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Bloody calculus

Written By: Bob - Apr• 04•13
A sniper in the wild

Is this the way our union ends?

New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney claims that her office has received death threats as a result of her anti-constitutional activities:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she received death threats Tuesday at her upper East Side office warning her not to move forward with gun control legislation.

“They said they were going to kill me,” said Maloney. The Democratic congresswoman was so disturbed by the three menacing phone calls — which came about an hour apart — that she skipped a dinner Tuesday night of the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts, where she was supposed to present an award. “I couldn’t go. Who knows what could happen?”

While I think the odds of an assassination over gun control policy is generally infinitesimal (the last Congressional Representative killed in office was Leo Ryan, gunned down by Jim Jones’ cultists in Africa South America in 1978), the current political climate suggests that their is the remote but emerging possibility of such an action.


  • Politicians up to and including the President and his Executive branch officials are waging a war of disinformation and outright lies to undermine the rights of the American people.
  • The mainstream media is actively colluding with these politicians to wage a war of disinformation and outright lies regarding the role of firearms in crimes, firearms and firearms laws, and slandering the nearly 100 million Americans that are part of the firearms-owning community.
  • This collusion between these groups (which I’ve argued is one incestuous group, dubbed the “polimedia”) have led to the passage of the most draconian gun laws in history in the states of New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Colorado. The polimedia intends to spread to other states and the entire Republic if at all possible. This is causing considerable economic harm, and dramatically restricting Constitutional and God-given liberties, creating a motive.

The Alinsky tactics celebrated and used by the radical Leftists from the President down to the lowliest media stenographer are excellent at attacking law-abiding organizations and groups, but they have a fatal flaw; Alinsky tactics only work when they are used by the corrupt to target the equally corrupt. These vicious Marxist political tactics may run the distinct risk of triggering an unpredictable, potentially violent response when applied against the citizenry itself.

It is not easy to rouse the American public to take up arms against government, and that is as it should be. The overwhelming majority of American citizens are very much like the Colonial citizens of the 1760s and 1770s; they wish merely to be left alone to live their lives without government interference.

We have no desire to initiate conflict, and will avoid it if at all possible. We have always been slow to anger.

Even on April 19, 1775,  it took the British massacre of Parker’s dispersing militia on Lexington Green and the British assault on the Acton Minutemen at Concord’s North Bridge and the British forming up to launch a third unprovoked attack on Colonials following the column before the citizenry committed to taking the fight to General Gage’s gun-grabbing forces, triggering the bloody war that led to our Republic.

I personally do not expect the next revolution to break out in this nation until the government itself once again launches an unprovoked attack on the liberty of the People, but many thousands of Americans feel that the actions of this Administration, this polimedia, are already waging that war against the citizenry.

It only takes the breaching of the peace by either side—a present-day Waco, or perhaps a single assassination of an anti-Liberty politician or media figure—to let slip a cascade of actions and retaliations that will lead to a slide into anarchy.

We’ve read enough of war to know that we do not want our children to experience it firsthand for themselves.

But we must face the fact that we live in a time and place where there are good people who are calculating whether war, while horrible, is the worst of things.

We live in a time where good people are weighing the loss of their own lives against the loss of freedoms their children and grandchildren may experience if our generation fail to stop a creeping tyranny.

In such an environment, thousands of Americans may have already done the bloody calculus, and have judged that the motive of liberty is sufficient, and that they will act to put a petty tyrant in the grave if they have the means and the opportunity. Opportunity, of course, is only limited by imagination and determination.

So yes, Carolyn Maloney, “who knows what may happen?”

I continue to hope and pray that the seemingly inexorable march towards a rending of this Republic can be resolved peaceably, but I am a student of history, and know that once the citizenry has judged the government is a threat and not a servant, then that government will fall, or will continue down the path of becoming monsters, devouring the very people they are sworn to protect.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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  1. AT says:

    God bless your insight and thought provoking essays Bob. Keep up the good work. True Americans will persevere. I am winning either way, in life or death.

