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No, the Syrian rebels are not fielding AS-50 sniper rifles. Just more commie crap.

Written By: Bob - Apr• 04•13

A Fox News story—among others—is claiming that Syrian rebel forces have acquired the AS-50 sniper rifle, “a favorite of Navy SEALs,” and video game fan boys everywhere.

The thing is, the video doesn’t support that claim, and points to another cheaper, less accurate rifle instead.

This rifle is a cheap Chinese knock-off… literally. The Chinese M99 featured in the video features a distinctive flattened boxy muzzle brake far different than the round brake of the AS-50, and the M99 lacks the forward Picatinney rail of of the AS-50.

The M99 shoots shoots about 2 MOA (minute of angle), which isn’t impressive for a sniper rifle.

Part of me doubts that this is even a real M99 (though I may be quite wrong). Why?

The shooter has no eye relief (his nose is alongside the scope body), and while there are excellent brakes on the market, I find it hard to believe that a .50 BMG or the Russian 12.7 can be tamed to have almost zero recoil, which is about what it would take to keep him from having a very bloody scope tattoo like this guy or this guy.

The video also shows that the weapon has a massive wall beside the brake, suggesting that the muzzle blast would  be punishing to the shooter and those directly behind him, who hardly flinch when the rifle goes off.

Could this be a smaller-caliber trainer variant in 7.62x54R, or a similar smaller caliber?

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  1. Big Country says:

    I spotted the differences as well, and have been racking my brain and the net trying to find the proper weapon. The M99 is the closest so far to it. There IS an American made .50 I once saw at a gun show (I though McMillan) Very similar (it was back in 1999 at Ft Hood) But the Gun in Question is NOT the AS-50… at $15,000.00 a throw its a bit more than I’d expect a bunch of rag tag rebs o be gunning with…

  2. scottst says:

    I noticed the same thing regarding eye relief, and I consider myself a novice in all things guns. But we’re so used to believing what we’re told. FoxNews included.

  3. Angrymike says:

    That ain’t no 50, I shot one years ago, I’d still have a black eye today if I had my eye that close to the scope, hell my 8mmm Mauser would have poked me if I had my face that close…………