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The dark zone

Written By: Bob - Mar• 07•13

On January 15 I penned Shock the System: Just one example of how the government could lose a civil conflict.

It was a warning of how patriots could selectively shut down the capitols of states and nations by eliminating the electrical substations and residential transformers that service those cities. Though I stated nothing new either tactically or strategically (power stations were always the first targets of bombers and saboteurs dating back to before World War II), the post absolutely terrified the powers that be.

Hershel Smith at The Captain’s Journal referenced that article in Surviving The Apocalypse: Thinking Strategically Rather Than Tactically three days ago, in a continuation of his thoughts on tactics for “lone wolf”operations in a domestic insurgency.

He referred back to a post he wrote almost two and a half years ago, A Terrorist Attack That America Cannot Absorb, which discussed attacks on the main step-up transformers at coal power plants.

Unlike the residential transformers and smaller substations I discussed in Shock the System that would create short-term, comparatively isolated blackouts, the sort of attack that concerned Smith were well-coordinated attacks that would effectively strike a blow against the entire national grid, by knocking-out the system at the points of generation, taking out very rare pieces of equipment that would take years to replace. If attacks took out even a small number of step-up transformers, it would force the entire nation to ration power, and would have a crippling effect on the national economy.

Some people seem appalled at the fact that the sort of attacks that American forces have used so successfully overseas (Iraq’s electrical grid is still in the process of recovering from two wars) might be used against American cities… and that is the exact point both Smith and I were trying to make. Neither of us are advocates of such attacks, as both of us probably have a better idea than the layman of the effect such attacks would have. I’d likely lose several people I love very much who have medical conditions were such an attack to affect this region. these aren’t things we want. these are things we fear.

Smith and I are pointing out the fact that if states or the federal government is willing to push citizens into a Second Revolutionary War over the natural right to self defense, they will feel the wrath of the right of revolution that is the birthright of ever American.

America has hundreds of thousands to millions of combat-experienced infantry veterans, many of those who are still young and combat effective. Does anyone think these men who swore a lifetime oath to protect the Constitution with their lives will sit in their homes and wait to be taken out one-by-one if government forces start breaking their oaths, carrying out unconstitutional orders?

Attacks on the grid would occur to force those government assets into a defensive posture, putting them in a position where they must guard fragile infrastructure assets instead of carrying out raids. That such attacks would also demonstrate how weak the government really is may or may nor help a patriotic insurgency in the political arena. That’s rather beside the point.

Everyone will suffer in such scenarios, but the government will eventually fall to the realities of raw, basic math. There are more who would risk their lives to be free than there are willing to die to deny Americans their liberty.

As the criminal-led assault on the Constitution pushes us into an frightening parallel of 1775, we know that the margin of error to avoid a conflict decreases. We are a nation of divided cultures that no longer speaks the same language, nor shares the same values. I hope and pray that we will find leader who can be the bridge we need to pull us back together, but no such politician is currently serving.

Acknowledging what is likely to occur enables us to begin preparing to protect those we care about. Work for a peaceful resolution until the first shots are fired, but be aware that the government exists now to serve itself, not the people, and they do not share those same concerns, as President Make It Hurt has clearly demonstrated.

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  1. Treker says:

    The Liberal nest eggs are the Server Farms or Data Barns .These companies brag about their locations on the net. They are huge data warehouses full of servers . Very fragile , hooked together by glass fiber optic cables . Remember 1/3 of the NASDAQ is one company Apple computer . This is way beyond a house of cards ready to topple.

  2. Klingonwork says:

    I worked for a satellite company and you really don’t know how much government communication is HIDDEN at innocuous suburban faciilities transmitting Dr. Phil and American Idol. Makes me wonder how vulnerable those large network transmitting complexes are…we need those to bring us the unbiased news so they’re probably guarded.

    I have also wondered about all those microwave towers surrounding all large cities…what would happen should insurgents target those towers? Look on any of the hills surrounding L.A…those aren’t Starbuck’s buildings up there.

    Sad to think of the damage to government communication infrastructure it would cause say 1st responders too, but then police officers have private cell phones to fall back on and hopefully, those towers wouldn’t be harmed by insurgents either.

    I have also thought about triangulation of communication devices insurgents would use.