  2. bubba says:

    Pray for the Constitution and those who uphold it.

  3. Steve D. says:

    “I continue to hope and pray that the seemingly inexorable march towards a rending of this Republic can be resolved peaceably…”

    Obama and his kind do not want peace, if it means the rending must end short of the complete and permanent destruction of the old Republic. And that’s why, in the long run, there will not be peace. It’s not because we wish it to be that way, but because they do.

    • One of the people says:

      By “they” you are I suspect, speaking of the insurgents in power? The Constitution is the cornerstone of world freedom, it is the goal that all the omnescient strive for. This process we are working through is bigger than all of us, it is global in scope. As with the first revolution, we the people must expellllll the invading insurgent forces of the democrats, the UN, and their enforcement branch, the world bank, and those that program the mindless automatons that voted them in.

  4. Dan Kurt says:

    In November 1978, U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan was killed at the Port Kaituma Airstrip, Guyana (previously British Guiana), South America not Africa.

    Dan Kurt

  5. citizen says:

    Pray for the Constitution, grant our “leaders” the ability to understand it and to recall the circumstances of it’s creation.

  6. BillC says:

    Does Rep Maloney have proof of these death threats. There have been a number of instances where threats have allegedly been made but have been ultimately proven to have been self initiated. While the threat wasn’t a death threat, Madonna Constantine and the Noose at Columbia U comes to mind ( I am sceptical with out some form of proof.

    • louielouie says:

      i’m glad you said this. it was the first thing that came to mind. any record of a threat, regardless of the source, should be turned over to the FBI for investigation.
      false flag.
      you bet.

    • Ned says:

      My thoughts exactly. I figure if someone is really going to perform such an act, they’ll not telegraph they’re moves. I’d like to see some evidence of these alleged, (likely nonexistent) “threats.”

  7. Orion says:

    That’s what it’s going to take to start it – and it will start that way. The more they destroy the Constitution, the more folks who swore an oath to uphold it are examining where that ‘red line’ is.

    It will start that way. A small group of trained individuals removing key targets in leadership and infrastructure as they’ve been trained to do.

    Watch for it. I hope I’m nowhere near where it starts as that’s going to be a bloody mess.

    Hrms…I may write a short story on that theme. 2 A Teams take out a few dozen key individuals and then start on infrastructure all within a 2 week period of time, draconian response by the Statists…I’ve been looking for something fun to write. That sounds like it.


    • Tom Wolff says:

      It won’t matter where you are when the spark ignites this mess. Within 24 hrs, it’ll be everywhere.

      In the meantime, hurry up, write that piece, and let us know where you post it. I love a good and prescient tale … :D

    • Alfie O'Meaghah says:

      It may be tough to top Bracken where he has a character inject an ATF/DHS thug with bubonic plague as payback, but I suspect a lot of readers would find similar fates happening to what passes for ‘journalists’ quite satisfying. After all, without a thoroughly complicit media none of this is possible. So get hoppin’ sir!

  8. David says:

    I agree 100% with this article Bob. Battle lines are being drawn. You boys better keep your powder dry and watch your six.

  9. Cole says:

    If it did happen I’d hope their hypothetical killers would use something other than guns. No point in giving the surviving gun grabbers more… ammunition.

    • Jeff says:

      If and when it happens it’s really not going to matter what is used, it will be done and monster will be let out of the bag meaning we Patriots…

  10. louielouie says:

    The overwhelming majority of American citizens are very much like the Colonial citizens of the 1760s and 1770s; they wish merely to be left alone to live their lives without government interference.

    i don’t agree with bob on this. it is just my opinion.
    if it were true, hussein would not be the current occupant of the white house.
    if it were true, those EBT cards wouldn’t be so popular.
    if it were true, getting obamaphones wouldn’t be such a big deal.
    there are so many people in this country that want to control others and so many people are fine with being controlled.
    imo, the people who visit bob’s site, are in the vast minority.

    • Another Anon says:

      In 1776 almost everyone lived on a farm or was a farmer and baring illness of injury had some means to make a living.

