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Sorry Trayvon: State’s key witness is apparently a liar

Written By: Bob - Mar• 07•13

I saw several days ago that George Zimmerman’s defense team made the decision to drop his stand your ground hearing, and for a good reason: they stand a better chance than even of defeating the prosecution’s unraveling case in short order, as it was alleged their star witness has credibility problems:

Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, the state’s most important witness in the George Zimmerman murder case, was caught in a lie, it was revealed Tuesday.

It was not the first piece of misinformation tied to her, but it was the most damaging to date and left prosecutors in a very awkward position.

They had to publicly acknowledge that their star witness had lied under oath and had to answer questions about what they intend to do about it.

Reporters asked: Will you charge the 19-year-old Miami woman with perjury?

The state’s lead prosecutor, Bernie de la Rionda, gave an ambiguous answer: “You can all read the law and make your own decision.”

The bulk of the evidence, both physical and eyewitness, supports George Zimmerman’s story and always has. Trayvon’s supporters have relied primarily upon racism, emotionalism, and abject ignorance of the law, with Trayvon’s girlfriend providing the only statement that even partially clashes with Zimmerman’s statements to police (and even her testimony agrees that Trayvon initiated the confrontation).

One can hope that time has cooled the passions of those attempting to initiate race riots to bully the state of Florida into a conviction, because it appears ever more likely that Zimmerman will win his case handily. It would be a shame if more people were hurt or property was destroyed in response to what was always rather obviously a justifiable homicide.

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  1. melensdad says:

    What are the odds that the prosecutor will press charges against the lying witness?

    This case has been tried by the media.

    The liberal politicians have been fanning the flames as racial hatred.

    The evidence seems to overwhelmingly show this was a case of a drug abusing (Purple Drank) misguided young hoodlum who ran up against a man who was trying to do the right thing.

  2. Parker says:

    An acquittal will result in riots. The race baiters will se to that.

  3. UncaMo says:

    We all know the reason this case was brought about in the first place. It’s the 800 lb. gorilla in the room that no one dares talk about. And I doubt Bob, that even you have the courage to confront the real issue; which is…..well, let’s just say–“diversity.”

  4. Drew says:

    Now, I haven’t been following this case all that closely. But there are a couple of things that bother me. First, this drink to drug idea. Assume it’s true, the kid had the drink. Did he have the other components on him and/or had he mixed them? I seem to recall a favorite trick of the government these days when it comes to firearms is to go through the mental gymnastics to claim that if a person cuts here and welds there, a file here and extra piece there and all of a sudden your spatula could become a death star and you are guilty of the crime you might have, but didn’t, commit. Because you might have. Are we lending credibility to these clowns and their fortune tellers now? Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report” in real life?

    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Zimmerman ignore the 911 dispatcher’s instructions not to confront the guy? Wasn’t that on the recorded call? Isn’t the purpose of the Neighborhood watch program to observe and report? Unconstitutional laws aside, was he supposed to be carrying a weapon?

    • melensdad says:

      Martin did NOT have the codine based cough syrup with him at the time, however the coroner’s report showed that he had very likely been an abuser of the concoction for well over a year based on an examination of his liver.

    • Bob says:

      Martin talked about the cough-syrup mixture he favored, called “lean,” in his social media accts, so it would be quite a stretch to assert he’s somehow being framed. The coroner’s autopsy also noted he had a fatty liver, extremely odd for a 17 year old but very consistent with abusing this drug.

      • Drew says:

        I may not be up to date on the drug scene today, but I don’t doubt that part of the story. My point was that unless I missed something, Martin at the time of the incident was neither high nor in possession of the mixture. For all I know he was on his way to go get high, but unfortunately for Mr. Zimmerman, that’s not a capital offense.

      • Rob Crawford says:

        Drew, St. Trayvon attacked an innocent man; knocked him to the ground and was slamming his head against the concrete.

        THAT was the “capital offense”.

    • Obamao says:

      Since the president publicly announced that Trayvon looked like his son (if he had one) the State has been balls deep for him and appears to be actively suppressing any background information on him. For example, how long did the State know Trayvon’s girlfriend lied, how long have they known she was not a minor, and (yet to be fully disclosed) that she was not his ‘girlfriend’? The State is not pushing the ‘lean’, it is Zimmerman supporters that put those clues together.

      WRT the Zimmerman’s 911 call – he was not on his scheduled neighborhood watch rounds, it was not a call to 911 (it was the non-emergency number), the dispatcher asked him to ‘observe’ which he did, when the dispatcher realized he was out of his vehicle he was asked not to follow, wilco, and apparently got jumped on the way back to his vehicle.
      WRT his weapon – he was on private property as the subdivision has privately owned roads and sidewalks, so, technically, Zimmerman was on his own property. (if you get bored you can google up the real property appraisers GIS and see for yourself that the streets are privately owned).

    • Svi says:

      And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Zimmerman ignore the 911 dispatcher’s instructions not to confront the guy? Wasn’t that on the recorded call?

      That’s one way of putting it, if a tendentious one. Another, more accurate way to put it is that his actions did not comply with dispatcher instructions. But so what? Do you let armchair quarterbacks run your life for you? I don’t. More to the point, I have no good reason to. Dispatchers have no authority to tell me what to do.

