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Patriot packs

Written By: Bob - Apr• 28•13

Guerrillamerica had an interesting post linked from Western Rifle Shooters the other day, about a man in his older middle age wondering if he still had what it took to be part of the modern unorganized militia.

According to U.S. Code, our obligation to the unorganized militia ends at 45 years of age. Of course, that bit of law was written to mandate that unwilling souls must serve up until that point if called upon; it does not put an upper limit on volunteers, and indeed, how could they?  Competence, grit, and determination doesn’t stop because of an arbitrary day on a calendar.

I’d invite you read this man’s letter asking about his ability to serve, and the response the author provides.

Then I’d like to point you to this intriguing comment:

If you feel overwhelmed by age at 59, just wait until you hit the seventies! Our minds and hearts are still willing, but the body simply won’t cooperate.

Since I’d now hinder more than help, I’ve concentrated on other ways to support the youngsters who would defend the Constitution. I built a “patriot pack” for a guy with an able patriot’s body and mind, but a pauper’s bank account. It consists of an Alice pack, loaded and ready to strap on. It also includes a holstered 1911 with extra magazines, a scoped .223 rifle, extra magazines, and all the ammo he can carry for both.

If it hits the fan, I can instantly supply one patriot with what he needs to defend and survive, and as funds allow, I will work on gathering the items needed for a 2nd patriot package.

It makes a heck of a lot of sense, and I’m surprised I haven’t run across the idea before. Perhaps we tend to focus to much on how we can contribute directly, instead of looking the best way to contribute from our areas of strength.

In any event, this gentleman knew that he didn’t have the health to contribute physically to the never-ending American Revolution, but he did find that he had the financial resources and know-how to put together what he aptly calls a “patriot pack” to equip a younger person in the event that the unorganized militia must be called forth to defend the nation from tyranny.

He (wisely, in my opinion) chose an ALICE pack (I’d suggest surplus large ALICE pack with pads and frame) as the base of the system, and an AR-15 with optics and 1911 pistol, with ammunition and magazines for both.

I was intrigued by what he included, and as a mental exercise I put together a conceptual list of what I’d put in a patriot pack (or packs) if I had the funds to invest in our nation’s future.

It goes a little something like this:

  • Military surplus large ALICE pack with frame and straps/pads
  • Semi-automatic rifle in a common military caliber, with appropriate supply clips, magazines, and 250-500 rounds of ammunition (depending on rifle). I’d recommend either an AR-15 or a Garand with iron sights instead of optics, and I know a ton of folks will recommend an AKM-pattern rifle as well
  • Cleaning kit and common spare parts to match the rifle
  • Basic G.I.  loop sling
  • Full-tang utility knife with 4″-5″ blade and sturdy sheath
  • mil-spec poncho and poncho liner
  • water purification (filter and cleaning kit, plus tablets)
  • canteens/water bottles and holders
  • eye protection with anti-fog solution/cleaning cloth
  • pocket Bible
  • bug dope
  • sun screen
  • shaving/hygiene kit
  • first aid kit
  • individual first aid kit (IFAK)
  • battlebelt with suspenders, clip/mag pouches for rifle
  • multitool
  • entrenching tool with case
  • sleeping pad
  • wool blanket
  • small camo tarp to make shelter
  • 550 paracord

Sure, you can spend $2000 or more with a custom rifle spec’d out with top-end optics, but I think you’d be better off investing in a reputable basic rifle with iron sights and quality ammo. A decent instructor can teach anyone to put “the pumpkin on a post” with military sights in an afternoon, and good glass might be wasted on a new, low-skilled shooter. You’d be much smarter to put your money into quality gear for the rest of the pack, particularly the water purification and sanitation elements that are so often overlooked, and yet inevitably account for the majority of wartime casualties.

Is there anything you would add or change?

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  1. PubliusII says:

    Outstanding idea, Bob.

    One small addition: folding pocket knife (non-locking) of the 4-blade “camper” type. Could be a MIL-K818 “Demo” knife or a Wenger/Victorinox Standard Issue/Soldier SAK, or an older Boy Scout knife (Imperial or Ulster). All have the same blade set.

    Perhaps the multi-tool covers this and then some, but I’ve never seen a multi-tool that didn’t look overly contrived to me. But no doubt those who use them love ’em.

