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Multiple explosions, fatalities reported near finish line of Boston Marathon

Written By: Bob - Apr• 15•13
Two explosions captured on film by witness at end of Boston Marathon.

Two explosions captured on film by a witness at end of Boston Marathon. (via Twitter)

It appears that two explosions have gone off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon just before 3:00 PM.

If it had been one explosion, I would have suspected some sort of utility failure (steam, gas, or electric). As there are two explosions, I’m inclined to suspect that this is intentional.

I am completely speculating, but the blasts appear to be on the side of the road, which to me suggests devices such as fairly crude pipe bombs, perhaps dumped in trash cans. If this is what we’re seeing unfold, I suspect that are quite a few more devices around since such devices are easy to make in large batches. Keep in mind this only applies if these were indeed the result of an intentional act.

Fox News is reporting that the Boston PD is calling in their bomb squad team members, and I’ve hearing that there are multiple fatalities.

Pray for all affected please. I’ll continue to update as more becomes known.

Update: I’m catching up on photos taken directly after the explosions, and now video.

It’s rather macabre to state, but after all the years watching the carnage resulting from IED blasts in Iraq, the devices that detonated here (if they were bombs instead of utilities) seem rather obviously to be:

  • small explosions
  • low-explosive materials

I say that small amounts of explosives were used, based upon the video of the blast and overhead views of the scene where you can see debris and blood. It obviously wasn’t a a car bomb (which would have leveled the entire block), and it wasn’t as large as a full-sized backpack bomb, liked used in the London terror attacks.

And that’s if there was a bomb at all.

Based on what I’ve seen these were utility explosions or small, low-explosive devices, and I honestly don’t know which.

Update: AP is reporting that multiple explosive devices have been discovered.

Do I trust the Associated Press? Not at all. This is the same bunch of idiots that  reported Adam Lanza’s brother was the Sandy Hook murderer, that his mother was a teacher at the school, and that three handguns were used.

Update: NY Post is reporting a much higher casualty/fatality count than anything else I’ve seen, and they are also claiming that a suspect was wounded, and is in the hospital. I’d take that claim with shakerful of salt; it seems like wishful thinking.

On the other hand…

Considering the amount of surveillance cameras in your average large city these days, it is possible that they could narrow down a suspect pretty quickly if they caught him or her on camera.

Update: Brit Hume is confirming (for whatever it is worth) that a possible suspect is among the wounded.

Fox is also claiming that event at JFK Library was a third bombing (wasn’t sure before).

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  1. Klingonwork says:

    Praying now, asking the King’s guidance…

  2. Bill says:

    Glad I’m not the only one wondering at the lack of shrapnel and scorch marks. Definitely wounded though. Poor people.

  3. mytralmann says:

    a friend lives one block from this and sees the finish line from her window walked by bomb 3 min before heard explosionas from her apt. Cops swat and FBI everywhere( 415 pm) every trash can being inspected. State officials were supposed to have been near the finish line some time before this happened. Will MA politicians follow Obama and declaim upon the bodies of the dead? One web site reports ball bearings in the blast.

  4. parker says:

    Its best to wait until more complete info is developed; but you can bet the MSM will soon, if not having done so already, start floating the idea that this was a vast right wing conspiracy.

  5. Bill in Bama says:

    And so it begins.

  6. Chuck says:

    NY Post says they have a Saudi national in custody. It’s the NY Post, so take it with a whole bunch of salt, but if true, what the hell has DHS been doing all this time? Too busy demonizing conservatives I suppose.

    • Bill says:

      Yeah, I just had a great screaming rant about that. Maybe if they paid a little more attention to the actual problems and stop demonizing whitey, we could actually believe these “measures” are a good thing.

  7. NY OEF vet says:

    I dont get it, pipe bombs are banned.

  8. Bill says:

    So… where are all the usual suspects screaming to the news for their share of the glory in hurting the Great Satan?

    • Bill says:

      Annnnd there’s Jordan’s someone or other claiming derka derka jihad. I’m going to borrow from Carlin.

      “I’m ahead of my time. It’s only 5 minutes, though.”

  9. Jay352 says:

    Definitely appeared to have low brisance. I could not see any shattered metal in any of the photos. Shock wave during the explosion was not one expected from H.E. I would say black powder

    • john says:

      Wouldn’t that have reqiured a relatively large container if black powder had been the medium used?

  10. louielouie says:

    it’s bush’s fault.
    it’s sarah palin’s fault.
    it’s the NRA’s fault.
    it’s the tea party’s fault.
    i have it on good authority that hussein has taken all those investigating “fast and furious” and put them on this investigation.

  11. Mario says:

    That first photo you posted has a strange figure of a person on the top left, standing on the roof.

    • Bob says:

      Someone on another blog pointed that out earlier. My guess–and it is a guess–is that the person is most likely either security or someone associated with the building staff. I doubt any bomber would be so stupid as to be anywhere need the scene when the bombs were detonated, especially if the triggers were cell phones, and the numbers could have been called from anywhere.

  12. john says:

    As I viewed the pictures, blinking back tears, one redeeming thing came to mind. Did you SEE the number of Americans running TOWARDS the bombsite to help? Despite what our media would have you believe, We the People, the ones who do right regardless of consequences still outnumber those who would harm us. I take something from that, not sure what yet but I have to believe in US or there’s nothing left to fight for.