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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Sandy Hook murderer had planned strike for years. Killings would have been prevented by armed guards on campus.

Written By: Bob - Mar• 18•13

It is starting to look like the man who murdered his mother, then 26 others at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, had planned his attack in meticulous detail, doing detailed research and compiling a spreadsheet so massive—7’x4′ in 9 point font—that it had to be printed out on a plotter, a type of large printer usually reserved for architectural and engineering schematics.

He chose Sandy Hook for no other reason than the fact he anticipated that it would be undefended and offer his victims the least chance of resistance or escape.

“They don’t believe this was just a spreadsheet. They believe it was a score sheet,” he continued. “This was the work of a video gamer, and that it was his intent to put his own name at the very top of that list. They believe that he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance, where he could rack up the greatest number of kills. That’s what (the Connecticut police) believe.”

The man paused and said, “They believe that (Lanza) believed that it was the way to pick up the easiest points. It’s why he didn’t want to be killed by law enforcement. In the code of a gamer, even a deranged gamer like this little bastard, if somebody else kills you, they get your points. They believe that’s why he killed himself.

“They have pictures from two years before, with the guy all strapped with weapons, posing with a pistol to his head. That’s the thing you have to understand: He had this laid out for years before.”

It gets worse from there.

It seems obvious from reading this article that if it is even mostly true, then it was his mother who failed to stop a predictable, avoidable massacre. It is also readily apparent that the National Rifle Association was accurate with their calls for armed guards or law enforcement officers in schools, something that has been common in many school districts around the nation already for decades.

If there had been a “school resource officer” (what they call the police officers or deputy sheriffs in schools I and my children have attended dating back to the 1980s) on campus, the Newtown shooter would have picked another target, or perhaps would have given up on his plan entirely. We’ll never know how many lives might have been saved in Newtown if they had a single policeman on campus that day.

We do know that a completely undefended elementary school is the softest possible target in the United States, and that Democratic politicians on the state and federal level are fighting tooth and nail to refuse the common sense funding for school security guards, a practice that has been in place in many school districts across the nation for 30 years or more.

Instead, they call for gun control, which has never saved lives in the United States and instead had increased violent crime in many communities.

There will always be evil in this world. Some evil will present itself in the form of mentally ill young men. Far more evil will present itself in self-serving politicians out to pursue their own personal agendas. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes.

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  1. smitty says:

    As if we needed more reasons to place zero trust in government…

    The breaking news we really need is release of info regarding the psychotropic meds Lanza may have been prescribed…

    Seems like a cover-up in progress as it’s difficult to imagine any possible justification for withholding this information.

    Surely the ‘authorities’ know the results of the toxicology tests assumed to have been performed on Lanza’s corpse, as well as his medical records.

    Why is this information being withheld by the ‘authorities’?

    Now I know this is a dumb question: why is the MSM not seriously hounding after this scoop?

    Was Connecticut Shooter, Adam Lanza, on Psychiatric Drugs?

    Medical Examiner Snubs Official Request for Toxicology Report

    By Kelly Patricia O’Meara March 15, 2013

    While state and federal lawmakers frantically push for massive mental health reform and sweeping gun control laws, two Connecticut mothers recently took to the streets of Newtown, connecting with local residents and gathering signatures on a petition that asks a simple but essential question—did prescription psychiatric drugs play a role in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting?

    Seems like an easy and obvious question that, remarkably, has escaped the consideration of legislators who seem hell-bent on legislating increased mental health services without first having all the necessary information to make thoughtful, fact-based decisions.

    Sheila Matthews, co-founder of AbleChild, a national parents’ rights organization, and Newtown resident, Patricia Sabato, went one-on-one with local residents to collect hundreds of signatures requesting the release of the complete autopsy/toxicology results and medical/psychiatric records of alleged shooter, Adam Lanza.

    To back up the need for full disclosure of Lanza’s records, the petition points out certain undisputed facts, such as, at least 31 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 162 wounded and 72 killed.

