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Email confirms attempt by Chris Brown Administration to make sequesteration cuts hurt Americans as much as possible

Written By: Bob - Mar• 06•13
He loves you, baby. Stop making him do this to you.

He loves you, baby. Stop making him do this to you.

A federal government official in Raleigh sent an email to the Obama Administration asking how much latitude he had in making “cuts.” The response back from DC was to make it hurt:

The email, circulated around Capitol Hill, was sent Monday by Charles Brown, a director at the agency’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service office in Raleigh, N.C. He appears to tell his regional team about a response to his recent question on the amount of latitude he has in making cuts.

According to the partially redacted email, the response came from the Agriculture Department’s budget office and in part states: “However you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”

The response noted that the administration had already told Congress that the APHIS would “eliminate assistance to producers in 24 states in managing wildlife damage to the aquaculture industry” without additional funds.

Arkansas Republican Rep. Tim Griffin said the administration’s response to Brown’s email shows a bid to undermine efforts to replace the cuts, known as sequester, with less onerous ones.

“This email confirms what many Americans have suspected: The Obama administration is doing everything they can to make sure their worst predictions come true and to maximize the pain of the sequester cuts for political gain,” Griffin said in a statement.

Griffin told Fox News on Wednesday that the bosses effectively said, “you can’t do anything that is inconsistent with the negative impact that we’ve told everybody these cuts are going to have.”

The orders from the White House are crystal clear: don’t you dare make the best of the current situation. In fact, the Obama Administration wants these very minor constrictions on the rate of growth look like the road to a government collapse.

Hell, we’re not even talking about freezing the current budget where it stands, much less making actual cuts.

Lies. Damned lies.

There are NO cuts in sequestration. It’s all White House-generated fantasy.

Yes, boys and girls. As the chart above plainly shows, even without any sort of a sequestration deal at all, spending continues to go up; there are no cuts, there never have been, and there never will be as long as there are Democrats and Republicans alive in Washington, DC.

I hope you grasp, America, that your President is intentionally, purposefully, lying to you.

I hope you grasp, America,  that there is zero need for anything to hurt, or for anything to be “cut”, as the money we don’t have continues to be spent at an ever faster rate as the CBO figures above confirm.

Obama is unnecessarily trying to scare you and cause you pain in what amounts to a temper tantrum because we’re slightly slowing the rate at which our country is being sold down the river of Cloward-Piven economics.

How do you like being slapped around by a liar?

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  1. Comrade X says:

    Sacré Bleu, the Republic is irrevocably broken….

    Death before slavery!

    • Klingonwork says:

      I also liked the Nero fiddling while Rome burned comparison…except der Fuehrer golfs, on the taxpayer dime.

      …and with extraodinary pettiness closes the White House to tours. He probably got mad at the golf course, took his ball and went home. (there that’ll show ’em!)

      Can this get much worse???
      (wish I hadn’t a said that)

      got your back

  2. Comrade X says:

    More than ever we are on our own!

    Death before slavery!

  3. orbitup says:

    One more traitorous thing for the MSM to ignore.

  4. Klingonwork says:

    The abused wife analogy is perfect. What is chilling is how the lemmings will believe a proven liar when the market crashes…history shows there’s always a bubble before a crash and the DOW’s performance recently is ample proof of a HUGE bubble forming. Ma and Pa America, their traditional investments forced into the krapper by helicopter Ben, are now forced to invest in the equities to make up the difference further straining the fabric of the bubble. I’m wondering what lies der Fuehrer will tell on a special TV address? Here are my top 3 lies Barry will tell then:

    1. Bush’s fault
    2. Aliens will save us
    3. I was playing golf..what happened?

    As Comrade X says quite appropriately, we are on our own. In the Battle of Britain, England was on her own for a while but fought their way out of it and we shall have to do the same. Of course that should have to be OKy’d by the Southern Poverty Law Center as they call us who love the Constitution, love what the Founders left us..they call us “radicals” and the “right wing fringe”. You cannot argue or get offended by lunacy so don’t waste energy trying.

