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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

He followed Biden’s advice to fire shotgun blasts into the air… and was gunned down by cops in response.

Written By: Bob - Apr• 01•13

I’m not sure what Navy veteran Nick Romano was thinking, but a smart man never listens to a Democrat’s advice on guns:

Police say officers responded to reports of shots fired Thursday night outside a home in the 8700-block of Danville Avenue.

“The went to the rear of the location to investigate. They encountered an individual that was armed with a shotgun. During the course of that encounter, one of our officers discharged, striking the suspect,” said  Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, police spokesman.

Shot above his heart was 24-year-old Navy veteran Nick Romano. The police bullet exited his back. His spleen was removed at the hospital.

His father rushed to the scene.

“I got a phone call, hysterical, from my ex-wife saying my son was just shot by the police,” said David Romano, father.

Two men had robbed the location just last week. Why Romano fired the shotgun into the Baltimore sky to test it—in a stunt very similar to the Vice President’s advice to “fire two blasts” into the air—is a very good question. As we noted after Biden gave his advise, we noted that firing a shotgun into the air is illegal in most areas, and many law enforcement officers tend to shoot first and talk later when they encounter a man with a gun.

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  1. jmacgreg says:

    If anyone thinks the police’s job is to protect citizens, think again. They have become storm troopers. You want background checks? Fine, start with the cops.

  2. Real Deal says:

    Ahhh yes, the Bawlmer City Police Dept…not surprising. Poor guy probably didn’t even get a warning.

  3. Stoutcat says:

    How awful.

    Oh, please, let the family of this man initiate a lawsuit against Biden, please please please!

  4. captainfish says:

    Then they are also breaking the law and policy. The cops should have announced loudly that they were there. They should have announced loudly for him to freeze. They should have announced loudly, when he turned around with the gun, to place the gun on the ground. They should have announced multiple times.

    IF…. this guy was possessed of a demon and actually raised the gun and pointed it toward, or in the direction of the cops despite all of the loud announcements, then the case is closed.

    However, if they silently came upon this man in his own backyard and then shot him after just “seeing” a man with a gun, then these officers should be arrested and do hard jail time for murder.

    But … as we see with news stories of the day, there is alot of misinformation going around and the real story is lost for a while.

    Was it an military-style assault shotgun???? With a 70-round clip?

  5. captainfish says:

    dang, screwed that formatting up

  6. Dev Woolwine says:

    If he was shot above the heart and hits the spleen, he must have been kneeling and bent over or on the ground. This still sounds fishy.

  7. Johnny Bystrom says:

    Having given up my career in LE back in the early 90s, because I was losing my humanity, I know what is happening. The cops are getting their story straight. They are amending the truth to make sure that the grand jury sends a “no bill.” The State’s attorney is not working directly with the shooter cop, but is working with the management cops to make sure the shooter cop gets off. It is what it is.

    it is the what it is. I’ve been there and have been asked to change my story. I never did. I just found a way out of modern law enforcement, while I still had my soul.

  8. Parabellum says:

    “one of our officers discharged…”