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AZ Sheriff Arpaio targeted with mailbomb

Written By: Bob - Apr• 12•13

It looks like “America’s toughest sheriff” was the intended victim of a mailbomb attack:

Authorities are investigating an explosive device addressed to Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America” known for his tough treatment of jail inmates and cracking down on illegal immigrants.

The device intercepted in Flagstaff late Thursday was in a package addressed to Arpaio at his downtown Phoenix office, Arpaio’s office said in a statement.

It appeared suspicious, so it was X-rayed and the device was detected. A bomb squad team neutralized the explosive, the statement said.

Arpaio’s chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan, told The Arizona Republic that investigators believe the package was picked up on Thursday at a rural Post Office box. Flagstaff is about 140 miles north of Phoenix.

Following the killing of a West Virginia sheriff last week, Arpaio said elected law enforcement officials across the nation seem to be targeted.

Arpaio has a long enemies list that includes common criminals, drug cartels, prison gangs, and liberal politicians from the local stooges all the way to Congress and the Obama White House. My guess this probably from the same sort of goon that has been taking out district attorneys in Texas, and the prison chief in Colorado, meaning prison gangs or cartels.

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  1. guffaw says:

    He’s not my favorite guy (tromping on rights, costing the county millions due to deputy/guard abuse) but his worst infraction is not knowing when to shut his mouth!
    But, he has done some good things.
    Who gave him that name, anyway? I’m guessing he’s self-named.

  2. Cole says:

    All of this violence against Sheriffs after they speak out against Obama’s gun control push. What a coincidence. Mexican cartels have been armed directly by Obama’s administration. His pal Soros funded the campaign of the current Mexican President who has deep ties to the same cartels. What favors do the cartels owe the Left? When Obama was giving that speech about a citizen army I didn’t think he meant Mexican citizens.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      What favors do they owe? How about for Hillary’s State Department selling one of the cartels military weapons?

  3. Charlie Hargrave says:

    I’m wondering just how mush attention this will get from the batf and obama’s atty general?

    Will they even do a sham investigation? or will it more likely be ignored or deemed not worth the cost, aka sequestration.

  4. LKNPatriot says:

    The Sheriff just needs to put up a ‘Bomb Free Zone’ on his building, then he’ll be GTG.

  5. Jeff says:

    definitely done by the left, maybe even laraza.

  6. Another Anon says:

    This is nothing new, Arapiao has been attacked and threatened so many times its not funny.

    That said his respect for the Constitution and some facets of his jobs is not all that it should be. I am not talking about the petty humiliations he is famous for (stupid but almost certainly especially neither cruel nor unusual) nor the profiling nonsense ( it sucks to be profiled but thats a cops job) but real failures in doing his duties,

    Wikipedia has the details

    Also chain gangs? Really? Its the 21st ventury and while the department holds to the letter of the Constitution to the best of my knowledge, this is not a socially acceptable practice these days.

    Ands in case anyone asks, I’ve actually spoken to the man and have never has any issues with him or his department. I respect his work I just think he needs to be less show and more go.

    • louielouie says:

      the chain gangs, would be the only “work” the vast majority of these misfits have done in their lives, save the socially acceptable practice of the 21st century, that got them where they are.

      considering some of the charges/offenses, of maricopa county inmates, why not get a boy scout to do the job. no really. a real boy scout.

  7. Bob Chuck says:

    Now that the Marxists are in power it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a bomb was sent to the Sheriff. He’s gone after Obama so this is retaliation. If you know anything about COINTELPRO during the 60’s then you should know the government is expert at conducting this sort of action. This would be Obama’s special police. Probably a faction within the FBI. Obama’s militants are sending a signal to back off. In fact, if the Sheriff’s haven’t gotten the signal from the Government to “back off” and to shut up about non enforcement of gun control, then you’d better wake up before you get killed.

  8. rasputin says:

    God bless sheriff Joe.