    We have reached the tipping point good people when our own government justifies the murder of American citizens on American soil as they did yesterday. Holder would not and could not issue such a statement without der Fuehrer’s input or questions. I wonder what lie he will tell when asked about this statement?

    Molon Labe

    • Comrade X says:

      Got your back!

      We all know what is coming, the only question is when and how will it start.

      They think they have the time to do it where most of us who have not been brainwashed by their allies in the media and education will have expired or can be neutered by their gun grabs.

      Methinks they are blowing it, with this burden of debt and bigger & better government strangling the private sector their house of cards will fall, fall hard, soon; that’s their major miscalculation, they will scramble to overcome it but in the fog of war their 20/20 sight will be limited by the arrogant & evil beliefs that have brought them to this place and time of reckoning.

      Our side is diverse in opinions and and beliefs too but we have some big things going for us; our love of liberty and our hatred of tyranny which means that when it hits the fan our main focus will be downrange because we all recognize exactly who the enemy is and what needs to be done to solve our major problem! And maybe we won’t be successful at first but the pain they will feel will be worth every bit of failure that success will ultimately require!

      Death before slavery!

      • Klingonwork says:

        You are right…the patriot side is far more diverse than they think. At Glendale gun show here recently and the crowd was very mixed. Talking to folks while waiting in line, even some in the middle were there “just in case”, and they realize the infringements now are beginning to effect them. Our Founders were a pretty diverse group of guys but they all united by their hatred of the same tyranny der Fuehrer has started practicing.

        At some level though, do you think some part of them realizes this system must come crashing down soon?

        at your 6

      • Comrade X says:

        I am finding more and more people realizing the road that we are on, where it is headed, and what it will require of them.

        What was crazy talk not too long ago now has become a real discussion of; if & when.

        It’s kinda like we all have this life we are currently living and we are using our hands & heads to do that while in the mean time keeping an eye down the road for that choke point coming up; where real hard decisions will be required to be made.

        BTW on this day, the day the Alamo fell in 1836, there is another stand being made on the floor of the US Senate for liberty today!!!

        The follow was just read on the US Senate floor today;

        Commandancy of the The Alamo

        Bejar, Feby. 24th. 1836

        To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World—

        Fellow Citizens & compatriots—

        I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna — I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man — The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken — I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls — I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch — The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country — Victory or Death.

        William Barrett Travis.

        Lt. Col. comdt.

        P. S. The Lord is on our side — When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn — We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves.


  5. louielouie says:

    I hope you grasp, America, that your President is intentionally, purposefully, lying to you.

    the issue, as i see it, is not that hussein is lying to anyone. the issue is, that more than half the people in the country formerly known as the united states of america, are perfectly fine with what is happening.

  6. david7134 says:

    The pain is spreading, I know people in the military that have been told that certain courses and classes have been canceled due to lack of money. These educational venues are necessary for training and, for the person, necessary for advancement. The courses were already set up before the sequestration, so the money was in the “budget”, not the expansion of the budget for which the sequestration is supposed to cover. This will weaken the military and put lives in danger. Then others at our base are being told they will have a forced day off without pay. This equates to $500 per week. That is a considerable amount of money for these people.

    At the same time, the Republicans have force the representative to remove his bill curtailing Obama’s golfing trips. They say it would make them look petty. I don’t think they understand that they are looking bad no matter what in the matter this is being handled. The sequestration was clearly Obama’s baby. Raising taxes would have no effect of any kind.

    My son, who is very intelligent, is under the impression that this whole thing is secondary to the Republicans. I mention that as it shows the message getting to the 20 year olds. They can’t see what the older generations do and there news cycle is different. If the Repubs are going to accomplish something, they need to get the message out, they are not.

    At the same time, the stock market is going off the chart. Why? There is not enough improvement in the economy to justify the prices we are seeing. The key is the volume, it is low. That means that the Feds are stuffing money into the market to prop it up. That can’t last forever and when they withdraw, the result will not be pretty.

    I think we are in alot of trouble.

  7. Jay352 says:

    Be prepared. Various groups started calling it today. It may be starting sooner rather than later. There is a lot of referencing to Bob’s time as a surveyor.