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Last chance to register for Elon, NC Ladyseed

Written By: Bob - Mar• 06•13


The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is hosting a ladies-only event this weekend (March 9-10) in Elon, NC that I would highly encourage moms and daughters in the region to attend.

There are only 9 slots left.

You can register here either for the full weekend or an individual day. Unlike a visit to a theme park, you’ll come away with knowledge, pride, and skill with a rifle that no one can take from you.

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  1. Sammy Taylor says:

    We will also have an event at Augusta, Ga. open to both sexes, for those interested. We did not have a full house last I checked.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Where did she get the nice furniture for her AR 15? Is is walnut?

  3. Heather says:

    It was a hard choice for me between Elon and Augusta, but I will be at the Augusta shoot!

  4. Honeybadger says:

    2nd the vote on the walnut furniture. Very nice.

  5. Sammy Taylor says:

    See you in Augusta.

  6. Heather says:

    Oh my gosh, I meant Elon. Can you see how torn I am? I’m so torn I can’t remember where I’m going! If only I could split myself in two.