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Boston terrorist bomber a gun control supporter?

Written By: Bob - Apr• 19•13

Terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, currently on the run in Boston has been linked to a half-dozen or more Twitter accounts created today (by some really sick people after they discovered the terrorist’s names).

This account wasn’t created today.

Keep in mind profiles can be changed/renamed after they are created, so make of it what you will.


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  1. Bob Easton says:

    The older brother is named Tamerlon.
    If we name a child Abraham Lincoln, we do it for a reason. If a Chechen names a child Tamerlon (or Tamerlane) they do it for a reason.


  2. mytralmann says:

    The cops in Boston have issued an alert for the younger bro saying he may have an “assault weapon”. If he does, this is all we will hear about from the anti gun crowd. Forget the explosives etc. Also since he is sort of a home grown Islamic terrorist, will this get O off the 9/11 hook? There will be a lot of twisting and turning by his servants in the press over this as finger pointing begins.( He came here under Boosh) The libs have no “Nazi” though so they must be disappointed.
    I lived in the area he is supposed to be hiding for 2 years. It will be hard for him to get out but I don’t think he wants to escape alive anyway.

  3. Les says:

    Terrorists (like statists and the mobs) are always against guns in other people’s hands. A criteria for likely schools to savage was that they be in a no gun populace.

  4. garfish says:

    Well the kid kinda has a point. I do love me some French cheese.

  5. Al Reasin says:

    Pundits are talking about people being locked down in their homes in the cordoned off area. And what would you do, they ask, if this terrorist invaded your home. In a state that has had gun control since Teddy Roosevelt’s day, probably nothing since most likely you are unarmed. A guy saw the firefight last night from his 3 floor window and had a clear view (shot) at the terrorists hiding behind their carjacked SUV. Bet he was unarmed, but no one asked him in the interview.