  2. Treker says:

    AS I approach my own expiration date I have made provisions for the next generations to preserve liberty . At the center piece of that is the homely Mosin Nagant . I have purchased a considerable number of theses battle tested rifles . Paying as little as $60 to as high as $125 each . Plus I have a minimum of 200 rounds to give away to any freedom loving persons ( male or female). Let’s just say the number of rifles is large .
    Plus I have purchased stored food by the ton . Napoleon was correct when he said an army travels on it’s stomach . A great famine is coming and what better way for a government to control it’s people than by starvation. When we lose our reserve currency status 40% of our nations food will disappear overnight and what is left will be beyond price.
    Under this current regime the first people must go is my generation . We knew America when it was free and the government was respectful of the citizens . Now we are trash and we must go,to make way for the ruling elite.

  3. thesouthwasrght says:

    mmmmmmmm…..m-1 garand, love me some of that ol’ war horse.

  4. Mike Gregory says:

    I too have had some harsh realities hit me as this thing drags out. I’m old. My mind is ready to write a check I may not be able to cash. Maybe it’s time. Funny how that happens.
    The wife and I are far enough into our 50’s that our function is now mainly focused on supporting others. I can shoot fairly well and I am still in good enough shape to wrestle a roto-tiller through a one acre garden and not die from it. I may be able to help in the battle for several more years. Probably more from an “overwatch” position than in a run and gun scenario.
    (I was a USCG Small Boat Engineer and have no combat experience either; however, I qualified Expert with the M-16 and Marksman with the .45)
    After our preps were squared away we acrued a couple extra sets of gear for the “hired help”. We have also set up a little bunkhouse on the back of the heated portion of the barn. It isn’t much, but it has heat, water and lights. It comes along with some good food and we could support up to 4 additional people here.
    We know that mounting a 24/7 watch is beyond our capabilities and we plan on having “help” move in. We’ll trade farm work / watch time for room and board along with a small stipend of silver. Their experience and our resources will allow us to protect the food source that will feed us and many others.

    By assuring that a small group will survive we may be able to offer bigger / better help to others in the big picture.

  5. Eric says:

    I am humbled and inspired by these guys that call themselves “older”. I can never forget being a young lad of 6 or 8 and seeing how distraught my neighbor was because he was forced to retire at 65. He said it was ridiculous to force someone to retire when they were at their prime of acquired knowledge. If it comes down to it and we are forced to rally I hope these “older” guys are readily available. They may not be able to hump up a hill with a heavy pack but their wisdom and knowledge base will be priceless to those that can…

  6. Right_2_Bear says:

    When the time comes I’m adding a gun mount to my walker as I intend on staying in the fight to the end!

    All kidding aside as another rifle option I would add a Ruger Mini-14 – sort of a Garand, but in 5.56. (love those things) Also a set of basic Binoculars is a necessity.

    • Bill in Bama says:

      Got one. Love it .it goes well with my M1 garand and m1 carbine. I may beold but I can still hit what I aim at.

  7. Fight islam Now says:

    30 years ago when I began collecting guns I used to think that if the SHTF ever happened I would be able to arm a small division and I would be ready to muster equipped patriots on a moments notice.

    But after thirty years of watching my / our rights steadily eroded by traitors at every level of government and their aiders and abetters as well as all the OBVIOUS need to prepare that is clearly visible on an increasing and almost daily basis I have decided that if you show up without at least a gun and some ammo and you are just a (useless) eater or just useless – you are the germ and root of the problem that got us here and you can go F*** yourself – your a sandbag.

    If you have not figured out by last / past year(s) / or the most uninformed view of history you can’t be trusted with a gun, you aren’t worthy of a gun, YOU have contributed to the tyrannical state we find ourselves in

    May ALL our children forget your names

    • Semper Fi, 0321 says:

      In full agreement with this statement. I’ve tried for years to inform my friends, family and coworkers, only to be the butt of their jokes and derision. All of them own guns, and never stocked up on ammo, because in their world, nothing will ever go wrong. They are not worthy of a free set of 782 gear and a free AR-15.
      I have a shooting buddy who refuses to buy web gear, he has shot NRA Highpower with me and cannot understand he needs web gear for ammo and water. His mind cannot grasp what it’s purpose is for, even though he knows where we are headed soon.
      I have lots of spare gear, many ALICE packs and canteens, etc, but I’ll be damned if I waste it on idiots who won’t even take care of it, or themselves.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      This is a bit simplistic. Sometimes people need to be thrust into a situation for their strengths to come out. Sergent York comes to mind.

