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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Power and control

Written By: Bob - Mar• 21•13

Let’s not be fooled, America.

Both of this nation’s political parties operating at the federal level have far more in common with each other than they do with you and I.

The polimedia—the revolving door between the mainstream media, the consultant class, bureaucrats and elected officials—has no more in common with you, than you have with a Moro tribesman, and if your idealism and insistence upon clinging to your Constitutional rights gets in the way of their desire for power and control, they have little moral objection to treating you the same way.

Their goal is to exert their influence over you, using laws and regulations in such a way as to bring themselves both power and financial advantage. It is human nature that great power leads inevitably to great corruption, and it is no coincidence that the counties surrounding Washington DC are among the wealthiest in the nation.

These self-styled elite are offended and more than a little afraid of the electorate. No, they aren’t remotely concerned about the several dozen urban cores from whence they draw their power. They’ve pacified them with government handouts, and will continue to exert tremendous influence over those they’re paying off and scaring into complicity as long as they can steal from the productive and borrow from our enemies.

No, they’re specifically afraid of you, those who failed to gratefully receive your indoctrinations, who fail to see the State as benevolent, who continue to dare hold to those crusty old Enlightenment values that propose that man can be something greater than a datapoint, a row in a spreadsheet, or asset to be taxed.

The overwhelming majority of federal legislation, talking points and “concerns” exist for the sole reasons of either advancing the statist agenda shared by Democrats and Republicans, or creating distractions and divisions that inevitably circle back around to that same statist goal. The same applies to most state governments as well.

Do you doubt this?

Look at any newspaper or television news web site. Tell me if you can find less than 50% of the stories on the page with a problem of some sort, where the solution isn’t more government involvement. I just did the same with my local newspaper, the News & Observer. The three obvious problems on the page were a desire for more school bonds, more teacher hiring/raises for state employees, and a power struggle between the state and city government over a desirable piece of property. The “obvious” answer to the polimedia that creates, writes, and disseminates the news is the expansion of government. Try the same thought process with your local news, and with U.S. national news. The solution is always more laws, more control, more spending.

Unsaid is the cost: less ideological diversity, less private money for investment or savings, less time, and less freedom. We’re working harder, with less to show for it, creating more fractured families, in a nation stitched together by unsustainable debit and boatloads of antidepressants.

Dumb, depressed, overworked and overextended is the way they want you. Stressed and stretched to the breaking point with no reserves, you are vulnerable. You are malleable. You are sheep.

There is no magic to fix this, my fellow Americans. We allowed this to happen by taking the easy way out time and again, betraying our founding principles, trading the illusion of temporary safety for our liberties.

We now live in a nation where every communication and transaction is tracked, logged, profiled and stored. Everything you buy online or in a store is tracked. Every web search you make, every web site you visit, every post to Facebook, every phone call to mom, is collected by private entities and the federal government. Again, the motive is profit and control.

It’s long past time we recognize that the interest of the government and those in government is growing government, to the expense of all else.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    The threat to our freedom is coming from many many directions today:

    “The United Nations and the Disarming of the American People….

    Death before slavery!

  2. Survival Skvez says:

    “No, their specifically afraid of you”
    Bob, I think you meant “They’re”

  3. smitty says:


    I have been harping and railing on this for years, that the differences between the Democrats and Republicans matter far less that their areas of agreement.

    Nearly everything that seeps out of Washington is a result of bipartisan consensus, regardless of which party controls the three branches of government.

    The partisan bickering serves to creat the illusion that there are two parties rather than one party with two wings…

  4. Klingonwork says:

    Dont’ get me wrong, I like capitalism and the corporate model is fine with me, but the US government is running like a corporate model or a corpoate enterprise instead of a public entity, and you are correct there is no difference between the political parties. Their mindset is to GROW their corporation, grow their presence, grow their control…and this while OK for making a company grow is the polar opposite of the way a public entity should operate. I have zero problem with success and admire it, but this is not a factor you want to see with Uncle Sam except on the battlefield.

    And since there is no difference between the parties, nothing tangible or productive ever gets done. They are happy to slap each other on the back behind the scenes and chomp their cigars. Look at the pics of Boehner and der Fuehrer on the golf course recently..if Boehner weren’t such a political limp wrist he’d be disgusted to be within 100 yrds of Fearless Leader. The GOPs main problem right now is ar**holes like Boehner, Rove, and McCain because these 3 turds have been circling the bowl way too long…and this is giving rise to stronger talk of another party, and the Tea Party seems likely. Indeed if the Tea Party attracted the likes of Rand Paul, Cruz, and Rubio I’d probably stand in line to join. The only prerequisite the TP should have is an actual pair…like RR had. Ann Coulter could be their spokesman…she has an honorary pair.

    Alas…this is the problem. Since RR with few exceptions nobody on the right has had the gumption to say FU (perhaps drop dead would be more polite…sorry) to the left, nobody has really sensed the pulse of the great silent majority like you and I and the national scene is ripe for such a person male of female.

    OK, done ranting.

    Molon Labe

    • Steven says:

      Love what you wrote, but would disagree on the terms.

      IMO, and submitted humbly, the growth of the entity of gov’t is more like a king seizing more and more land and influence in the businesses.

      A corporation has to entice you to buy from / go through them – it cannot use a SWAT team.

      But, yea, you’re right.

    • Comrade X says:

      “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
      George Washington

      It is funny isn’t it that the further we go down the road the more we need to go back to the guys that set up this country and look to them for guidance.

      Our fire has left the fire pit!

      We are the servants and the government is our master, we can put the fire back in the pit in one of two ways;

      1.) Constitution via article five; James Madison’s way (right now considering me there are about 3 people for this way methinks) or

      2.) Manure for the tree of liberty; Thomas Jefferson (IMHO another Thomas was influencing TJ in this thought, one with the last name of Paine)

      Either the fire will burn our house down or we will control it, of course with the time that it has been out of the pit substantial damage has already occurred to our house and the flames are getting very hot.

      Got your back!

      Death before slavery!

  5. Jake says:

    I was going to write more but changed my mind. I can sum this all up like this: Free choice is a bitch.

    Enjoy your outcomes.