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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Obama the abuser

Written By: Bob - Apr• 09•13

Our President is making the rounds again today, promoting his latest vanity project, the restriction of the rights of American gun owners. This week he’s cynically using taxpayer dollars and federal resources as a private taxi service to exploit the loss of families, to further for his own long-held political beliefs. Why? Because it’s tough to tell a mother who just had her six-year-old son or daughter murdered that what she believes is a solution isn’t just wrong, but even more deadly.

It’s hard to explain to someone that snuggles the old clothes of their departed child just to hang on to their scent, that the laws they now advocate, have been advocated before, by those who exploited similar laments to disarm those they felt were undesirable, before murdering them by the score.

Are the twenty children of Newtown somehow more special than those of the Armenians, marched into the Turkish deserts to die by the hundreds of thousands?

Are those gunned down in Aurora more beloved than those shot down and thrown into China’s mass graves during the Great Leap Forward?

Are the children killed by the barbaric act of a madman anywhere, at any time, more precious than those killed by the state with much more brutal efficiency, in far larger numbers?

Throughout human history, a significant subset of the population has always preyed upon their fellow man. The petty among this type become thieves and murderers. We pass laws against their actions, but they still commit their crimes. We try convince ourselves that more laws will somehow fix these predators, when only eradication will suffice.

The greatest of human predators become politicians.

They take this knowledge of our desire to want to fix the docile prey and vicious predators within our society, and leverage that desire to pass laws that they say will benefit the people… but which are actually crafted in such a way as to ensure their personal profit. If you would argue this point, please inform me of the politician you know living a spartan lifestyle, with a meager bank account, serving only others.

Like all great predators, the most ruthless and successful politicians are those that are the most ruthless and bold. Only a true monster would build a pulpit from the coffins of the innocent, and use the tears of their parent’s anguish to water the seed he has planted, that, if allowed to grow, will blossom into yet more power for the state he controls, at the cost of seizing of your liberties.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    When you don’t have facts on your side, “waving the bloody shirt” is most likely the best you can do!

    Death before slavery!