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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Surprise! NY Times “self-hating gun owner” turns out to be racist left-wing radical

Written By: Bob - Mar• 11•13

I read the craptastic NY Times article on self-hating gun owners and simply shook my head at the mental midgets the Times found to interview. Sebastian actually took the time to hunt one of the suspicious-sounding turds down, and boy, is he a doozy.

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  1. Parker says:

    Looney left is repetitive. Planted straw man mouthing red herrings.

  2. Comrade X says:

    So this guy is FEMA/DHS?!!

    Doesn’t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling when the roundup starts?

    Death before slavery!

  3. Klingonwork says:

    Did they not think this would be investigated? It seems they knew it would…but they didn’t care. All they want to affect are the emotion filled, low-info voters, and the millions on the government teet.

    It doesn’t even matter they are exposed on page 1 of every newspaper, in fact, I’ll bet they are counting on it. This is a disinformation campaign…because their IQs are in the single digits, the low-info voters will remember only some gun owner wants compromise.

    Remember the movie “Idiocracy”? If the Founders could jump into the future a few hundred years, it’s a sure bet their reaction would be the same…incredulous at the dumbing down of culture and society.

    Or the Geiko commercial with the dimm bulb blonde who asserts “they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true!”

    As long as American Idol is on, as long as the government check comes, as long as the heater works, as long as their cell phone is charged…the majority of Americans will buy whatever the DHS and ATF are selling and do it with complete abandon.

    This is a situation that cannot be changed without a major reset. Perhaps the “only citizens vote” in the movie “Starship Troopers” is not a bad idea, or maybe it is…but it beats what we have now with the low-info/refuse to think voters. I know people like this and it is heart breaking because in a major reset these will be among the first to skip and throw flowers on their way to the FEMA camps.

    Maybe I can borrow that malet Bugs Bunny uses to hit his head…

    Molon Labe

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Please, never mention the movie titled “Starship Troopers” again.

      In the book with that title, the sole requirement for the franchise was some form of public service. The term of service varied, and every effort was made to find something appropriate — “if you’re a blind mute, we’d have you counting the hairs on a caterpillar” — but the important thing was you were required to do something you didn’t want to do, that didn’t immediately benefit you. In theory, at least, it meant you were willing to set aside your interests when they conflicted with those of the rest of the society.

      As to how it came about, the book is direct about it, but mentions “the veterans got ticked off”.