    • Hillard Foster Jr says:

      There will be times when a good fighter will have to drop his rifle, and walk away.
      It is better to survive and fight another day.
      When that happens, they will need rearmed.
      I have my MBR, and a few other top of the line rifles. I also have a few, I will give away.
      When I give them away, the order is to go get a better rifle, and return that one, or give it to someone else so they can earn their own rifle.

  8. Depending on the nature of your group such as defense or offense, we suggest the same kind of in expensive hand held radios and a simple wind up wrist watch.

    Communications is a must. However, be aware of conversations being overheard, triangulation and aerial locators of transmitting radios. Movement after each transmission is a must.

    You need a simple code system or encrypted Morse Code, short prescribed transmission times (not on the hour or half hour) and radio silence as much as possible. Watches must be time coordinated.

    Privacy channels are proprietary to the brand of radio (Motorola, Midland, etc.) so the same kind must be purchased to use these channels.

    Need a small solar charger, spare batteries and a central battery charge station.

  9. Etta Zane says:

    So, what can a 70-year old woman do? My patriotism burns as fiercely as yours. I have weapons, and can shoot fairly well, but my arthritis leaves me on the disabled list. I may not have a farm, but I have a dry basement that can be offered as a bastion. My husband and I are putting aside food and ammo. We are able to care for anyone who needs a place to stay, or need care and attention. A first-aid coarse is not just for the young. What else can we do?

    • Lt. Greyman, 1st B says:

      Bless you Mother!

      Provide a safe house for those needing shelter. Coffee will be as morale boosting as Gold. Clean socks, hats (which always seem to get lost) but just a warm safe place. I live in the Northwest and I doubt you do, but Bless you for your comments here.

    • Hillard Foster Jr says:

      The first aid course is important.
      Meds will be an issue, so ask your doctor for a missionary pack (Basic antibiotics) of antibiotics. Then put them back along with bandages, and other medical supplies.
      Food will be an issue, so garden and get small animals to produce food. Rabbits, Chickens, Goats are a suggestion.
      Put back food, clothing, meds, gun parts, ammo, and reloading supplies.
      I hope that helps.
      Remember to start slow and build over time.

  10. rumcrook says:

    Look no offense to both you negative nellies but has it occurred to you that their are youngsters out there of 19 or 20 or so, who would love to have had twenty years to prep and set aside basics and buy that rifle they need, but they are fresh out of being children don’t have a pot to Piss in and making entry level wages if anything.

    Your mind set is linking you to contemporaries who should know better and have had the means to be grasshoppers instead of ants. Anyway you need to consider allies may never have had the means you were blessed with.

    Here’s a mental exercise, pretend your in your twenties with a new family and your young wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer, now you spend the next few years fighting that, you think money for an AR is in the budget??

    Meh… sit on your hoard like the Dragon smoug

    • Semper Fi, 0321 says:

      Sorry, haven’t met a 20something who’s highest priority isn’t his cell phone.
      Wish I had your optimism.

      I too am 59, I work with 20-40 yr olds, not ONE doesn’t spend most of the day staring into his phone, waiting for someone to text him. And these are rural hunter types from Wyoming. So where do we get some hardcore survivor types from?
      I’m still capable of hiking 8 miles with a 15lb pack in the afternoon, for a jaunt up to some 9,000’lake for fishing. Most won’t waste their time, when they can be sitting home on the couch.

      • I agree with both of these assesments.
        However, let me say that not all ‘young wippersnappers’ are total zoned out cellphone zombies.

        In fact, you just met one. Hi there!

        Like Rumcrook, said, there’s plenty of younger folk out there “who would love to have had twenty years to prep and set aside basics and buy that rifle they need, but…. don’t have a pot to Piss in and [are] making entry level wages if anything….”

        You just have to sort through the rest of the herd to find them- that’s the tricky part….

      • soapweed says:

        Sir: I’ve met enough sharp kids who seem to have survived the poor educational system we’ve shoved them through, to where I’m getting used to eating crow. Sure, there are the majority of kids who are bedwetters, but most of my generation are also quite damp. Better get out and mingle a bit with the young ‘uns, perhaps in a different venue…’s an uplifting experience, sometimes humbling.

