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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Because homeowners only need seven rounds to defend the lives of their families. Right, New York?

Written By: Bob - Apr• 30•13

The days of attacks by individual bad guys is over.

From metropolitan Philadelphia, PA to tiny Wilmer, AL, to North Woodmere, Long Island, NY, to Suitland, MD, and Pine Township, IN, home invaders are now commonly showing up in teams of 2-4 violent, armed criminals, willing to murder you and your family to get what the want.

The video above is startlingly realistic in a number of ways:

  • The first intruder it shot at four times at close range with no discernible reaction other than slowly slumping to the ground. Entrance wounds from handguns do not create a huge geyser of blood in the real world, and bullets do not throw bad guys across the room.
  • The first four shots do not immediately stop the invader. Even if all four shots were dead-center hits to the heart that would kill the suspect, he may remain conscious for at least another 5-15 seconds…more than enough time to kill the homeowner. Only an shot to tiny part of the brain that controls motor movement can immediately shut down a human being.
  • A downed invader is dangerous as long as he’s breathing. Presumably hit as many as four times, the invader still has enough determination to raise his gun towards the homeowner a second time, requiring two more follow up shots.
  • The 2-4 seconds it takes to change magazines and bring an empty handgun back into action is more time than you have. The homeowner had but one bullet left from his seven round magazine when the second invader made his appearance, and he managed to hit him one time before his slide locked back on an empty chamber. If he had a standard-capacity 9mm service pistol, he would have between 13-19 rounds in his magazine, presumably enough to continue pressing the attack on the second home invader until he was no longer a threat. Instead, he was gunned down, presumably along with his wife (who dropped the phone) and daughters.

This is an example of an all-to possible reality thanks to the power-mad legislators behind the NY SAFE Act. I encourage every New Yorker to violate this law, and obtain the same standard-capacity magazines that New York law enforcement agencies use to defend their officer’s lives.

Violating NY SAFE to defend your family is the only “common sense solution,” to governor and legislature that have gone mad.

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  1. lineman says:

    Why are people so gddmn fckng stupid to let someone tell them what they can and can’t use to protect themselves…It boils my blood when we talk about this sht…Who made them God to say you peasants can only have pitchforks to defend you and yours while we royalty sit in our castles surrounded by knights with swords and to bad for you suckers…Fck them and the cretins that voted them in…

    [disemvoweled by managment to keep the blog PG-13, and off corporate blacklists – Bob]

  2. parker says:

    I’m far from wanting to tell others what weapons to use for home defense, but I personally do not rely on a handgun. I keep a Winchester Defender loaded with 8 shells of OO buckshot backed up with a S&W 357 in the event of an intruder/s. At close range OO buck packs such a punch that a center mass hit will put down 99.999% of home invaders.

    • TMR says:

      The 00 Buckshot is what 8 or 9, .38 caliber sized ball bearings. That is my ammo of choice for my shotgun.

    • Austerlitz says:

      I load 4 shot, because I’m worried about the 00 going through the walls of the house and whacking my neighbors.

      Backed with a 9mm 19+1, of course.

      • SDN says:

        The other reason to use #4 instead of 00 is that because of the difference in how the shot packs into the shell #4 actually launches about 75% more lead by weight than 00, and at typical ranges, the shot column hasn’t spread that much so the perp eats all of it.

    • Bill says:

      I use every single thing at my disposal. From varmint rounds, to 00 buckshot, to 9HP, to 7.62, to arrows, to hot coffee, to knives, lamps, barbells, furious little terriers, fists, and anything that can be thrown. Because if I don’t, my wife will hurt them in ways that the lord won’t forgive.

  3. rumcrook™ says:

    yeah, im in agreement, first line of defense of my front door is a remington 870 with an extended mag tube short barrel and several rounds of 00 buck, after shooting various objects in practice over my life from paper targets to 1gal milk jugs filled with water car doors ect. I find a sense of wellbeing and confidence in my 870.

    if I had to engage outside my home on my acreage I would switch to my ar, and if I had to shoot an armed home invader trying to smash his way into my nieghbors house my scoped bolt action rifle would get tapped.

