around the state. High plains are wide open spaces filled with native wildlife, cattle, sheep, and very few people. Wyoming has untapped energy reserves, Wyoming breathes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And winter tends to keep liberal trash from settling down permanently.