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UCF student allegedly planned mass shooting

Written By: Bob - Mar• 19•13

There was a suicide in a University of Central Florida (UCF) dorm yesterday, and the dorm was evacuated when two firearms and some sort of “IEDs” were claimed to have been found with the body. Students were allowed to return once the bomb squad removed the alleged devices.

Authorities have claimed that the shooter’s name is James Oliver Seevakumaran, and that he planned to carry out a mass murder that somehow got screwed up when the authorities came faster than he intended:

According to UCF police chief Richard Beary, additional information, including notes, were found in the room, making it appear that Seevakumaran had plans to make an attack on the campus and had laid out a timeline on how he planned to kill people.

Police said it appeared his timeline had been thrown off when authorities responded to a fire alarm call quicker than he expected.

Officials said Seevakumaran’s death was caused by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police said they speculate Seevakumaran pulled the fire alarm himself to get students to evacuate in one area and his roommate’s 911 call made the response to the fire alarm faster, prompting him to shoot himself.

Beary said Seevakumaran’s roommate had called 911 to report Seevakumaran had pointed a gun at him when he walked out of his room after the fire alarm went off. Another roommate was out of town and the third roommate had left the apartment immediately when the alarm was set off, prior to Seevakumaran producing his gun, the station reports.

The police then go on to make an interesting claim:

The two guns found in the dorm room, including an American-Tech tactical .22 caliber rifle, were purchased at an unnamed Orlando gun store. A backpack of four improvised explosive devices and hundreds of rounds of ammo were also found, according to Julie Torres of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, WKMG reports.

I don’t claim to know of every gun ever manufactured, but I’m relatively current on most modern rifles made in the United States, and I’ve never even heard of “American Tech” rifles. A quick Google search suggests that no such company exists.

One suspects that the authorities are actually talking about one of the American Tactical .22LR MP-5 “clones”, which are made to look like famous firearms (including fake suppressors, etc), while being no more or less lethal than any other .22LR training rifle.

I’ll also be very interested to see if the “IEDs” are legitimate high explosives, or just inexpensive, low-explosive tannerite that you can get on eBay.

I believe authorities when they say Seevakumaran intended to commit mass murder. I just doubt his capabilities as much as I do their reporting.

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  1. melensdad says:

    But Bob, he attends school in a “gun free zone” so it is impossible for him to have had those guns on campus. Right!?! Campus security is a joke. Oh, I don’t doubt the officers are doing their best, its no knock to the officers, but the reality is that many of our better univiersities are surrounded by slums and that campus security is really campus INsecurity. The officers seem better equipped to handle OFF CAMPUS criminals than threats that emit from WITHIN the school.

    Seriously, we are looking at colleges for my daughter, on the tours we are told the schools are 1) gun free and 2) each has a “blue light” tower where they assure us parents that if your kid can reach the alert button on the “blue light” tower then the child will be safe. Go look at the neighborhoods surrounding Fordham U in NYC, the U of Chicago, or Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Tell me its possible to be safe. At least Fordham is surrounded by a fence!

    My daughter just turned 18, she is getting her license to carry a handgun from our state shortly. I’d prefer she carry a LCP in her pocket than rely on campus insecurity. Threats from INSIDE the campus and threats from the areas OUTSIDE the campus may be best handled wtih a single, well placed, expanding hollow point.

  2. Real Deal says:

    Really they were lucky the police arrived quickly. Three minutes for a police response is amazing. The stars aligned this time, a 911 call was effective and response time was phenominal. I’ve spent more than 3 minutes on the phone with police explaining where a car was abandoned in the middle of the road. They still struggled after recieving detailed directions and the officer had to call me back twice.

  3. cloaked in mystery says:

    IED most likely means pipe bombs in this case.

    regardless, i would expect the bombs were to be the primary means of attack with the .22 intended to direct people towards the bombs.

    crude pipe bombs are still a far more effective tool of mass murder than a firearm, and nothing will stop someone from building them.

  4. Jeff Hoser says:

    The real indicator in this scenario IMNSHO is the potential perp “took himself out” when confronted . This is the common thread linking all the “mass threat/shootings” we see these days. And , like the Lanza event in CT, initial reports indicate his actions were planned . >Jeff

    • cloaked in mystery says:

      not all, holmes regained sanity long enough to stop and surrunder, then lapsed back into insanty

  5. Real Deal says:

    Did we ever find out what the “writings” were that were left in the guys room? Were they Jihadist or just crazy? That is important.

  6. Phelps says:

    His mistake was hitting the fire alarm. Cops have no problem responding to a fire. If he had just started shooting, they would have “formed a perimeter” and not actually entered the building for an hour or more.