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Magpul begins moving production out of Colorado

Written By: Bob - Apr• 30•13

Magpul, formerly of anti-liberty Colorado.

Years from now, it will be remembered as Hickenlooper’s Folly:

Magpul Industries, the Erie-based ammunition magazine maker that pledged to leave Colorado after gun control legislation was signed into law in March, is for the first time manufacturing its weapons accessories out of state.

The company revealed the news in a Facebook reply late Monday night to a customer who expressed frustration with the lack of information about where Magpul planned to move its operations.

“You have lots of people interested in this, might as well satisfy the masses and come out with it already,” Daniel Wooldridge wrote.

On Tuesday morning, the company provided a little more detail about what it was doing in a second reply to Wooldridge’s query. It specifically referenced the manufacture of its sights and PMAG ammunition magazines, which, according to its website, can hold 10 to 30 rounds.

“We have started making PMAGs outside CO for the first time ever,” the posting reads. “The sights are made outside CO. We are actively moving forward with moving other items out.”

Magpul said on its Facebook page that it would reveal more about its operations, which could include information about a new headquarters location, after the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting and exhibition in Houston this weekend.

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  1. Right_2_Bear says:

    Why are they being so secretive about WHERE they are making stuff now? This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

  2. rd says:

    If Magpul is still negotiating with say Wyoming AND South Dakota, they may want to be circumspect about the economic development deals, until they are finalized.

    Hopefully their relocation announcements will be joined by other manufacturers in NY, CT, MA and CO. Imagine if 6 or 10 manufacturers ALL announce at the NRA Convention they are moving?

    And I hope the NSSF will be announcing their relocation from CT too. Moving to VA to be close to DC would be a good reason. They could deny it was solely because the CT legislature and governor are hoplophobic idiots.

    But it is hard to pack up after living someplace for most of their lives. It is not an easy decision, and they will lose a lot of friends and colleagues that will not move. But I am afraid that if they do not do it now, they will have to do it later anyway.

  3. dontduckwithme says:

    Has anyone considered that liberal states are driving their populace out (not just the businesses, but citizens) to other states in order to “spread the misery” ? Figure 1/2 of them will vote Dem, this is how the entire NE coast turned majority blue.

    Or maybe everyone just went insane.

  4. citizen says:

    My family visited Va. last week, to research a move from socialist Md. It’s not just companies…

  5. john says:

    As a colorado resident, I wholeheartedly support magpuls decision to leave. I’d be on my way too if I knew anyplace I could find steady construction work in a free state.

    • louielouie says:

      we build all sorts of things in oklahoma.

    • R Daneel says:

      Come to Texas but but please DO NOT Colofornicate us.

      We get all sorts of cranky if you try.

    • Windy says:

      John, Casper Wyoming is full of construction firms that have taken work up here only to abandon their Colorado operations. Their employees love it. Schools are great (they even have the balls to sing Christmas carols at Christmas concerts) and only the winter weather is a drawback. Check us out if you’re serious.

  6. John P. Squibob says:

    I was at the MagPul hosted event after the NRA convention was over. At that time they did not say where they were specifically going, though there was no mistake that they were leaving Colorado.

    God speed gentlemen.