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Reid kills Feinstein AW ban, making it even more dangerous

Written By: Bob - Mar• 19•13
The Zombie that would not die. Shamelessly swiped from Soldier Systems.

The zombie that would not die. Shamelessly swiped from Soldier Systems.

Be wary of the crocodile tears associated with the “killing” of Diane Feinstein’s expansive and unconstitutional assault weapon’s ban. Harry Reid dropped the bill because he knew that if it was attached to the other gun control legislation his statist party hopes to pass, it would doom that legislation as well.

By separating Feinstein’s language, his other gun control bills stand a better chance as a package, and she has the opportunity to attempt to attach her ban to popular legislation as an amendment, making it more likely of passage, not less.

This is not a victory for our side. It’s only a Democratic attempt to change the rules of a game they were certain to lose.

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:

    An astute analysis IMNSHO ! >Jeff

  2. Klingonwork says:

    I will not tolerate any more gun laws. ANY more gun laws I consider UN-constitutional The 2nd ammendment was made to prevent dictators and tyrants, gun laws empower dictators and tyrants.

    This is way too simple, a single sentence, a single word, a single period…ANY gun law crosses the Rubicon again.

    A coup has occurred and our country has been lost and I want it back.

    I’m quite serious, some kinda weird mass psychosis has taken hold of lawmakers and politicians, as I’ve said this is way too surreal. It feels like we’re in some kind of slow motion train wreck, and we can see what’s gonna hit where and there’s not a thing we can do except watch it happen. How about FIXING the problem not treating the symptom? But that isn’t even considered except buy those whack jobs like me who call themselve patriots.

    The zombie analogy is perfect as the mindless mantra of traitor Feinstein moans on. Dear God what happened to common sense?!?!?!

    Creepy…way creepy.

    Death to tyrants…

  3. gary says:


  4. David says:

    I agree Bob, this was dropped by plan. This can still get crammed last minute into a bill. We need to be ever vigilant in our watch of the Congress.

  5. Obamao says:

    The guns are not the target, it is the bitter clingers.

  6. Kelly says:

    Great read on the situation Bob. That is exactly how I saw it when I heard the news, then the “conservative pundits were all doing high fives and I started feeling alone again. Glad to know otherwise.

  7. Treker says:

    The real shocker for the gun grabbers must be that after the full power and fury of the left media that gun control went nowhere. For nearly 50 days it was THE top story and what are their results ? Gun prices have doubled, ammo gone , gun sales through the roof , conceal carry numbers doubling .
    Even Obama fears to use his Executive power because he knows he will lose dozens of Congressional seats. The best part in all of this is the thousands of quotes from the far left stating they they do want ALL the guns.

  8. Mike says:

    It was a smokescreen to make universal background checks look “reasonable,” and that’s all it ever was. It served its purpose well. Now, on to the national database–another “compromise” which, once background checks are in, will be a simple matter of bureaucratic skullduggery we’ll likely not even know about as it’s being implemented, no public debate necessary. Yes, I know that’s currently statutorily prohibited; anybody really think that’s going to stop them from hitting “Save” once they have the background-check info in hand? If so, I have some Utah ocean-front property for sale, cheepo.

  9. Comrade X says:

    “If You Don’t Support an ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban, You Hate Children and Want Them to Die….

    Death before slavery!

  10. agimarc says:

    Here’s why they want universal background checks: So that the FBI can game it at budget time, either delaying approvals or simply turning it off, essentially shutting down all firearms sales completely. Interestingly enough, this story comes from the HuffPost, hardly a friend of the Second Amendment. Cheers –

  11. Mudlark says:

    The Left has revealed its true face. It is facist. Americans must not compromise with those that would eliminate our God given freedoms. We fought the Communists and the National Socialists to prevent this kind of thing.

    We must show the dhimmies, progressives and Obamaists the same treatment. They do not love America nor the Constitution.

  12. creeper says:

    This hauled me up short. Like a good sheep I’ve been sitting here happy that Feinstein’s gun grab was nixed. Lost sight of the big picture.

    This is how they work…pick, pick, pick. Propose something outrageous and then settle for a little less but always…always keep chipping away.

    Thanks, Bob.

  13. chester arthur says:

    Gun control targets the victim.

  14. majorityofone says:

    Where did you get that undoctored photo of Whinestein?

  15. pre64win says:

    Here is the REST OF THE STORY. If the U.N. Small Arms Treaty passes then the US will watch the UN enforce the gun grabbing international law that affects the whole world. What a SNEAKY way to push the New World Order and give the globalists an easier job of exterminating “80% of the world population”…thats a fact now, no shit…I see a blood bath in the not so distant future ….you all know what to do so go do it……give all you can to your favorite pro-gun org and remember we are fighting the globalists not just our own unconstitutional administration……..later…..