      Its not like that now and advances in technology have made human labor increasingly superflous especially for the middle and lower end of the bell cruve in urban areas (i.e most people) . Throw in mass sillegal immigration and you create the conditions for a welfare state.

      Computers and before them automated machines along with birth control have disrupted society in huge ways and any future society will have to deal with it or the much worse consequences. You can’t go back

      Those consequences? Well pretty much everywhere but the most feral states are entering less than replacment fetility even places like Brazil and possibly Mexico

      In short, no one will have a long term future if theydon’t have work or a handout,

      Now as to the phones, its annoying but the $40 a month a phone costs is a good investment in that it provides much easier contact for potential employers even while someone is out and about.

      Is it for to the rest of us? Heck no. But we really don’t have an option since those poor people can redress their grienvances too by force as necessary. Cut offf the food or ignore them and basically you recruiting extremist foot soldiers for them.

      The cartels pay well and I am sure violent fundamentalists and violent political movemeents will happily pick provide food and support.

      • Real Deal says:

        The problem is that they have nicer places, phones, clothes, and eat better than people who work for a living.

        Why work when you can have a pretty middle class life living off the fruits of others?

      • Another Anon says:

        Real Deal, I agree with you on this 100%. I am long since convinced that if (big if) we could get the border under control and the illegals (and some of the less skilled legals too) out we could benefit from Social Credit.

        Basically everyone who has been a citizen for 18 years gets a certain monthly stipend and health care from cradle to grave and you pay taxes on everything over this.You get it, I get it and Bill Gates gets it.

        Its hella expensive (3 trillion on the cheap) but this way its always better to work. It would cost most of the budget but it would work and could easily be combined with ending the minimum wages and stuf like that

        Also note its for adults only, no exra money for kids , retirees or anything else.

        The old Heinlien story back from his Leftist phase “For Us the Living” covers this in some details.

        However making it happen and managing immigration and controlling the border and creating a need for labor is a hard thing to do. The US would not thrive if most of the poplation lived on social credit alone.

  11. Bob, I don’t know where you’re located, but every spring I help my son’s Boy Scout troop celebrate Isaac Davis Day here in Acton, MA–the day of the shot heard round the world, when militia officer Isaac Davis announced that he didn’t have a man afraid to fight. Unfortunately, Davis died that day at the bridge in Concord, but the fight began our country’s fight to liberty.

    Anyway, each year the local Minute Men march with the crowd, firing their muskets at regular intervals, dressed of coure in full time-correct uniform. They and the Boy Scouts (Troop 1 Acton) march the 7 miles from Acton center to the Concord battlefield, where the local re-enactors entertain all with tales of the first days of the American Revolution. They even fire a period-correct cannon–it’s loud. :-)

    If you’re ever interested in marching with us, let me know, our guest room is waiting.

    • bruce says:

      Those in the region that can march, should attend the event on the west side of the “…bridge that arches the flood,” of snow melt every April. Because MASSACHUSETTS is the state which started the real resistance against government tyranny, it needs to be reminded of its place in history since it is now a strict gun-control state. I have carried a sign in the march in past years that says, “Guns are the ‘teeth of Liberty!’ Arm yourself and be free.”

  12. B Woodman says:

    Sorry for all the mixing of metaphors, but I think you’ll get the idea.
    Just as no goldfish has shrunk to fit a smaller bowl, no Gubbment has ever voluntarily reduced it’s own size and power.
    Therefore, in order to bring about that involuntary Gubbermental reduction in size and bureaucracy, and returning of freedoms to the citizens, war must come.

    It’s just a waiting game to see who will strike the match first in the powder keg of our current national society.

  13. Kevin Kehoe says:

    First of all we have to move past this cowardly who shoots first crap.
    They have been shooting and Killing us for years and other deaths in a myriad of other ways.

    But now they are full steam ahead and the Declaration , Bill of Rights and Constitution be damned.

    So in order for us to start dealing death to the Traitorous enemies of the Republic we have to do very little.

