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UCF suicide had .22 knock-off; UK media gets it right, US polimedia claims “assault rifle.”

Written By: Bob - Mar• 20•13

The polimedia in the United States is attempting to gin up hysteria to pass gun control laws by labeling everything from a .22 to an umbrella an “assault rifle.”

Yesterday, I expressed doubts about the “assault rifle” found at the scene of a University of Central Florida (UCF) suicide, noting that the rifle they claimed to have found at the scene doesn’t exist. I took an educated guess at what it actually was—a .22 training rifle with plastic furniture—and my hunch turned out to be correct.

The US polimedia insisting upon calling the firearm an “assault rifle” includes ABC News, NY Daily News, Fox News, and other Associated Press outlets more interested in creating a narrative than reporting accurate facts.

It took a visit to the foreign media, specifically the UK’s Daily Mail, to find an attempt at objective, factual reporting:

The officers then back out of the room and wait, presumably for their superiors to secure the crime scene.
On the floor are a .45-caliber handgun and a semiautomatic .22-caliber rifle made to look like German assault rifle.

Notice that? “Made to look like,” not “was.”

The caption for the photo of the rifle is equally detailed in its attempt at accuracy.

The Daily Mail even takes time to get their captions correct.  "Knockoff: The rifle found in the gunman's apartment is was a GSG-522 a cheap, .22-caliber imitation of a German assault rifle"

The Daily Mail even takes time to get their captions correct. “Knockoff: The rifle found in the gunman’s apartment is was a GSG-522 a cheap, .22-caliber imitation of a German assault rifle”

Even in England, their journalists care more about trying to get the details of a U.S. story right. Sure, they missed a little bit (the firearm being copied is technically a submachine gun, not an assault rifle, but that is a minor difference having to do with caliber), but the point is that the made sure readers were informed, and they made it explicit that this was not an assault rifle.

Here? The leftist political/media cabal ignores the facts, and instead thrives upon delivering propaganda that supports their favored political position. No wonder the public has such a low opinion of American journalists.

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  1. simms520 says:

    Yeah I saw that, those morons! A .22 cal assualt rifle really? Guess I will get rid of my 50 and my 416 now! Will they ever realize how stupid they sound! Molon Labe

  2. Real Deal says:

    Do we know what the guys motives/ideaology for his proposed rampage were? I haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet and that is worrisome. I say this because we had one terroist incident swept under the rug as workplace violence; another rampage celebrated by the Left as a real life “Django Unchained” since it was a black man shooting cops.

    What really concerns me in today’s political environment is a Leftist nutjob going on a murder spree just to try to provide the “tipping point” for the gun grabbers.

  3. Lisa Hall says:

    To everyone: Does it really matter?? From a parent who’s child attends UCF I dont care what type of weapon it was any weapon can kill if the owner wants it to. I think everyone is to DE-sentatived to what is happening. How would you feel if your child was there?? Would you really care the type of weapon or would you care that there was almost a large amount of loss of life????

    • Comrade X says:

      True Lisa and the media getting hung up on the type of weapon use is totaling missing the point of why it happened.

      The debate is all about the weapons today and very little about real solutions to violence and the people who are doing it.