      Isn’t the purpose of the Neighborhood watch program to observe and report? Unconstitutional laws aside, was he supposed to be carrying a weapon?

      Who cares? Get to the point where your questions are relevant.

      • melensdad says:

        I believe you are wrong. Listening closely to the 911 tape (the complete tape, not the MSNBC edited version) it appears that Zimmerman stopped his pursuit when he was told to do so. Realize there were several edited version of the 911 call that aired on the media. You need to listen to the UNedited version.

        Further, there seems to be some evidence that Martin approached Zimmerman and it was Martin that initiated the confrontation.

      • Drew says:

        Like I said, I have not followed this case that closely, so I could be totally wrong. I’ve heard way too many versions of the story. I don’t know absolutely what did or did not happen.

        As far as following instructions, I guess that depends on the situation. When I call in a car wreck or something like that, yes, I do follow instructions like wait for highway patrol to make a statement or render aid till EMS shows up. If I were to join neighborhood watch, I probably would do what I volunteered to do. When I ask for advice, I do tend to follow it or at least seriously consider it. Crazy idea, I know.

        I don’t know who started the confrontation. I don’t know where that particular jurisdiction draws the line between self defense and assault, (ie. when it’s ok to attack a stranger following you intently) Again, multiple versions of the story, likely none are true, so I think rock solid is a bit of a reach here for either side.

      • Mudlark says:

        Drew’s tendentious or menndacious way of putting it is that the 911 observer can command anyone to do anything. Just as a reporter’s instructions carry no weight why do you try to imply that this individual has any legal authority?

    • Mudlark says:

      911 dispatcher has zero power to issue orders. The last time I read the constitution the government doesn’t mandate the carrying of a weapon. But I suppose those who do not approve of defending one’s safety would make such observations from the safety of their parent’s basement.

  5. Jaynie59 says:

    I’m not a lawyer but skipping the hearing seems like a good idea to me based on one case I followed a few years ago in Rhode Island. Former Republican governor Ed Diprete was accused of corruption. He hired high priced, high profile lawyers out of Boston to defend him. They chose to use the preliminary hearing to fight the charges and it worked. It lasted at least a couple of weeks, was on the front page of the paper everyday, and they totally destroyed the prosecutions case. It was brutal. The judge sanctioned the attorney general’s office, fined them for misconduct, and one of the lawyers on the prosecution team later committed suicide. Probably not because of the case, but it was a really sordid example of the corruption and incompetence of the Rhode Island goverment.

    However, the state appealed the ruling and won. Then the AG went after Diprete’s son. They offered Diprete a deal: plead quilty and you get a year in jail and we won’t file charges against your son. By then Diprete had spent a over a million dollars on his high priced lawyers and was out of money. So he took the plea.If his lawyers had waved the preliminary hearing and fought the case in front of a jury he would have been aquitted.

  6. Marty says:

    They won’t charge her with perjury. No prosecutor wants to go in front of a jury with an already tainted witness.

    They’ll just manage the allegations at trial. Outside court, they’ll claim that she hasn’t been charged yet because they’re still “investigating”. The “investigation” will last until after Zimmerman’s trial. If he’s acquitted, there will be no reason to charge her. He can file a civil suit against her. If he’s convicted, then her lies don’t matter, because he’s guilty.

  7. Comrade X says:

    Just as OJ got to walk so will Zimmerman get to see some bar time.

    Our court system today ain’t about blind justice but moreso it is all about the prejudices of the jury and methinks the DA with the help of the media will stack that deck!

    Death before slavery!

    • Klingonwork says:

      Court system is broken. After OJ there was so much outrage here in Calif about the mentally challenged on juries, you can’t get out of jury duty regardless. I saw interviews with some of the jurors and to the person, were low info voters…and that is generous.

      I live in SF valley area of LA and have seen those same choppers here…its those MRAPs I’ve seen parked kicking up the ante. Wondered if they were there to scare “insurgents”, or being pre-positiioned. Little or no markings like the choppers. Same models we saw on the show Bomb Squad Iraq…probably Americans who fiercly defend freedom wont be able to come up with anything better than tribesmen….probably.

      got your back

      Molon Labe

  8. Gayle says:

    I’m just waiting for Zimmerman to start filing lawsuits against various media outlets.

    Sweet, sweet justice ;-)

  9. Lex says:

    So a minimum wage, likely unaware of FL’s firearms laws, 911 Dispatcher is now the start & end moral authority & lawful instruction giver?
    No thank you.

    Zimmerman had a right to be anywhere in the State of Florida, carrying his CW as allowed by FL.

    The evidence is overwhelming that Ashtrayvon Martin attacked him & from then the case is rock solid self defense, unless you’re a flat out idiot, liar or both.

    As far as the riots go, I hope Florida burns when Z-man is vindicated. Show the world & the Nation just what we’ve all known for some time now.

    • Mudlark says:

      Les good points. Thank god there is someone who has some common sense and a point of view not impacted by alcohol or drugs.

  10. Lex, amen to your comment.