    The Petition further points out that 22 international drug regulatory warnings have been issued on psychiatric drugs causing violent behavior, including mania, psychosis and homicidal ideation. Additionally, between 2004-2011, there were nearly 13,000 reports to the FDA’s MedWatch system of psychiatric drugs causing violent side effects, including homicide, mania and aggressive behavior.

    Both Matthews and Sabato were gratified by the community’s support. “The vast majority of the people were really supportive of our efforts,” says Matthews. “They were really engaged,” continued Matthews, “and they wanted, and felt like, they had a right to know if Lanza was on drugs.”

    Sabato mimics Matthews’ sentiments. “A lot of people,” says Sabato, “actually congratulated us for doing the petition.” “The people of Newtown,” explains Sabato, “know there is more to this story and, though they are tired of hearing Lanza’s name, they still want to know everything that may have played a part in his actions.”

    The mothers sent the petition to lawmakers and hand-delivered a letter to the State’s Medical Examiner, H. Wayne Carver II, M.D., requesting that Lanza’s autopsy/toxicology and medical/psychiatric history be publicly released. The request literally cites two full pages of federal and state law supporting the request.

    Despite the fact that, under Connecticut law, Carver is statutorily required to respond to the request, to date, the Medical Examiner has refused to even acknowledge receipt of the request, let alone release the requested information.

    Certainly there are a number of questions that come to mind as to why the Coroner would refuse to release the information, but interfering with the on-going criminal investigation is not one of them.

    In fact, Carver already has released selective information about Lanza’s autopsy, which begs the question – what is in the autopsy that obviously has put the Medical Examiner on the wrong side of Connecticut law and the wishes of Newtown residents?

    In the end, it’s a simple question posed by those who lived through the nightmare. Was Adam Lanza on or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs at the time of the shooting? The information is available. What’s the secret?

    Kelly Patricia O’Meara is an award winning investigative reporter for the Washington Times, Insight Magazine, penning dozens of articles exposing the fraud of psychiatric diagnosis and the dangers of the psychiatric drugs – including her ground-breaking 1999 cover story, Guns & Doses, exposing the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills that Kill. Prior to working as an investigative journalist, O’Meara spent sixteen years on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer to four Members of Congress. She holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Maryland.

    link to article:

  2. Legal Alien says:

    A 7×4′ spreadsheet that had to be printed out using a plotter.

    Hhhmmmmmm . . . . Just wondering now. Where did they find this alleged spreadsheet?

    If my memory serves me correctly, it was alleged that the little creep destroyed the hard drive on his computer and nothing was recoverable.

    Inquiring minds should ask the questions

    • smitty says:

      Good question.

      Another is why the long length of time to discover and report this material?

      • Pablo says:

        It still hasn’t been reported, per se. What we have here was basically leaked from a cop convention. The official report is expected in June.

        It would be an interesting exercise to count the gun laws that are passed between the incident and the time when were told just what happened.

    • cloaked in mystery says:

      the miscreant only shot/smashed the drive, as long as the platters were mostly intact and only bent/holed, recovery would be fairly routine, though very expensive. even cut up platters can be read, though doing so in a timely manner would require constructing a device to read the pieces.

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    This was the work of a video gamer…

    Anyone remember the Peter Jackson/Michael J. Fox movie “The Frighteners”? The villain in that movie was a serial killer who was intent on racking up as high a body count as possible, to the point of comparing his “score” to other serial killers.

    So why isn’t this “the work of a movie fan”?

  4. Pablo says:

    The Lupica article has been edited after being posted. The paragraph that was modified was on Page 3. It originally looked like this:

    At this point I asked the man what we can possibly learn from what happened with Adam Lanza and his mother and what finally happened at Sandy Hook Elementary on that Friday morning in December and he said, “His mother should have drowned him in a bucket, that’s what we learned.”

    The highly salient last bit has been lopped off.

  5. Bill says:

    There are days when I really don’t want to live in this world anymore. Then I read things like this.

    The feeling does not improve.

  6. bonhomme says:

    Hard drive forensics is a mature field. You can do lots of destructive things to a hard drive and still have recoverable information on it. I know in the Iraq war we recovered info off of hard drives that had been shot with a shotgun. Even multiple pass low-level formatting isn’t foolproof.