    QUITE ALARMINGLY, I have seen several instances of MRAP and M117 Armored Security Vehicles parked randomly around the city. Perhaps you have noticed this too in your city. Just the other day I saw an MRAP on a trailer all by itself in a lightly traveled industrial area.

    Starting to get very real good people.

    Molon Labe

  3. Chief661 says:

    Bob – great title and commentary. Between POTUS and the AG advocating drone strikes of citizens on U.S. soil; the proposed Feinstein weapons ban, 2700+ MRAPs being obtained by DHS for domestic use, mega purchases of HP ammo by several U.S. government agencies , etc. etc.; if you are a realist you cannot help be very afraid. I feel like I am living in a “dark zone” and wonder how far our the Obama regime will go to effect the “fundamental transformation” of America and how the revolt will manifest itself. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. … what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” — Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

  4. bogbeagle says:

    Attacking civil infrastructure would be a spectacular “own-goal”, in that it would serve to turn the population against you.

    • LFMayor says:

      half of them already are, since they’re living off the sugar tit. piss on them, they’ll riot and burn and do most of our work for us.

      You expecting to get one of them fancy necklaces to thunderous applause just like Luke, Han and Chewie when it’s over, hero?

    • Treker says:

      bogbeagle you make a very good point . But that point works both ways . If Obama is unable to protect the masses will the masses rally to Obama ? Maybe yes/no ?
      If history is a guide George Washington only needed minor popular support . The British had the burden of maintaining broad support of the Loyalist and Tories (Kingsmen) which was 2/3rds of the country.

      • bogbeagle says:

        Take a leaf from the IRA’ book of guerilla warfare.

        First, they made it impossible for the State to operate … men feared to fix the roads, police the rough area, empty the bins and so on.

        Next, the IRA began to provide those services. Thus, they became associated with being “the good guys”. They made everything work again.

        If my kids die, because you cut off the electricity, or the phones, you turn me from potential ally to enemy.

        Your “cause” means little to most people. If you teach them to associate your “cause” with negative events, you will lose.

        The “hearts-and-minds war” is at least as important as the shooting war. Ordinary people are the ones who have to feed you, arm you and protect you with their silence.

        And, what purpose is served by attacking civil infrastructure? Will it inconvenience the Army or the State? No, ‘cos they have separate and resilient systems to provide comms, energy, water and medical services.

  5. AT says:

    Then give another scenario where we could “win” against a government hell bent on the destruction of our liberties. Too many people cherish our freedom and the theory of the population turning against “us” seems suspect at best. No doubt it would be a messy conflict but in this case, the end justify the means.

  6. ManekiNeko says:

    I read some of the articles about the Argentine civil collapse. Very scary. One interesting point was that while one might think that being in the countryside is better for survival (and in some ways it is, e.g., food production), when a (large) gang shows up at your farm or ranch, you will have seriously problems defending yourself because you are much more isolated compared to being in a village (if not a city).

    I think this is why in many European countries, where historically there was a lot of war and pillage, people lived in villages, and the fields surround the village to a reasonable distance. Quite unlike the individual homestead in the middle of your fields model common in the US (and elsewhere).

    On a partially related topic, I have been wondering for some time if we would see the reappearance of committees of vigilance in the US. It has evidently started in parts of Mexico where the local citizens are barring strangers, including the police, and are dealing with criminals (especially drug gang members) by holding trials themselves.

  7. Matt says:

    There is no “national grid”. There are several regional grids with very limited interconnects. This leads to the possibility that a region (like Texas) could retain a working power grid by moving to separate itself from other portions of the country that have become toxic.

  8. john says:

    There is NO middle ground this time. You’re either a supporter of statist thuggery or a free American. I couldn’t care less what “inconvenience” the masses have to endure if it comes down to a real shootin war. I know this much, My rights are no mans to bestow, deny or dictate conditions on. They are a GIFT, given me by brave men who stood up to an oppressive government and they did so repeatedly over several generations. I’ll be damnned if I meekly surrender that which so many have fought, bled and died to provide me. Furthermore, I intend to pass these same freedoms to future generations, intact, ALL of them. It would behoove our government to bone up on their history and take our resolve at face value. This is not posturing, this is a fact. I WILL fight, regardless of whether or not others join me. I’d prefer to die of old age but i WILL die a free man. Period.

    • AT says:

      amen John. I worry so much for my kids it evokes a visceral reaction in me it is palpable. If their Dad has to go down, he will go down swinging.