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Pardon me while I thaw

Written By: Bob - Mar• 24•13

This was a special weekend at Appleseed for me in Ramsuer. It is the anniversary of my first Appleseed, a blogger-shoot in Ramsuer in March of last year. It is also the weekend I earned a coveted “red hat” full instructor rating, which takes a bit of work.

The shooters this weekend were excellent. Despite me doing the instruction this weekend, we had huge amounts of improvement from the beginning of the day to the end, and I’ve never been around a group of shooters who had better safety discipline.

It was also a treat to meet the folks behind Tech Sights, who’d driven up from South Carolina to participate. And of course, it was nice to meet some of the others folks who read this site.

Today was brutal, easily the worst weather of any Appleseed I’ve been apart of, with temperatures never reaching much above 40, with a steady wind driving rain into the faces of our shooters and melting/ripping both the targets and heavy cardboard target backers. Nonetheless, we had folks who came out, got right down in it, and worked to improve.

I left mid-afternoon since I was hoarse from talking most of the weekend and battling a sore throat my youngest was nice enough to pass along, but hope this same group of shooters can make it out again in April when the weather is nice. I know we have more than a few Riflemen in this group. They just need better conditions to shine.

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  1. Kevin Whelchel (BitelySam) says:

    Iam an IIT in MI.Hope to get mine by the end
    of the year.

  2. Kris says:

    Bob – congrats on the RH! Good man! Now get to work!

    But seriously…above 40 deg F is “brutal”? We need to invite you out for a WinterSeed when it is barely in the teens and reset your “brutal” scale. :o)

    • Bob says:

      It wasn’t just the cold–that was worse the last three shoots–but the combination of the cold with the rain being driven right into the shooter’s faces while they were on the line in prone. It’s tough to shoot a target 1″ wide at 25 yards with rain beading on their front sight posts or obscuring the objectives on their scopes, while their targets were disintegrating and their backers were collapsing under the wind and rain.

      As I was just doing the KD lecture and RSO-ing the right side of the line, I had a fairly simple day. I lived near West Point, NY, and I’ve visited zero temps and wind chills blasting of the Hudson to -20.

      I know cold.

      I don’t miss it. :-)

  3. Dan says:

    While practicing in nice weather is pleasant learning to
    work effectively in adverse weather is a much bigger lesson than just learning to hit what you aim at. When
    the coming unpleasantries commence where and when will not
    be a matter of choice but necessity and that where and when will often be in nasty weather and miserable conditions. Learning to work in suboptimal conditions makes for a much more effective rifleman…..keep up the
    good work and don’t hestitate to use adverse conditions to
    improve the training experience.

  4. Bill says:

    I’m sure they’ll all be outstanding in perfect weather. But if you’ve got them there in horrible weather, well that’s much better, isn’t it?

  5. SonofLiberty says:

    Still waiting for the Marlin LTRs to go on sale. Hope to have my 3 kids at an Appleseed event this summer!

  6. the beard says:

    well bob its about time you earned your hat. congratulations and i hope to see you at the next shoot