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Remington responds to NY SAFE… by investing $20 million more in New York facilities?

Written By: Bob - Mar• 08•13
Hit me baby, one more time

Hit me baby, one more time.

When someone abuses you, you should leave them. It’s common sense, and something every psychologist and social worker recommends.

Apparently Remington Arms is in need of a shrink:

A group of New York state lawmakers says they’ve been told by Remington Arms that the company plans to spend $20 million upgrading its gun manufacturing plant in the Mohawk Valley. Local media outlets report that three senators and three Assembly members met with Remington officials on Wednesday to discuss what they could do to ensure the company keeps its plant in the Herkimer County village of Ilion, where Remington employs about 1,200 people.

Taxes, laws, and skilled labor prices are better almost anywhere else, so we can only assume this alleged upgrade is political in nature. Maybe New York or national Democrats promised to stop hitting them so hard, or so often.

This time, they mean it.

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  1. Klingonwork says:

    For Remington to invest $20 mil in NY when the citizens see their 2nd amendment rights being stripped and the Constitution being trampled on is beyond comprehension.

    I guess we know how Remington now feels about the constitution. Forget what is morally right “if there’s a buck to be made” is Remington’s new motto.

    Part of email I sent them earlier…

    Let’s employ der Fuehrer’s tactic of making them feel it and look at any other solution rather than Remington.

    Molon Labe

  2. Cole says:

    Well this is coming from NY politicians. So consider the source. I’ll wait for Remington’s response. But if Remington does end up staying in NY and investing in their current property it seems wise to avoid their products.

  3. Marty says:

    Politicians have a habit of making old news “new” by re-announcing projects that were put in place 6 months or a year ago. This might have been a done deal before the SAFE Act came to be, but they want some “positive messaging”. Let’s wait to hear what Remington says.

    But, shame on Remington if that’s not the case. If this is new investment, then gun owners should definitely be voting with their pocketbooks.

    • JTwig says:

      I have to agree with Marty, this could very well be something that was inked well before the NYSAFE act was even proposed. So I will have to have more information before I make a final judgement. If that is not the case though, I will have no problem avoiding Remington and sticking to companies like Olympic.

      You would think a lot of these companies would have learned from what happened during the ’94 ban. Of course the people running them now were problably in high school or college at that time.

    • Klingonwork says:

      Even if it is the case, they should cancel if they have any backbone.

      Let’s see if there are any Ronnie Barretts at Remington.

  4. Gayle says:

    Right now this sounds like maneuvering during negotiations. Remington probably has juicy offers from all over the country, and is using them as leverage.

    If this proves to be true, however, it will be interesting to see what the reaction from the American gun community will be. Will gun owners turn a blind eye, and become the “co-abused”?

    • Treker says:

      Good point Gayle . I sit on my Gun Range board of directors . The gun community is very tight . If this goes through I will ask that no Remington ammo be used at our ranges . And that Remington hats tee shirts be used for target practice . Anyone coming in with a Remington Firearm to be sighted in must pay a premium of $10 .
      Anyone that has purchased a Remington Firearm should call the factory and say it’s defective and send the rifle back . When the resale value of a firearm drops so does it’s purchase price . T

