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CBS News continues to hope Boston bomb suspect can be tied to the Tea Party

Written By: Bob - Apr• 16•13

There has never been a Tea Party terrorist, ever. In fact, Tea Party events are well known for being extremely orderly and polite. The conservative movement has even gained a reputation of leaving the site of protests cleaner than the venue was when they arrived.

The “persons of interest” for this Boston Marathon bombing that are both foreign nationals; one is a man described as a black male in a black sweatshirt with a black backpack with a foreign accent that tried to enter a restricted area shortly before the bombs went off, and the other is a 20-year-old Saudi man (who may be on the cusp of being cleared).

Despite the focus on foreign interests reported by every other news outlet I’ve watched, CBS News remarkably removed those salient details from their reporting:

The FBI is leading a worldwide investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings, checking all intelligence leads and possible informants, trying to find out who planted the bombs in Boston. They’ve been questioning one man who was said to be acting suspiciously at the scene, but no one has yet been identified as a suspect.

CBS then went out of it’s way to suggest the suspect was the work of a domestic extremists:

A lone wolf like Eric Rudolph responsible for bombings in the mid-90s, including the explosion in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park.

Officials will also be looking at when Monday’s attack occurred. This week on the calendar has been a hot-button for domestic extremists. The burning of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, and the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City both took place the third week of April.

It’s quite a stretch to go back to the Olympic Park bombing (1996), the Branch Davidian compound burning by the FBI (1993), and the Oklahoma City bombing (1995), when their hasn’t been single right-wing “domestic extremist” event in 17 years; even the Hutaree cult bust that had the mainstream media so excited turned out to have been much ado about nothing, with the Michigan militia (a media boogeyman in the 1990s) actually being the group who alerted the FBI to the cult’s nutty ways.

The most recent domestic bomb suspects in 2012 and 2013 have all been left wing or Islamic fundamentalists.

Five members of Occupy Cleveland convicted for their bridge bombing plot in 2013, and the FBI has profiled them as a potential terrorist threat in late 2012, and there is indeed an active Occupy Boston cell.

Floyd Lee Corkins was convicted two months ago, after he plotted to commit mass murder at two Christian lobbying organizations. He was a radical leftist gay rights advocate.

Wisconsin Capitol bomb suspect Kevin Smith (January, 2013) was photographed posing with a Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin!

The would-be Federal Reserve bomber, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, is a Muslim, and pled guilty in February of 2013.

But CBS News discounts all of those recent cases and convictions in recent months, in order to hint that “domestic extremists”—a term they hold in reserve exclusively for those on the political right—are to blame.

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  1. Chuck says:

    This thing has all the hallmarks of an AQ (or wannabe AQ) operation: multiple devices at multiple locations timed to go off at more or less the same time, and, in keeping with recent comparable events, somewhat less than stellar execution. If this had been the work of an honest-to-God, “right wing” extremist group you can bet your ass that, a) the target would have had some connection to the FedGov and, b) it would have been a heck of a lot more effective.

    The media (and the White House) will stretch this out as long as possible without ever using the words “terrorist” and “Islamic” in the same statement or news report. Eventually, as seems likely, when it becomes clear that the responsible entity was AQ or an affiliated group, they will continue to use weasel words that avoid the necessity of uttering anything that ties the terrorists to Islam. Nor will anyone who has made these not-so-subtle implications that it was somehow Tea Party related ever, in a million years, issue a retraction or correction or apology.

  2. Right_2_Bear says:

    All of this media twaddle is to distract from the obvious – the Obama administration, DHS, and local law enforcement failed miserably. If the bombs were indeed in trashcans – that is inexcusable.

    How many more freedoms are we now going to lose because of this ineptness? DHS will not accept fault – just spout the usual line “we need more resources”. More MRAP’s. More PDW’s. More Bullets.

  3. mytralmann says:

    this may be O’s 9/11 and if so his loyal press servants will do their best for him if some crazed racist Hitler youth suspect does not materialize first, as they hope, to clear him completely. But if it proves terror related with say AQ involved, the longer the investigation goes on the better for him. If finding the culprits is hard, his supporters will argue his anti terror diligence made them go deep under ground so harder to find, if easy, his minions will say he was smarter than Bush who couldn’t find Bin Laden. If there are no results, conspiracy theories will flower, as they have already begun to do, with “right wingers” in the center of every one. Any criticism of him will be denounced as unpatriotic.
    They will praise him for having such a small disaster on his watch and say he prevented dozens of larger ones.( this may even be true) The survivors of this horror, especially those who lost limbs, will be rightly cheered at the next Marathon, some as participants, and he may be there to show his solidarity with them in their travail. Certainly they will appear at the next State of the Union to support some new freedom killing initiative or tax of his, or perhaps merely to adorn his victory speech if the FBI has caught the perps by then. He is indeed skilled at using the maimed for his own ends as we have seen. And 2014 is closing in, his last chance for glory. His loyal press will not abandon him, no matter what.

  4. old lady now says:

    if it was a terrorist plot,by alquida,or an organization,they will be taking reposibility for what they did. what good is a statement of this magbitude without a statement as to what their reasoning just do something like this and leave it at that makes it just this time that is all that it is. they have an unrecognized cause behind their trouble and planning,the risk they took in putting it together.if the media starts letting go of all the speculations,and starts focusing on the heros of the day,the clean up efforts,ect.they will probally,more than likely,maybe step foreward.

  5. Survival Skvez says:

    “There has never been a Tea Party terrorist, ever.” Well, apart from the original Boston Tea Party in 1773.

  6. melensdad says:

    CBS won’t let facts get in the way of its agenda.

  7. Cole says:

    The funny thing is if we were really the dangerous threat they claim we are they wouldn’t have the guts to point fingers at us. I’m sure political bias is the far larger motive but it can’t be coincidence that the only group who respects rule of law is the one constantly being crapped on. They mistake our restraint for weakness. I fear the bullies on the Left will soon learn that lacking an interest in fighting doesn’t translate into lacking the capacity.

  8. Comrade X says:

    I stand with Boston!

    “America is at its best when it faces adversity with courage, confidence, and determination. That recipe of “what makes us who we are” holds for hurricanes, disasters, and tragedies like the one that occurred during yesterday’s Boston Marathon…..

  9. Comrade X says:

    It is also good to know who your enemies are:

    “Palestinians Dancing In The Streets Of Gaza After Boston Terror Attack, Hamas And Islamic Jihad Hand Out Sweets To Celebrate Bombing……