  4. Greg B says:

    Another reason to train.
    And have more than one mag at the ready.
    It’s my responsibility to be as proficient with my firearms as possible.

  5. Right_2_Bear says:

    Great vid. But I venture to say that many people in that situation would mis 50% of their shots. When adrenaline is suddenly infused into the body, motor skills and shot accuracy go right out the window. Try reloading when your hands are shaking violently. IMO this is the #1 reason people need as big a magazine as they can get.

  6. Jake says:

    I see more here than just the message about 7 round magazines. I know so many people with guns who have never bothered to take any self defense training. The video in my opinion gave the home owner too much credit. He would have dumped the magazine at the first intruder and maybe got one or two decent hits on him. The rest is accurate: the family sat still like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. The home owner stood stock still pointing his gun instead of moving. He had the gun in a safe and only had 1 magazine with it.
    Would I perform any different? No idea and I pray I never find out. However, I take a few classes each year and visit a tactical range where I practice the things I’m taught. So hopefully the training will kick in and the outcome would be different.

  7. Steve in TN (@sdo1) says:

    Interested to know how you guys that have a shotgun for your first line of defense carry it around the house. I’m too puny too carry a long arm around. My first line of defense is a handgun which I would use to fight to the long guns.

    • lineman says:

      Maybe they carry it slung while their home which I doubt or maybe they have a one room house so its right there when they need it…I know I carry a handgun since I’m going in and out of the house doing yard work and what not…I think the neighbors would get jumpy if they saw a shotgun slung on me…Now when I’m in bed the shotgun is there at hand along with everything else…

    • TMR says:

      Good point. But, the shotgun is not my first line of defense.

      We have stations throughout the house.

  8. A says:

    great video. be sure to share it.

  9. thesouthwasrght says:

    How come no videos of hoodlums have black perps? I am amazed at the fact that all fictionalized crime scenarios are committed by whites yet I still await the day a white flash mob or wilding event takes place.

    So far as my home defense tool of choice is concerned that would be the phone and 911. See I went offshore fishing some years back and lost my entire lot overboard in a storm. Nope no guns here it’s why we have the UN and the police who protect me, mine and the collective property…….

  10. If the gov’t can decide how a person defends themselves, then the right of self defense does not belong to the person but to the gov’t. But governments don’t have rights, only people do. And remember the word “HOW” includes a firearm with whatever size magazine the citizen may choose. Only a person is able to determine their own needs for claiming and exercising a right. Discussion question: Can the gov’t limit the number of words an author uses in a book that falsely accuses a person of something heinous that damages their life, livelihood, and reputation beyond repair?

    What happens when the gov’t decides that a single shot pistol is sufficient? Remember, if they outlaw standard capacity magazines and force minimal capacity magazines on us, what’s to stop the gov’t at limiting us to a 7 round magazine? What about 6 or 5 or 4 or 3 or 2? When was the last time a gov’t said, “This will be as far as we go,” about anything and was actually telling the truth?

    • lineman says:

      Amen on that they will continue to take all the way through death…They will even take after you die…The beast will never be satisfied or appeased…I doubt anyone on here but there might be some let me tell you governments are ravenous bullies and if you think you can give up something because you have never used or own that item and appease them from taking what you have just go ahead and die off now so I won’t waste my time and maybe my life protecting such a waste of dirt…

  11. David Lentz says:

    Note that Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, selected M-4 Carbines with a thirty round magazine as the DHS personal defense weapons. Big Sis’s thugs get thirty arounds of 5.56 NATO and Cuomo grants you seven.

    Give the home owner a DHS approved M-4 and the perps are dead, anb the family is alive.

  12. Fishlaw says:

    Unless crook #2 is high (which he might be) I would suspect he would run for it once he hears all the gunfire, but you never know. I have an HK .40 SW with pre-Clinton 13 rd mag, with a laser sight on it. Loaded with Golden Sabers. My goal would be a head shot, which is easier to do if you put the red dot on the perp’s face.