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Polishing a turd: Hickenlooper lies, suggests new CO gun control laws will prevent suicides

Written By: Bob - Mar• 22•13

When human beings make a mistake, and know they are making a mistake, they attempt to rationalize their decision. Most of the time, these justifications are shallow and nonsensical.

Here’s a perfect example:

When Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law sweeping new restrictions on firearms this week, he cited the prevention of suicides by handgun as one of the reasons he supported the legislation.

“However many homicides we have each year with handguns, we have about 20 percent more suicides,” he said. “That number drops significantly when you have universal background checks.”

The new law in Colorado expands the requirement for background checks to private and online gun sales. Previously, only licensed firearm dealers were required to run a background check. Now, nearly all firearm purchasers will have to undergo a background check, and experts in suicide prevention say adding that extra layer to the process could save lives.

While there are generally several high-profile examples of suicides around the nation where someone obtained a firearm for the sole purpose of shooting themselves every year (often via shooting range rentals), there is no data that I can find that suggests that Colorado’s expanded background checks play any roll at all in stopping such suicides. Hickenlooper’s claim is highly suspect, and CBS News can hardly be accused of threatening to commit an act of journalism in repeating such an unsupported claim uncritically.

The only way the law would possible contribute to the prevention of suicides is if the person is either:

  • a criminal, at which point they are unlikely to obtain a firearm legally anyway
  • someone who is mentally ill and has had their mental health records reported to the FBI NICS system

And how does Colorado do in reporting their mentally ill to NICS?

In Colorado, only a tiny fraction (about 1%) of people who have gun-disqualifying mental health histories have been reported to the National Instant Check System, where they could be discovered in a routine background check of a prospective gun purchaser.

In other words, the law was designed to fail, Hickenlooper knew it would fail, he lied about it anyway and CBS let him get away with it because they play for the same ideological team.

Did I miss anything?

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  1. twolaneflash says:

    Right, and all those magazine capacity laws will stop people who only intend to use one bullet.

    • Randy says:

      My thoughts exactly. I was even going to use the quote of many anti-gunners, “You don’t have to have 15 rounds or 30 rounds to go hunting!”. IF someone needed that many rounds to kill themselves, I would think the person is not that serious about suicide or he is wanting to take a few people with him. Maybe he heard a voice that told him to help a few others along with his journey. How absurd their whole argument is about guns in the first place. Now Colorado will feel the affects of losing a business with a few hundred employees and a lot of hunters that want to visit for their hunting trips. This may hurt the state more than they think.

    • jimpeel says:

      My store was robbed by a man with an empty firearm who wanted ammunition. When the cops caught up with him they found the box he stole on the seat of his car with — you guessed it — one round missing. he had loaded the gun and was holding it under his chin. The cops talked him out of committing suicide. Our box of ammo is still in evidence. The case is ongoing.

  2. robins111 says:

    That line about suicides, was tried by the gun grabbers in Canada a couple of decades ago. We now have the statistics, demonstrating, that its bull, when the suicides, couldn’t get a gun, they simply did it by other methods..

  3. gary says:


    • Tim says:


      Are you aware that ALL CAPS is the internet equivalent of shouting? At your putative friends?!

      If your goal is to effectively enlist people into a cause, you’ll do it better when you eliminate rhetoric like “Democraps” and spelling errors like “there [sic] asses”.

      If you’re just venting, why do think anyone values that?

      • MrApple says:


      • chowthen says:

        Tim…your politics is showing you are one of those guys in CO legislature. Why don’t you STFU. We’ll call the TURDS “Democrcaps” if we want to. Enough of this being a nice guy bullshit. I for one don’t want enlist people like you, you’ll turn in your own mother just to be a compliant nice guy.

      • Ed says:

        Tim, Tim, Tim. Sir, when you chastise someone for grammer or punctuation or spelling, don’t you think you should double check your written criticisms before you hit the enter button? Your last sentence seems to be missing a word. I’m just sayin…..

      • Rob Crawford says:

        Good Lord, children, he was commenting on etiquette, not insulting your mothers.

  4. david7134 says:

    I am concerned about gun control, but this is clearly an intent to control people in general. When did it become the job of the politicians to control even when we desire to die? This is not new to the US, our politicians have been working of junk like this for over 100 years. But at some point we have to say enough. I take care of a number of politicians and can assure you that they are all scum, to a man (woman). To have these low lifes telling us what to do with our lives is beyond belief. As to suicide, if I am told that I have a disease that can not be easily cured, I am out of here.

    • goyaathle says:

      I was a correctional officer for a number of years. Inmates did not have access to guns but this did nothing to stop suicides or murder for that matter.
      I have seen people thrown off of tiers, stabbed with manufactured weapons, and when they had a weight yard, beaten with twenty five pound weights. Suicides mostly were hangings but I have seen people break their own necks and others electrocute themselves.

      • twolaneflash says:

        Part of Hayes State Correctional Facility in NW GA sits on what was the back pasture of my parent’s farm. Recently, there have been several inmate murders, race and gang based, and several guards have been attacked. The local joke is there is no need for a death penalty, just send them to Hayes State.

    • Ed says:

      So, what if everyone diagnosed as terminally ill decided to take a jack booted tyrant along for the ride? Relax, just fantasizing…

  5. Rob says:

    In Japan, virtually no one has guns, yet as many Japanese off themselves every year as ALL of our gun deaths combined with a fraction of the population. It’s practically a national sport! They must use magic or something, since the brilliant Mr Hickenlooper was nice enough to point out that shooting yourself is the ONLY way to take your own life.

  6. LJenkMD says:

    A Turd is a Turd…time to rid Colorado of the SMELL. The method is a Recall….Time to get started.

  7. Charles says:

    How about you personally go test that theory out governor Lickenpooper?

  8. Chet Radven says:

    Hickenlooper is a fool. I guess he doesn’t know it yet but he justput a bunch of people out of work. How? Magpul, the company who manufactures mags, stocks and other firearm accesories is going to move out of Colorado if he signed that law. He did and they will. Real smart move Gov. but you can’t help it, you’re a lib.

  9. US Army (retired) says:

    Guv. Chickenlicker is a typical drooling liberal. They can not help themselves as they are convinced of their position being the right one and DO NOT want to be confused with the FACTS!

  10. ken says:

    How about those who will commit suicide by other means?

    Like, say, jumping out of an airplane and NOT even bothering to pull their chutes? Ow.

    I’m sure an outright gun ban would prevent suicides by people bent on self-destruction.