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After day of inept searching and false alarms, Boston Marathon bombing suspect is finally captured

Written By: Bob - Apr• 19•13

First, Boston Police mis-ID’d the wrong suspects.

Then, when they found the correct suspects, they engaged the two of them in a shootout and one escaped into the night, without a trace.

A hysterical Mayor Menino (or was it Governor Patrick?) responded by ordering the entire Boston Metro area to cower in place, costing untold hundred of millions of dollars in lost wages and time.

All because of the fear of one hunted young man.

A full day of ineffective searching and chasing false alarms back and forth across town left thousands of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers back at “square one.” It was a homeowner that discovered signs of the suspect in her yard, a yard that had already been “cleared” in the botched police sweep operation. Without her recognition that something was amiss, it is likely the search would have dragged through another night and into another day.

Finally after a barrage of gunfire and untold number of flash-bangs and 20 hours of a city frozen by fear, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev finally chose to surrender on his own terms.

I’m glad that this Keystone Kops performance is finally over without more innocent lives being lost, but it is readily apparent that it ended more due to luck than skill.

After taking some time to rest and reset, we need to evaluate what failed, and why.

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  1. thesouthwasrght says:

    Pretty neat martial law practice run at worst and a serious win-win for our friendly followers of the religion of peace at best.

    Imagine what they learned from 2 people here legally, while they have untold thousands of willing terrorists traipsing all over the nation. 2 guys can shut down a city, w/o even attacking the power grid. The financial cost is a nice bonus for them to boot.

    A secondary effect will be the further restrictions and taxes placed on the people to keep us safe. Congress and the marxist in chief will have a field day, esp. as more attacks occur.

  2. The Quiet Man says:

    It seems unlikely that there will be any kind of honest evaluation regarding the dismal performance we just witnessed. I just heard a press conference where everyone involved was slapping each other on the back for doing such a fine and professional job. Seems like the news media is jumping on the same hero worshipping bandwagon as well. If everyone is telling you what a great job you did and you already believe you did a great job…the opportunity to learn is greatly diminished.

  3. Tom Wolff says:

    I’ve read elsewhere that the cops shot the crap out of the boat he was hiding in, completely missed him, then arrested him. I guess when they run out of ammo, that is the time to perform an arrest. Last resort and all, y’know? :(

    We know what failed, why, and what needs to be eliminated. I won’t say more right now.

  4. Jim says:

    You failed, both by mocking fellow Americans for helping the investigation by following the recommendations of the police, and by pretending that you are in any position to judge the policing that took place in Boston.

    If you wish to hunt terrorists the “correct” way, join a police force or enlist. If you simply want to play tough guy by calling prudence cowering then start a blog. Oh wait.

    • Michael says:

      I’m sure Bob would have joined law enforcement if he could have, but he has this bum knee, you know?

      • Bill says:

        Bob also has this thing called “marksmanship”. I hear that knocks you out of the running in most metro area police forces.

      • HempRopeAndStreetlight says:

        Mr. Owens is a liberty loving soul, who is proficient in his weapons, competent in their use, intelligent, and not prone to strapping ridiculous mall-ninja-wear on like the 290lb Gestapo c;ids we saw running amok and wreaking havoc in Boston.

        Bonus points for the guy that had 30 zip-tie handcuffs attached to shoulder of his tact-i-cool vest. Chunky fella that one, willing to bet they had to crisco-him up good to peel him out of his ridiculous “look-at-me-I’m-a-pretend-operator” outfit.


    • david7134 says:

      My analysis below is answer enough, the cops were inept. The citizens solved this, just the way they have in other terrorist situations. As to not having an opinion unless you are a cop, that is the stupidist assumption I have ever heard of.

    • Chuck says:

      Oh, I see, the police are terrorist hunters now, huh? And all this time I thought they were overpaid meter maids who got stuffed in lockers in high school. Oh, but now we must “respect your authoritah!!”

      As one who DID enlist, and spent some time in both shitty sandboxes “hunting terrorists,” I’d ask you to please go back to writing traffic tickets. We really don’t need your help.

      More people were killed and injured in the gas explosion in Texas. More people were shot and killed by run of the mill criminals and gang-bangers in shit-holes like Chicago and East St. Louis that same day than were killed in Boston.

      The hysterical over-reaction to terrorism is exactly what the terrorists are trying to achieve. The only thing that was accomplished by sending phalanxes of militarized police SWAT “operators” marching down the middle of suburbia flanked by armored vehicles was to provide absolute PROOF POSITIVE to the the rest of the jihadi wannabes watching from the sidelines, that, yes, terrorism DOES work because Americans are scared of their own shadows and that our militarized police-industrial complex is only too willing to play right into their hands.

  5. Jeff Hoser says:

    Mr. Owens;

    I object to the “inept” part of your statement.

