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Massive fertilizer plant blast in West, Texas [Video]

Written By: Bob - Apr• 18•13

waco4There has been a “mother of all bombs” grade industrial explosion near Waco, Texas, and the casualty count will likely be much higher that of the Boston Marathon terror attack on Monday.

A burning ammonia storage tank at the plant detonated in a explosion so powerful that it was felt as far as 40 miles away.

An eyewitness caught the blast on camera from a distance of what appears to be (I’m estimating) roughly ½-¾ mile away.

As bad as things may be, it doesn’t look like it will be as bad as the Texas City Disaster of April 16, 1947, which killed at least 581, and injured 5,000 more in America’s worst industrial accident. Eerily, that series of explosions was also was caused by the detonation of fertilizer (ammonium nitrate).

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  1. Cooter says:

    I live 45 miles away and heard the BOOM and the wind from the shock wave blew my storm door open. I thought it was a storm coming so I check the radar and there was no storms for hundreds of miles.

  2. louielouie says:

    Source says large swath of West, Texas “leveled” in fertilizer plant explosion

    the source must be CNN.
    west texas was made level by mother nature.
    it happened hundreds of centuries ago.

  3. Jeff Hoser says:

    My sympathy for all the victims.

    Progress, plenty and convenience always come with a price. Doubtless investigators will determine a cause and recommend remedies to prevent another such event. But any activity involving human action and decision-making is always subject to failure. BTDTGTTS > >Jeff