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Written By: Bob - Apr• 05•13

transmissionThe Lord never gives you more than you can handle, but finding out that your wife’s truck needs a new transmission—when you’ve been unemployed for four months—stinks. It’s especially tough since I now need either a new brake control switch or transmission control module (or both) in my car. At the same time.

I’m hoping that the employment situation irons itself out soon (I have meeting Monday that I hope leads to an interview), and prayers are appreciated.

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  1. bubba says:

    Good luck with the job. When money’s tight repairs are numerous also bad news travels in threes.

  2. Cole says:

    Best of luck with the job.

  3. Klingonwork says:

    Absolutely will pray my friend and we’ll pray for each other…I have been out 5 months here in LaLa land. Today job numbers came out and it makes me cringe when I know they are simply taking MILLIONS off the workforce to skew the numbers positive…hard to imagine der Fuehrer lying to us I know.

    Would appreciate prayers from everyone here for me too, and to everyone in same situation that blog here. Bob is right the Lord never gives more than we can handle, but the Lord uses each of us to help the other through it.

    Molon Labe

    • chowthen says:

      Me too live in LaLa land and also lost my aerospace engineering job in 2009 when wanna be Mugabe alias B.H.O. (I will not call him fuhrer because he’s more like the commies in Zimbabwe) came to office. Fortunately the wife is working but things have been tough we live hand to mouth after all the bills but I guess we’re still better off than others and not starving.

      Good luck to you Bob and others looking for job I hope and pray you find one soon.

  4. Real Deal says:

    Good luck to you, Klingon, and any others out there looking for work.

    • Klingonwork says:

      Thanks Real…I have done networking and network admin forever(30+ yrs) with certs, but everything in LaLa land being outsourced to India and companies that do “field tech” stuff which tears the heck out of your car. Short while back applied to a market up in Valencia…2000+ people showed up for 2 boxboy and 2 checker jobs. I was in line with degreed(BA, masters, and 1 Phd) people in engineering, accounting, sociology , mathematics….all for those 4 jobs and a 2+ hour wait just to apply. Picture of line made local paper.

      There are jobs if you want min wage/part time which doesn’t pay my mortgage or $4.50 gal gas here in People’s Republic of LA. My hand/eye isn’t too good anyway or I’d flip burgers. Perhaps good Lord is telling me to change careers but to what I haven’t a clue.

      Really pisses me off when I see der Fuehrer going on his monthly vacation while I struggle to stay under a roof. Then the bastard says it’s getting better…while 90 mil are now out of the workforce giving up, and watch that SOB claim unemployment is down.

      Go to range sparsely now as ammo is 3-4 times what it was this time last year…and saving for the collapse, it’s well hidden away from me.

      My grandfather in his Texas drawl said, “there’s always a day of reckonin’, always is one way or another”.

      Seems we may get a collapse anyway soon, and all those lib politicians will soon be running for the hills themselves, not wanting to face their personal reckonin’.

      Molon Labe

  5. Marc says:

    Same here — I live in LaLa Land. I have been unemployed 4 years… piecing it together with small time freelance jobs. I get up everyday and first thing tell myself “All I need is one” and hit the jobs boards. 10 20 times a day to be sure if there was a new post –I’d be one of the first. Finally landed a gig that pays well.. timeline is a couple months. Think I can save anything with this sudden great paychecks…? HELL NO. Because I am buying as many damn guns and ammo as I can.. .Bahahaha — When the shit hits I want to be prepared.

  6. Austerlitz says:

    Bob, what kind of work do you do, and for which you are looking?

    • Bob says:

      I’ve been a web developer with a side of tech writing for the past decade, but I’m trying to get out of that as it is really starting to take a programmer’s background, and I’m not interested in becoming a programmer. I care about how the web site serves the customer an accomplishes their goals. If the customer doesn’t get what they need from your site, you’ve failed, and I’m seeing a LOT of fail.

      As a result, I’m hoping to transition my passion for customer advocacy into web content strategy, or a manager/analyst position acting as a liaison between the web team and the business units.

      You’d think that would be an easy sell, since that leads to more revenue and happier customers.

      • Billy Hollis says:

        Based on what you’ve said here, I have a suggestion. Spend some time understanding user experience principles. That’s very much in line and would be helpful with what you’ve described as your goal. Even if UX design doesn’t turn out to be a primary activity for you, understanding how to judge what’s good and what’s bad would be helpful in content strategy and customer advocady.

        While you are not working, you might want to invest a couple of days in a video course on UX principles done by a mad-professor looking dude from Nashville. It’s a paid site, but I can get you a code for a one month free trial. Email me if that sounds worthwhile. You could probably stay busy the whole month if you wanted – they have hundreds of training videos, many of them on web topics.

  7. Steve Branam says:

    Here is a big “Good Luck and go get em” from a fellow Appleseeder. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

    Corvette (AS forum name)

  8. crankyjohn says:

    You are not alone friend. I certainly know the feeling and wish you and yours all the best. These are tough times. Prayers to you and us all.

  9. simms520 says:

    Good luck Bob!

  10. AT says:

    I know a lot of you are from different parts of the country ( speaking specifically to the unemployed in the bunch ) but here in Texas, especially west Texas, jobs are plentiful and lots of times, go vacant for long periods of time. I know, I talk to these guys all the time. I’m talking about jobs in the oilfield. I have lived here nearly my entire life and my Dad and Grandad both grew up in the oilfield. They always had a job. If you make a hand in the oil filed, trust me, you are a keeper. I pump wells for a midsized company and doing well. Took me a few years to get to this position but well worth the time put in…Listen, I know it’s difficult uprooting your family and moving to a new state and starting over…I had to at one point in my life but came back to what I know…That being said, there are jobs here and they pay well for those willing to get a little dirty and work long hours. It’s not glamorous, and the weather sucks (drought, hot as hell in the summer) but great people here to work with…I don’t know, may not be for you but it sure in the heck beats the alternative. Hope and prayers to all looking for work.

  11. WhatWouldFoundingFathersDo says:

    Your vision for your future is, with prayer, is taking you to a better place.

  12. Catseye says:

    Good luck Bob. You could also try looking into work from home positions. But it will cut into your blogging time.

  13. captainfish says:

    Good luck and here’s some prayers for your vehicles. lol. They do seem to get possessed sometimes.

  14. Bob,

    We’ll say that prayer for you… but also send you some money until the Big Guy comes through.

    Need a mailing address.

    To the rest of you Readers of Bob’s columns… open your wallets and help this American Patriot with more than prayer… just skip one meal out and send him $20.