    A large number of individuals from many departments/agencies with (probably) conflicting communications, training and ROE protocols were engaged in a building-by-building search for an armed homicidal/suicidal suspect. In the course of a long, frustrating day they didn’t make a mistake of consequence. I think that remarkable in itself. Having spent some time in Cambridge in the past I can appreciate just how difficult dealing with its denizens can be. (Recall the “Beer Summit” incident ? )

    Yes, when released, a homeowner – with only one clutch to monitor – did discover the alleged perp hiding in his prized possession. But that doesn’t render all of the hard work done by so many so successfully, “inept” ! >Jeff

  6. Drew says:

    Let’s hear it for martial law on Patriots Day, a big round of applause. Somehow I’m pretty sure this is not what Lee Greenwood was singing about.

    On the bright side, at least they didn’t give the same performance as the LAPD during the Dorner hunt, just blasting everything that moved.

  7. Cole says:

    I’d like to think they weren’t shooting at little old ladies delivering papers like the LAPD. But the media was kept out largely. How would we know? I did see one clip from the first night where a cop with a light on his rifle pointed the weapon at someone’s face and turned on the light to see who was talking to him. That’s an accident waiting to happen. All said I think the LE probably did some things well and some things poorly. We will never know because everyone’s thrilled we caught the guy. The low information voters can go back to watching regularly scheduled tv.

    The lesson we can learn is that a big bulky government operation will have trouble catching a small motivated unit or person.

  8. cav medic says:

    According to this “Patriot”(, he has no problem with the police state lockdown of Boston, on the 237th anniversary of Lexington and Concord.

    Post a Comment On:Muccings
    “The Asymmetrical Warfare of Islam…”
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    cavmedic68w said…
    Also, it’s damn frustrating, and disturbing, that so many in the
    community(who should know better) have jumped on the bandwagon of infotainment drama this has been since the beginning.
    While being completely oblivious to the military/federal/police lockdown of Boston, by the blatant violation of posse comitatus, fourth amendment, Bill of Rights, God given birthright to freedom, privacy, and defense of self, family
    and friends; by any means necessary.
    7:59 PM
    Gerardo Moochie said…
    And WITHOUT the extraordinary presence and action of ALL law enforcement, this Islamic terrorist might have never been caught.

    If I lived anywhere NEAR that neighborhood I would be very thankful and appreciative of any type of law enforcement presence, military or otherwise.

    One thing people like yourself ignore or are otherwise ignorant of: Islam has declared war on the infidel. I don’t know if you are an infidel or not. I am. And I appreciate the need for the military to join in defense of the infidel in this country when we are attacked by any Muslim whose objective and actions are to terrorize and weaken us.

  9. Bill says: The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap

  10. Michael says:

    Here’s the absurd part: back when the fighting was at its peak in Iraq, any questioning of what the soldiers were up to over there in a country that had nothing at all to do with the September 11 attacks got one labeled a traitor, no matter how insane the soldiers’ actions were or how many innocent Iraqi civilians died. Now, when the police successfully capture an actual terrorist on our actual home soil with no collateral civilian deaths, it’s open season.

    The hypocrisy in what you guys are doing is powerful enough to stun a mule.

    • cav medic says:

      Hello, slave.

    • Bill says:

      Yes. They… um… captured a suspect after releasing the inane curfew and a homeowner outside of the perimeter promptly noticed something wrong, which allowed her to notify the police and they found that they had missed the guy.

      Citizens – 1
      Police – 0

    • Cole says:

      There is no hypocrisy. People with legitimate criticism weren’t labeled traitors. I should know because I was critical the entire war. No one called me a traitor. The only people who got labeled traitors were the ones pushing partisan lies to score political points and bemoaning the death of every Iraq while salivating over every American death. We called those people because they are traitors. They hate America. But you wouldn’t be one of those people would you Mike?

      Legitimate criticism, of wars or police manhunts, will always have a place on the right. But dummies will be identified and mocked.

      • Michael says:

        “But you wouldn’t be one of those people would you Mike?”

        You’d have to comb through the scores of posts I left at Confederate Yankee and come to your own conclusions. What I remember doing is decrying the whole thing as idiotic.

      • Bill says:

        Exactly, Cole. This is a distraction argument at best.

        We’re discussing American police on American soil, Not American soldiers at war on foreign soil. Do try and stay on topic, Michael.

  11. PubliusII says:

    I call the lockdown a massive overeaction, but it was entirely in keeping with the militarization trend in police forces over recent years.

    Lockdown comes out of a mindset that views citizens in much the same way that prison guards view inmates. Lockdown is also the typical response of a system that wants to disarm citizens.

    Finally, in practical terms, lockdown is the kind of thing they can impose only once. It’s hard to imagine authorities trying it again without significant pushback and civil disobedience by the supposed “beneficiaries.”

    Interesting to compare this with various crime-sprees of the past: e.g., Bonnie & Clyde, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd. When these criminals went on the lam after a job, people were alerted but nobody shut down entire metropolitan areas.

    On the other hand, from a gun-rights point of view, the lockdown was highly useful — although that is hardly the intent of the Commonwealth’s LEOs. For many people, both in the Boston area and wider, the take-home message is clearly that you want to make sure you have firearms at home so that in case of trouble or civil disturbance, you’re not helpless and dependent on a police response.