    I issue and Ultimatum declaring the Executive , Legislative and Judicial branches to be in defiance of all Legal and Moral Adherence to the Laws of the Republic and then just declare war if this is not immediately stopped and Undone.

    Very little chance of that so we are then in a state of war.

    SHall I prepare the Declaration and Ultimatum

    Glib I aint, but I will glady go to war against this evil before More Marines are Killed on their way home from a Mining Shift or Butcher Shop with their bloody frock.
    More poison in our foods.
    Enough is enough our time is up.

    Kevin J Kehoe
    Lk Ronk NY

    aka bloodyspartan.

    • Klingonwork says:

      I agree Kevin and as I’ve begun saying, the Rubicon has been crossed and there will be a trigger event to set it all off. The tension and anger at our Constitution being used for toilet paper by the likes of DiFi and Schumer is palpable.

      I also agree within 24 hrs it will go nationwide…and me here in the land of fruits and nuts. I served, and my gut tells me many of the military will come our way and bring their toys as they swore to defend the that same Constitution.

      Would it not be something to have the 2nd American revolution start in the same place it did the first time? In Maryland or CT where the Bill of Rights has just been shat upon?

      Molon Labe

      • patrioteagle says:

        I would gladly shut my business down if it would start here in the once land of pleasant living.Even in bad times that my business is going through like so many others in this state. I’d stand solidly on the CHESAPEAKE BAY BRIDGE holding aim against those corrupt Bast..ds in ANNAPOLIS.BRING IT ON OWEMALLEY!!!

  14. thebronze says:

    I’m reading “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross right now. More government traitors should read it, also…

  15. Real Deal says:

    That is the thing that the Left doesn’t realize, they don’t understand their opponents or the people they are going to depend on to enforce their power grab.

    Gun owners have much respect for our military, and much of our military (current & former)number among the gun owners. Same goes for law enforcement in general though I believe they tend to be more divided in where they fall on the spectrum. So who does that leave as the enemy? Whose door step do they think those angry citizens are going to show up on?

    They have private (and public in the form of the SS) security forces but can they really trust them? When might one of the security people decide that enough is enough and their own protection turn upon them.

    Also we’re tending to romanticize the A.R. not everyone was in favor of rebellion despite the public school version. There were quite a few people that were happy being British subjects. Same for the War of Sucession, it’s not as cut and dried as the current narrative wants you to believe.

  16. WisconsinDan says:


  17. robins111 says:

    I am constantly amused that the mavens in the media can blithely report on absurd stories related to gun control. They apparently believe that they can assist in manipulating the population at the behest of the Marxists, with no consequences.

    I’m curious, does any one of these phony lying twits, not realize, if the ball goes up, they can and should be considered high value targets. The hypothetical targeting of statist politicians has been mentioned in many books, but none seem to mention the media…

    I wonder if Mrs. Morgan’s boy ever considered this?

    • citizen says:

      Illegal laws have been passed by traitors unwilling to abide by their oaths. Enforcement of those laws, involving harm to citizens, are the Rubicon.

  18. Hillard Foster Jr says:

    Before fighting broke out on April 19th, 1775 the colonist had tared and feathered more than one rep of the crown. The colonist had broken every window of more than one reps home and business. The colonist had forced more than one rep to quit and leave the country.
    April 19th, 1775 did not happen in a vacuum.
    If these threats were made, then did not happen in a vacuum. They libs have forced unConstitutional laws on the American People, they have stolen by threat of force trillions from the American People, they are even now attempting to reduce the American People to Slavery, by taking their God Given Inalienable Rights.
    It is time the Political Elites, learn they work for us, and at our pleasure as our public servants. If they abuse that position, they do it at RISK, because the American People will only take so much.

  19. Bill says:

    Pics (Tapes) or it didn’t happen. There is no way in heck those lines are unrecorded.

  20. Jay352 says:

    I think the chances of such events went WAY up on March 30 with the assassination in Texas. I think the criminal side is going to start using such tactics on a regular basis. Once that happens I think it will start on our side also.

