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Gun-grabbing Democrats in Maryland about to force Beretta to leave state with their jobs

Written By: Bob - Mar• 30•13

Democratic gun control fanatics in Maryland have learned nothing from the trainwrecks in New York (where Governor Cuomo is now attempting to blame New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg) and Colorado (where Governor Hickenlooper just lost Magpul, and may lose a billion dollars in revenue as outdoorsmen join a growing boycott of the state), and Maryland’s Martin O’Malley now seems poised to be the next Democrat to push job-killing gun control laws that won’t save a single life.

Beretta has warned that if the state makes their products illegal—and Maryland Democrats are doing precisely that—then they are going to move to another state, and take their hundreds of jobs and their tax base with them.

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  1. RoyBoy says:

    While Democrats in Congress are trying to figure out a way of “NOT” voting for gun legislation because they want to keep their jobs, Maryland goes for giving up revenue which will bite them in the breech loader.

    There is NO LIMIT to the stupidity of Liberals.

  2. Blaine Crosby says:

    I think all the gun manufacturers should come down south, we love them here and welcome them to the great state of South Carolina with open arms.

    • Richard says:

      Hey hey, we want some to come to our Great State of North Carolina too! Hopefully we can split them between us both!

  3. Phil Johnson says:

    Typical ‘knee-jerk’ reaction before brain has even had a chance to engage properly. The sooner all these pillocks are out of office the better! Do they seriously think that their brainless action is going to stop any form of gun crime? And where do these people think that they are going make up the lost revenue for these states? As I said, “Berks with knee jerks”!

    • Iron Sights says:

      My parents used to call that “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. When (if) the citizens of maryland discover that a good company was forced from the state taking hundreds of jobs and millions in tax revenues with it, for no good reason, I hope therd will be Hell to pay. You have to sell alot of crab cakes to make up that kind of money.

  4. Steve Lozano says:

    It’s all starting to come together… First Magpul who I applaud and stand by for pulling out of Colorado. I will forever have only Magpul products dressing up my AR… We need to take a lesson from this and stand proudly behind those that we believe in and support. We need to stand and rise to the occasion to fight for what we believe in… Support only those who believe in your cause (those gun free businesses) and leave the others behind in the trash…

    • louielouie says:

      my apology to SL for stepping on his post here as this is not a reply, but he got me to thinking.
      i was at the indoor range a year ago, and the crabapple owner and i got into a discussion. he said if you look at gun manufacturers, they are all located in heavily union heavily liberal states. while he is right, yeah i know utah isn’t in the NE but 1964 has come and gone, i just wrote it off as the gun industry started like any/every other industry, in the NE. that’s where all the people were and that is where industry set up shop. those states weren’t unionized elitist liberals back then. where i’m going with this is, principle is one thing, and it costs a lot of money to move and operation like theirs. if/when some of these companies grow a pair and do decide to move, they may not take their manufacturing jobs with them. while made in america means something to me and about six others, there are a lot of unemployed people in eastern europe. just sayn….

      • Richard says:

        Louie you are correct, to move these companys which I do here in the south now, northern pay for riggers is somewhere around 35 + dollars an hour (thats just per man, not including lifts, drop off and pick up, ect, ect). I am sure to move some of their equipment and open a new facility, trucking, re rigging to get it up and running, and all the costs included with it, your looking at least a million dollars….something that is not just pocket change!

  5. cmblake6 says:

    Sometimes I am ashamed to admit I was born in Maryland. Any more the only pride I have in that state is when I eat crabcakes.

  6. Tim Lankins says:

    These politicians seem to have forgotten the oath they take to uphold the constitution. Time to charge them with treason.

    • Gonzo says:

      I would love to see this started. It isn’t likely to get full proceedings, but it would open the discussion on penalties for legislation that knowingly violates laws on what can be legislated.

  7. G.Alan Fink says:

    I hope Beretta comes to Pennsylvania where we ‘cling to our guns and Bibles’ (a reference made by that tyrant in the oval office during his first campaign).

    • Dan says:


      They’re are a great deal of Italian Americans in the Keystone state, so it would be kind of fitting if Beretta came to our state.

      NY is out, NJ is also out, Rhode Island and Conn likewise.

      Which leaves the Keystone State!

      • Dan says:

        Good God!

        Take a look at those first two words, neither of which makes sense!

        There ARE a great deal of Italian Americans, not “they’re,” {they are}.

        One should always take a quick look at what one typed before posting……….

  8. Mark R says:

    Come on down to Texas! Lots of support for the 2nd Amendment AND no state income tax!

    • Dan says:

      But a sales tax…………

      • chowthen says:

        I’d rather have sales tax than income tax on wages. At least a sales tax is equal (notice I didn’t say fair) to everyone regardless if you’re a parasite or a productive member of the society.

  9. booey says:

    i would be interesting to see ammo companies that supply cops, federal agencies etc. make a move and be like barrett rifle and not sell to those entities. feelin the love.

  10. david7134 says:

    Come to Louisiana. I can assure you that you will get plenty of state support and even tax breaks.

  11. Lazarus Long says:

    I hate to be a skeptic, but when there are multiple You-Tube videos posted of the moving vans departing the Magpul and Beretta institutions, then I’ll believe the hype.

  12. Al Reasin says:

    LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLC will be leaving MD.
    The Beretta rep announced at the hearing on SB 281 and HB 294 that he was flying to Europe to meet with the Beretta family. He probably has the answer and is waiting for the vote. In 1994 they moved part of their operations to VA, so this was not an idle threat.

  13. gary says:


  14. Dan Q. says:

    Pretty sure we’d be more than happy to have them in Oklahoma.

  15. Danno says:

    Michigan citizens would be happy to welcome Beretta to our Right to Work state, and would even be happy to replace our current Governor to suit! Let’s see the Maryland voters compete with that.

    Americans ALWAYS get the government they DESERVE, and Maryland voters decided to Bow Down before the communist styled Democrat Party, so now they can sleep in the bed they made.

  16. Gonzo says:

    I think I speak for a lot of states when I say “we want them here”. Missouri could use the jobs and has strong gun rights leanings.

    It certainly puts a hole in the “military industrial complex” conspiracy theories that some people have been shouting about gun manufacturers opposing gun control when they are willing to take huge hits to their profitability to stand against these unjust laws.