      • VERY good strategy! I’m going to make sure my local rifle club sees this!
        Although I fear that in this state [Colorado] we are definitely getting the midnight bait n switch tactics shoving through legislation -and the usual tactics of the incompetent crats or criminal careerist politicians. So really SANE or effective strategies just don’t work -by their own definition.011111111111111
        This reminds me of another ‘resource’ war that happened to our ‘great nation’ right under our noses and for the record-was touted by SR Bush era admins as a “precedent setting law” It is called the “National Marine Sanctuaries Act PL 101-605. Where upon they installed the capt Kangaroo type NOAA personnel as gun weilding “federal agents” WITH the authority of prohibiting ANY activity ITS uniforms deemed MIGHT in ANY way, impact “Anything ON or EMBEDDED or swimming” in the oceans-up to and extending beyond the treatied ‘contiguous zones’. The STRUCTURING of this plan was the key element they needed to implement THIS kind of ‘soft takeover’. [By FIAT] IT WAS ESSENTIAL TO MAKE THE WEALTHY SPORT INDUSTRIES [sport fishing mainly] BELIEVE they would be ALLOWED -PARTICULARLY BEFORE The billed passed- in order to placate the heavily influenced and lobby heavy Sport Fishing Industries and curry favor with them by placements on advisory boards they didnt give to other “user groups” -and of course- JUST LIKE REMINGTON- they took the stance that “it was good for them so ,… Ten years later and we now have TV ‘reality shows” about these clowns enforcing their “protection” of the coastal waters -by doing exactly what they “promised” they wouldnt do to the sport fishing crowds…THEYRE the new revenue generator now for this water borne disease known as ‘federal law officers”. I fought tooth and nail for over seven years just trying to restore my unalienable rights and I did manage to expose their abuses -but the fix was in! Thanks to moneyed dumbasses who thought they were some kind of special club of elites for whom these pesky laws “wouldnt apply”. hehehe I’m laughing bitter tears of vindication at them now. But they STILL refuse to acknowledge this is happening BECAUSE THEY ALL WENT ALONG WITH THE FEDERALES! WHO TOLD THEM THEY WOULDNT EVER BE AFFECTED BY THIS! [so now the elites know what it feels like to be raped- and then told it was their fault -they were vidtimized! ] I still feel sorry for them and their families now. We peasants whho have endured this money class system for generations are FAR better prepared and hardened to survive this seemingly inevitable conflagration. I just cant help but wonder at the PROFOUNDLY maligned reasons given for FORCING our Nation into a new civil war? It make me very concerned about WHY the PTB feel this is what is needd to happen? It’s extremely sad.
        I shall not comply. I’m still looking at who and what gains from this induced madness however. The President of USA has -by executive decree- announced a war on American soil-involving American civilians. HOW did this get done, and WHY would he do this remains key elements to understand -in order to find the nexus points driving the destruction and take down of the USA. Could the president be a PSYOP victim himself? By that I mean, what if he was told upon entering the oval office that he would be the one to face the public as they awakened from their slumber and that if he didnt do what they advised he would surely be perceived by the populus as the culprit and tyrant and he would be no longer running for office -but running for his life? I can imagine ol fish lips Kissinger being the one telling him “How it is” and “How it will be done” -but I am wondering if there IS a gun to his head -and if so, who is weilding it? The Saudi’s? The Brits? Or? [anybody checked to see if they still have PAUL locked up at Roswell?] LOL sometimes I WISHED I could blame all this on an alien invasion! But then that might actually finally wake the idiot elite wannabes up to the fact that THEY TOO are a badly acting key to this even occuring.

  5. Scott B says:

    Hearsay at this point…and from those who lie whenever their lips move…but worth keeping an eye on.

    Besides, I’ve already informed Remington they will not see my business until (1) SAFE is overturned/repealed, or (2) Remington completely relocates to a free state.

  6. Comrade X says:

    Looks like that Remington 1911 on my wish list just got bumped off!

    Death before slavery!

  7. Jake says:

    FNH makes better stuff anyway. =)

  8. Eliphalet Remington says:

    Leave Remington and the good folks in Ilion, NY alone and pray for their Upstate New York neighbors.

    With General Electric pulling out, Xerox almost dead, and Eastman Kodak going the way of the buggy whip, the Mohawk Valley has Remington and Utica Club Brewery. Have you ever had this swill called Utica Club Beer?

    Before Ilion becomes little Detroit, support Remington!