  21. Comrade X says:

    Methinks it is out of our hands:

    “God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever; That a revolution of the wheel of fortune, a change of situation, is among possible events; that it may become probable by Supernatural influence!…” Thomas Jefferson

    What is happening and what will happen is enviable, the only question in my mind is when and how does it really start to a point that everyone clearly recognizes it and everyone will then have no choice but to decide exactly which side they are on.

    No more word games or playing around.

    Death before slavery!

    • Comarde X says:

      That’s “inevitable” and not “enviable”, must be my ECU ed!

      Death before slavery!

  22. Dan says:

    “I continue to hope and pray that the seemingly inexorable march towards a rending of this Republic can be resolved peaceably,”

    Why do you think the slide can be stopped? Tytler’s Cycle suggests that Democracy can’t exist for more than 200 years or so, and our republic is certainly looking long in the tooth. I think at this point the best that we can hope for is a peaceful dissolution.

  23. agimarc says:

    One of my favorite observations is that the Laws of Physics apply to the political world also, though they don’t work quite as expected. Where every action on one side will trigger a reaction is still accurate, the political world is a non-linear system and the reaction triggered will nearly always be different and in some instances much larger than the action input in the first place.

    I think we are about to see a reaction. Cheers –

  24. Bill says:

    So where’s the mention of a federal investigation?

    Bob, please put up a NSFW disclaimer if they have an image like that on the site!

    What is it about these dried up old husks on the left? Do they never think, “Hey, maybe I should try and make an effort to look presentable.”?

  25. Lt. Capehart, NVA says:


    Make sure you are dying and fighting for Something, join an underground political movement that has specific goals in mind. I just finished reading this ( ) and it struck me that the hatred for the White race was present even in the 1960’s, where Kathy Boudin joined the Black Panthers specifically to kill Whites and White babies. May I suggest, an organization focusing on specific and achievable goals and NOT mere anarchy. Force has to have a point and the enemy will never back down. The goal should be the establishment of a free White state. It is working in the Southwest, where Azlan is nearly a reality, simply by illegal immigration and birth rate. Marxism, Multiculturalism and Liberalism has gotten us where we are today, but mere violence and anger will not reverse this trend. Achievable Political goals will.

    • Real Deal says:

      Sorry man, I don’t hold with “isms” of any stripe. I’m not worried about the color of a person’s skin or how they personally relate to God, I’m more worried about the character of the person. I’m proud of my heritage, and I don’t exclude others because of theirs.

      • Bill says:

        Damn straight, RD.

      • Bob says:

        Right there with you, Real.

        Among those who I would count on the most, some are Christians, some are Jews, some are Muslims and I’m sure a few are atheists, in every color of the rainbow.

        My tribe has an ethic, not an ethnicity.

      • Another Anon says:

        Yes character counts but most tribes aren’t like yours Bob

        A lot, most of the recent immigrants and offspring thereof here in play in places like California really aren’t really Americans. They don’t preserve our unique culture, speak our langauge (very well) and do not wish to assimilate. Given there are a hell of a lot of them and the left panders to them, they don’t have to.

        No heat to melt the pot.

      • Comarde X says:

        Right on RD, anyone supporting me with rounds down range when it is needed, will for me, have little to do with their color and a lot more to do with their aim!

        Death before slavery!

    • Chuck says:

      Never been a fan of exclusive clubs. They’re usually full of assholes. Besides, I’m just white, not “White.” I think of myself as American first and foremost.

    • SilverBlue says:

      Unfortunately, your organization has likely already been infiltrated by forces loyal to the Imperial Federal Government. Before the Fit ever Hits the Shan, known members of “militia groups”, “racial identity groups” even groups such as the NRA—will be rounded up, detained, and neutered by FedGov in a bid to keep the public pacified and a clear warning sent to others not to oppose the Emperor. Of course, in the long run, it won’t work as the tighter FedGov squeezes, the more resistance it will encounter. Lone wolf is the way to go in the future.

  26. Patriot Act says:

    “I couldn’t go. Who knows what could happen?”