    That’s a heartening message that gun owners can quietly reinforce among their non-gun-owning friends. Don’t invoke fundamental rights or the glories of shooting — just keep it to the practical and stress that when things go wrong, a household is better off when it is not disarmed.

    Most people who don’t like guns will never like guns — but they are reachable on grounds of personal safety.

  12. david7134 says:

    I do hope that people realize this was a total failure of the system. First, it shows that any precautions before the race were worthless. Then we have the fact that all people had to be looked at, even though Muslims are the only ones who enjoy killing innocent people. Then we find that the FBI had investigated the dead brother and dropped the ball. Then the younger brother is clearly a nut, yet no one looked at him before, or immediately after the incident (next they will want to ban bombs). Then the police force lets the guy escape and a bumbling effort is made to find him. This shuts down all of the Northeast. The guy is finally found by a citizen after he was “allowed” to leave his home. Finally, it took 2 hours and dangerous expenditure of ammo in a packed neighborhood to recover a gravely wounded man. I do hope that the cops are not patting themselves on the back. They looked foolish.

    Now, how do you stop this in the future? Allow law abiding citizens to own and carry a gun. Target the Muslim community. They are teaching the kids something that other religions don’t and that something translates to killing innocent people. Use our limited resources to target the Mulsim community and prevent their ability to travel and immigrate. We have a Muslim problem, not a terrorist problem.

  13. david7134 says:

    I don’t understand your comment. The criticism of soldiers was discouraged as we did not want to repeat Vietnam. Maybe you should study what the liberals did to us there. As to death of Iraqi civilians, who cares? Why don’t you get a pair?

    • Michael says:

      I can only hope that you’re trolling.

      • Bill says:

        As we hope of you.

      • david7134 says:

        One other thought, the cops threw people out of their homes then entered without warrents. This is clearly against the law. Whatever happened to police asking if you were ok? Again, back to the thought that we are all treated like criminals.

      • david7134 says:

        not trolling, serious. Quit being a girly man.

      • Michael says:

        “As to death of Iraqi civilians, who cares?”

        These are the words of some kind of monster.

    • AT says:

      ..biggest monster resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave..

    • david7134 says:

      No Michael, I am not a “monster”. I am a person of infinite knowledge and exceptional logistical skills. I know that when we become obsessed with the civilians in a war torn area, for whom we have declared war, then the troops suffer. They are handed stupid ROE’s that result in many of them be killed and grievously wounded. As some of these troops are my children or related to me, then I have very little compassion for the “civilians”. If we are going to send Americans into battle, then every effort should be made to assure their safety. If we can’t stomach the result, get out. People like you have killed more individuals than you will ever realize with your sanctimonious attitudes.

      • Michael says:

        “I am a person of infinite knowledge and exceptional logistical skills.”


      • Michael says:

        “I am a person of infinite knowledge and exceptional logistical skills.”

        It’s good to know that the 101st Keyboarders are still on the case. If I thought for a minute that you actually meant what you wrote there, it would be the most awesome thing I’d encountered in a long time.

  14. parker says:

    I agree the entire operation by the various agencies was more like the Keystone Cops than a professional response by trained agents and officers. Within minutes of the attack the elder brother should have been flagged in the FBI’s data bases. Enforcing martial law restrictions without a formal declaration of martial law is the worst thing about this whole incident. I’m also disturbed over the decades long ramping up of law enforcement into a quasi-military. That’s not in keeping with the principles of a republic.

  15. CDR M says:

    So do we know what type of firearms these two used and how/where they got them. The media has been strangely quiet on these details.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      I was watching Wolf Blitzed interview the Chief of Watertown(?) police. It was laughable as he tried so desperately to get him to say the perps used “assault rifles”. Wolf kept asking and asking “what kind of gun?”. Instead the Police Chief kept reiterating “it was a long gun of some kind”. Just classic.

      Also the Chief mentioned how they were “pinging” the perp’s cell phone. I would’ve loved to hear more about that little trick – but Blitzed obviously didn’t want to go there.

  16. weo says:

    Let’s hope nobody gets the bright idea to use 3 guys to blow people up.

    The whole county will have to be shut down for a month.

    Or longer if they separate.

    The young one was begging to be caught. Didn’t even wear shades at a venue with ten thousand cameras. Didn’t leave the state. And then the unnecessary execution of the MIT cop with the whole city on alert. They practically turned themselves in. And it still took 5 days.

    And the authorities break their arms patting themselves on the back.

    This country is toast.

  17. Critch says:

    I’m flabbergasted that two, untrained, but seemingly determined men were able to stop a city of what, a million people cold in it’s tracks for two or three days..amazing..imagine what a few hundred trained people could do to a state or nation?

    • david7134 says:

      Many people are looking at just that. And the fact that people don’t have arms or how to use them and the fact that the police overreact. Then the concept that we really don’t have freedoms in this country when bad things happen. Compare the reactions of the authorities to this, Katrina and other disasters and you can see an evolving pattern.