    • I respectfully -but strongly disagree with your “but its all we got” rationale. Read my post above. History will be a guide ONLY to those who appreciate it enough to listen and aknowledge what happened before will happen again. PARTICULARLY if we allow ourselves to become isolated and fractioned into tiny self absorbed entities.
      If you are seeing this mass exodus of industry and commerce from your local areas, you’re already acting like the good lil compliant and entirely self absorbed dysfunctional co dependent the governement WANTS you to be! Make sure you let us know how that “support it cuz its all we have left” mentality works for you-oh, lets give it two years! I’ll be looking forward to your report on how sucessful you are then. OK? Good luck with that and your future. You better have a good back up plan when Remington goes away -because thats what their ULTIMATE intent is and will be DESPITE whatever the hell the FEDs have promised you! THEY LIE THEY STEAL and THEY KILL. And they have the DoJ to “clean up ” after them! Such a tidy monster factory we have become!

  9. jj says:

    I do think the offer to invest 20M was in the effort to gain the Army contract. However, make your stance clear Remington. You are with us or against us, there is no middle ground! If true I will boycott them for a lifetime and encourage every freedom loving American I know to do the same.

  10. Mr Wolf, non-ESQ says:

    jj- yeah, yer right:

    “UTICA — The day after state officials announced Remington Arms was investing $20 million in its facility, the manufacturer was awarded a 10-year, $79.7 million contract.”

    Remington just got my last dollar… they are dead to me.

    • JTwig says:

      This sucks and is a major disappointment!

      • Comrade X says:

        They may be whores but at least they are being paid well!

        We shouldn’t be surprise that we have our Tories & traitors too, but I would respect them more if they did it out of principle and not just for a cold hard buck!

        Death before slavery!

  11. angrymike says:

    I hope they have military orders, cause their done in my book……….

  12. Bill says:

    Yeah, this isn’t driving a edge in between gun owners and their suppliers…/sarcasm.

  13. chowthen says:

    I don’t own a Remington but I don’t think I’ll even look at their products now.

  14. john says:

    700 bdl in .308 WAS going to be my next purchase. I guess i’ll take my cash elsewhere if this is true.

  15. Parker says:

    The only Remington products I have ever bought are their 22LRs. Just started a life long boycott.

  16. Lazarus Long says:


  17. Pvt.Joker says:

    Well, if after all this Remington stays and supports the state of New York with its tax dollars, they won’t be getting any of them from MY pockets anymore. If I need another bolt-action rifle, it will be “Faith in God and the Mauser” from here on out. By the way, doesn’t George Soro’s “Freedom Group” still have an ownership interest in the company? That might go toward explaining this?

  18. Tom says:

    The New Yorkers in Illion NY and most of upstate didn’t vote for the safe act. Remington leaving would just kick upstaters while we’re down. Remington is so important to the economy down there. It’s easy to bad mouth Remington when it isn’t your economy dieing.

    I think they should come out with a new Remington ranch rifle similar to the mini 14 and make them in Illion. New Yorkers are fighting this legislation( we didn’t get the chance before they passed it), but we still have to make do with what we have. Punishing the people in Ilion for the actions of Comrade Cuomo with the backing of NYC doesn’t help.

  19. patriotinarms says:

    Can you say lucrative military contract payola anyone? You’ll see Remington Arms get some pretty major military arms contracts if they play ball and don’t move the plant in response to this UN-Constittuional law.

    The idea of this will be keep Remington silent and allow this tyrannical law to go forward so that Federal officials can point to New York and Colorado and their infringements on the Second Amendment. Where is the ACLU?, he said with sarcasm!

    • Kevin Kehoe says:

      Good then Please build me some .300 rsaum ACR select fire along with some 6.8 mm spc select fire ACR so I can break in and borrow a few thousand for my NY MILITIA>

      Please make sure they are all M203 and and better capable.
      MY militia will feel nakid without EGL launcher capability.

      Eh WOT domo?

  20. JSingleton says:

    I wouldn’t take this the wrong way, 20 mil. would just about pay for the environmental clean up so they don’t get sued when they move. You have to remember there is a lot of chemicals that can get loose when your in the manufacturing business. I’ll wait and see what Remington actually does rather then trust a politicians remarks.