    After getting death threats, she’s afraid of going out and instead, cowers in fear in her home. I wonder if it ever occurred to her that she might feel safer if she owned a gun, knew how to use it, and perhaps could even carry it with her when she goes out in public? It could have been a real “aha” moment for her. But alas, like most liberals, she’s probably incapable of recognizing the ironies of her world view.

  27. truckwilkins says:

    if the balloon goes up i dont see how we can avoid a race war.not that i want one!pray god no.but if urban utescan disrupt a major shopping area in chicago what will happen if things go pear shaped?truckers will refuse to bring in food the utes will not stay in their own neighberhoods they will spread out into the surronding suburbs then what? your friend truckwilkins

  28. Mt Top Patriot says:

    You know…they just don’t get it.
    Here are these, what, elites? (And this applies to any person within our government that has become a regime who are by act traitors to the rule of law.)
    “Elites”, who hold themselves as our intellectual masters, who perceive how only they and their world view possess legitimacy, in all matters.

    Well for a collection of deep thinking betters of our society, they haven’t yet grasped the threat to our primal rights of protection from their malice and forethought, from literally the outright theft the very thing that belongs to every human by birth, the most basic idea and means that make us free men.

    And these self appointed lords and potentates whom have the elevated themselves to a position of social superiority, a self imposed lofty privilege only they are capable of, of determining what is and is not our Liberty, which in and of itself alone is the greatest hypocrisy imaginable, a collection of pompous arses, who have not reckoned with the reality that when you cram your useless fantasies of some crackpot social justice bullshit up peoples butts and then take their dignity by villianizing them for not bowing to your whole cloth of agenda, well the folks you spit on get pretty testy.

    And by meaning testy folks who finally have had enough of such rot, and take up their arms and wave them in these elites faces to give fair warning that that is just about enough of your fucking bullshit.

    But what really bakes my noodle, is if these “elites” are so unbelievable intelligent, so wise and knowledgeable, whom are deciding the fate of our Liberty, in their terms and on their terms only, and they can not see they are stirring up a hornets nest?
    What do these mental giants expect. Roses and genuflecting at their feet?
    And when the unintended consequences of their meddling and manipulating in affairs not theirs ever, rights that come with birth sure as breathing air, that belong only to each man and woman of Liberty, they are insulted and alarmed?
    Well that says everything about how astronomically stupid these ignorant royal inbreeds truly are.

    One begins to see the scope of resistance to tyranny our founders found so unacceptable.

    These are the people who are making the most profound determinations of the future course of this great nation since the founders established it?

    Wow…well maybe they themselves have earned the possibility to be shot by the people and their arms they want to steal by any means, done away with as every tyrant and dictator whom eats out a peoples existence worth the name righteously deserves, if only to keep their usurpation of power from polluting the human race with the misery of serfdom and furtherance tyranny.

    It begs the question, who do these idiots think they are?
    Gods or something equally insane?

  29. david7134 says:

    I am ready for secession and see no problem with it. Our government and leaders have become totally foreign to us and the election process is not working.

  30. Al Reasin says:

    After the Stamp Act of 1765 the Sons of Liberty were formed to resist including the Boston Tea Party. This back and forth action resulted in the escalation of violence with several skirmishes between the two sides. A major engagement was the Battle of Golden Hill on January 19, 1770, in which many people were injured and at least one killed; five years before the war for liberty began.

    Today, with modern communications and social media, information is more available and even inaccurate information travels very fast. The law, now passed in Maryland and the other states, limits freedom far more than the Stamp Act and other actions of the British leading up to Concord.

    Maryland Delegate Dwyer is forming the Minuteman of today with his Maryland Constitutional Defense Force. Police Chief Kessler also has his Constitutional Security Force now becoming active in 35 states. Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association are rallying the sheriffs around the county to nullify state and federal gun control laws. The Campaign for Liberty and the Cecil County Patriots are pushing for the County Council to pass a resolution to nullify the MD gun control law. We, unfortunately, do not have a Constitutional Sheriff to back us up. He will only not cooperate with the state and federal agents,he has said; not defend Cecil County Citizens from them.

