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American Mengele

Written By: Bob - Apr• 14•13
Kermit Gosnell is one of America's most prolific serial killers... and the media doesn't want you to know anything about him.

Kermit Gosnell is one of America’s most prolific serial killers… and the media doesn’t want you to know anything about him, because he is the kind of soulless monster they fought to create.

The horrendous truth about the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell isn’t the horrible reality of what he has done.

The horrendous truth about the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell is that his crimes are only barely abnormal. They are exactly what “pro-choice” sociopaths created when they decided infanticide is a “right.”

Gosnell, and his clinic, have been chosen as the face of the American holocaust that has been taking place since 1973- without photoshop. Having a college education and cleaning supplies shouldn’t make us feel any better about the blatant slaughter of babies that takes place six days a week in our nation. Killing humans is a gruesome, bloody, and lucrative business, and Americans will never be able to clean up the facts: 55 million slaughtered and counting.

Why these stories aren’t front- page news every day is pretty simple to figure out: we live in a godless society that is addicted to and runs on sexual immorality- and the innocent children conceived in this sin-loving world don’t stand a chance, as we are sadly witnessing. We are a nation and culture that loves sex and death. Let us never confuse legality with morality- we cannot legislate morality. We must, however, give the Gospel message to those perishing, and may our loving Father convict, forgive, and save those lost souls who love sin and death.

Gosnell represents a society that demands death and chooses it over and over again.

I’d love to know how many of the sainted Sandy Hook parents who want destroy the Constitution because of theirĀ  raw grief still support the far more deadly “choice” that has murdered 55 million other children. Does the absurdity of their hypocrisy registering in their tiny, vindictive minds?

We’re caught between Sodom on the Hudson and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

May God have mercy on those who fear him… and to Hell with the rest.

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  1. IMR4895 says:

    THE MOST IMPORTANT Moral issue of our time, IMHO.

    Horrific, and let us not believe for a minute God has not observed and noted those who speak out against this.

    Thanks for bringing this shameful and ghastly industry of murder to our attention.

  2. Right_2_Bear says:

    It is so appalling. And so unnecessary. Some dear friends of mine had to wait 4 years to get a child (via adoption). And the hoops they had to jump through… There is a huge demand for these kids!

    Why is it we can all prefer a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats, but when it come to children we treat them less than dirt?

    (btw..I love and cherish my cats and dogs and I support no-kill shelters totally).

  3. john says:

    But liberals support him…. You know, “for the children”…

  4. rumcrook says:

    You have hit the nail on the head Bob. In fact I had a Jeremiah moment last night. This nation is basically carrying on human sacrifice in reverence to the false gods of leftism. God has made it quite clear what happens to nations who abandon him and set up alters to baal
    Most leftists treat the dogma of leftism with religious fervor, it’s not good enough that they believe it, you who don’t must also make sacrifices to the false gods of leftism.. as in the bible this WILL end badly for us.

  5. Comrade X says:

    “Dr Kermit Gosnell, a Hero of the Progressive Cause….

    Death before slavery!

  6. david7134 says:

    Abortion is one of the issues that is dividing conservatives. Most of my conservative friends and especially the libertarians feel that people should be allowed to control their bodies in any manner they desire. As a consequence, they do not especially like to identify themselves with those that would use the government to limit choices and dictate how one is treated. This makes them vote in a manner that would be less than ideal for the conservative cause. One example is Bush. He had little to go for him as a contender in the first presidential election. He actually was more of a liberal than the other candidates, yet he stood against abortion and thus got a kick in the election process. Now what did he do with his platform? He put Roberts on the Court and people thought that Roberts would rule conservative due to his abortion stance. The result, he made Obamacare the law of the land and is much more liberal than we would desire. The left is using abortion to divide the conservative vote and keep us from standing together. That is because abortion control is much more than just the ending of a pregnancy. It is a foothold on the fact that the government can tell you what to do with your body in the most intimate terms. I want the government out of my life in all respects.

    Then what is pregnancy? I have seen a normal pregnancy kill a woman, a number of times. I have seen laws against abortion drastically undercut my ability to care for a sick woman. Pregnancy is not a normal state of health. Without modern medical care, pregnancy caries a risk of death of about 30% (yes, I am aware it is lower with care). Do you really think that we should tell someone that the government demands that they face the fact that they could die or be injured for life? For that matter stats show that women who have a child early in life face a 70% chance of living in poverty. Thus, a teenage girl, who has little in brain power at that point in life is shackled to a child she does not want, all because the government demands this.

    The fact is that abortion is out of the box. It is not going back in and I see a number of problems with the attempt to do so, all bad for the children of the union. Instead of making laws to control people, why not get a movement going to shape their decisions in a more rational, free way?