    We, similar to the actions of the Sons of Liberty before us are organizing to start next week to begin our constitutional petition to referendum process to overturn the laws limiting our 2nd Amendment rights. As of yet, we do no have deep pockets helping in our efforts at MDpetitions. I don’t believe that Colorado, New York or Connecticut have the referendum process. The NRA and the firearms producers ought to be fully involved in MD because we can overturn these laws.

  31. This one of the best written and most logical articles we have read.

    It encapsulates the issue in a nutshell.

    Americans WILL prevail. Tyrants will get their posteriors handed to them on a platter by us.

    Bring it on…

    Believe… speak out… defend and resist.

  32. oughtsix says:

    I posted the following over at WRSA yesterday in response to, well, I think you can see why from the content. I’m reproducing it here, not in response to any comments here but rather simply to add my take on opening the ball, where we are, what we need to be doing:

    oughtsix | April 3, 2013 at 22:13 | Reply


    Cease and desist!

    I am sick and tired of the incessant gloom and doom, the whining about “The Horror!” of it all. I am appalled that some significant proportion of the usual commenters on this blog show no discernible difference in this regard from intentional agitprop artists of the regime. I would hate to conclude that some of you are just that, but how would anyone know? I may die of chagrin and shame before the first shot is fired if I read much more of this.

    Where is the righteous outrage, the pure burning anger at the destruction of our culture and country, the hatred for the would be masters? Where is the hard, implacable resolve to triumph over our enemies, the enemies of all mankind?

    Horror? Certainly. No intelligent observer will deny it but to dwell on it serves no purpose but to incapacitate and enervate us, to cause uncertainty and hesitation. Fear must be used to motivate us, to raise awareness and to be overcome with a purpose, not to be indulged and encouraged.

    Accept that you are already dead.

    Fret not about what comes “after.”

    Focus your justifiable indignation and dire intent on those who have perpetrated these many crimes and on those who have profited by and enabled them.

    Rub Them Out!

    Wipe them from the face of the Earth!

    To your last breath. If you’re still standing you can help with the rebuilding but, absent Step One, that will never happen and The Enemy will “win.” You’ll be no more dead, one way or the other./i> But failure guarantees our progeny will be dead or slaves with no hope ever even to hear of Liberty.

    Enough with the whinging and hand wringing. We all know what’s coming, as much as it may be possible to know the generalities of a maelstrom.

    Do your worst upon them, every trick in the book, without mercy or remorse.

    May God shed His Grace and Mercy upon saint and sinner alike, may Justice be done, Liberty triumph and Peace achieved. (End quote)

    Gentlemen, take no offense. That was not aimed at anyone here. Simply a call to arms. It’s too late for anything else.

  33. parker says:

    Personally, I do not feel this is the time. But what ever any one decides to do, do NOT telegraph your punch. That is simply stupid. Plan carefully, be patient, and do it at the right time and the right place as quietly and safely as possible, and then disappear into the night. Most importantly, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and never, ever tell anyone what you have done if you expect to do it again. A knife or a hammer are the tools for solo action against a singular target.

  34. Jeff B. says:

    So, Rep. McCarthy didn’t go to dinner because she ostensibly received death threats and “who knows what might happen?”

    Think about this woman for a minute. Her husband was killed in an attack on a subway train, which has turned her into a virulent enemy of the Second Amendment. I guess that’s one response, try to eliminate what you (she) identifies as the proximate cause of her husbands death. Flawed thinking, but I can follow.

    Now, let’s consider another woman who lost not her husband, but both parents in a mass shooting crime. Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp. She too was elected, but turned her energies to advocating and assisting the passage of a “shall issue” CHL in Texas. She too sought to eliminate the proximate cause of her loved ones, which was the ability for a mentally ill individual to run wild in a “victim collection zone”. Obviously, I believe that Dr. Hupp’s thought process, actions and legacy are much more appropriate thatn those of now Rep. McCarthy who is working actively at launching an intense and ultimately violent civil conflict.

    Jeff B.