      • Semper Fi, 0321 says:

        Really? Humbled by hanging out with these young folks.
        The last time I was really humbled was the privilege of hanging out with my NCO’s, who wore Purple Hearts, Bronze and Silver Stars, Navy Crosses, and one even had a CMH!
        I don’t think I’d have much fun with your young folks. So besides supplying them with gear and weapons, I’m also supposed to put them thru Boot Camp too? When I was 18, I undertook the responsibility to get myself trained, and armed. My first .22 was bought by myself at the age of 11, nobody did it for me. And I did it all myself since then, I have also worked hard and starved, sometimes even selling a gun to eat, but always getting more when I could. The folks I see around me are more interested in more new electronic toys, buying guns and gear isn’t a priority until TSHTF, then it’s supposed to be my problem that they didn’t supply themselves???
        Sorry, fresh out of sympathy.

      • Bob says:

        If you think you can win the war by yourself, go right on ahead. These 20-somethings (and younger) will be happy to give you a nice 21-gun salute at graveside.

        Age has nothing to do with patriotism, and those of us who have the means to help with the logistics side of the equation are at least as important as the trigger pullers. All in all, it’s a hearts and minds game. Those of you who chose to alienate allies instead of embracing them are preparing for defeat.

      • 7mous says:

        I’m surprised to hear this dismissive rhetoric regarding the “20 something” crowd. I am a “20 something” myself, but I would put my passion to live in this country as the constitution meant it to be above any individual I’ve ever met, young or old. I wish text messaging/cell phones were dis-invented, and the only time I sit on the couch is when I’m so tired from working outside I literally fall onto it. I, like you am absolutely flabbergasted at the day to day lives of some people my age, but I wouldn’t count them out.

        I have brought many colleagues of mine over from the dark side, and have mentored them through the acquisition of preps/firearms and trained them with each. I have been very pleasently surprised seeing how some of these individuals have responded. One example is a “20 something” female who can outshoot all of my lifelong hunter friends (and occasionally me) after having put less than 50 rounds downrange.

        There are a lot of morons my age, I’ll give you that. I believe if we take TV out of their lives, hand them some books, and give them a nudge in the right direction they are still salvageable.

      • 7mous says:

        I’d like to add another comment on this topic: Those of you who are around the age of 59 lie smack dab in the middle of the baby boomer generation, and your generation makes up those responsible for raising the current generation of “20 somethings”. I’m not sure where the parents of the the kids always found “sitting home on the couch” are, but it sounds like they’re enablers of the problem.

      • Semper Fi, 0321 says:

        Don’t blame me. I made the choice not to have children.
        Obviously a good choice, most of my peers don’t even recognize their own socialist offspring.
        I have lots of guns and gear for those who need it, but they will really have to prove themselves before I turn it over.

      • Hawby says:

        I think there are a few twenty something’s that have served us well in Iraq and Afghanistan, don’t you; Semper FI? Don’t fall into the all or nothing mindset.

      • Semper Fi, 0321 says:

        I’m sure those veterans aren’t standing around waiting for a free handout. They already know what it takes to get the job done, and how to earn it.
        Many of you seem to have fallen in this “donate” mindset that is a cancer on our society. Donate to NRA, donate to this and that, etc. All about free stuff. Please donate, we really need help….Please send money….
        Not one member of the colonial militias had free stuff, every single member was expected to show up with HIS OWN rifle or musket, powder horn and shooting pouch, hatchet, and accessories. No donated shit from whatever source, he earned it himself or his father bought it for him and then he turned out for militia muster, with his own gear! Get it? His equipment was his own responsibility, his highest priority, it was also for the highest good of the community, not to be pissed away on toys and drink. Think about that the next time you want fancy rims for your truck. Or a new cell phone!

      • sidetracksusie says:

        I live in Wyoming. I know plenty of young men who are patriots, of course, I am a stay at home, homeschooling God fearing wife and mother so our pool of friends are different.

        Our local 4H shooting sports has children of over 70 families enrolled. I do see some kids who bring electronics. My kid knows to stay away from those drones and that shooting and analyzing your targets between rounds is serious stuff. He knows the expense of buying ammo. He aspires to be like his older siblings, two of which are prior service, as are his uncles, dad, and both grandfathers.

        Not every young man is the loser you describe. Yes, Wyoming has their share of them. They can’t navigate the land they hunt on without a GPS. YOU and I realize that when SHTF, those satellites won’t be available for our use.

        I also know young men that aren’t afforded the opportunity. They don’t have a father, uncle or brother who is a battle hardened vet like my son does. They have sickly soft daddies who ignore them that are products of too much TV. They are the sum of their parents and it’s not much. They can’t change the oil in the car daddy bought them, much less clean a firearm. It’s societal…they want what they haven’t earned and they get it.

        All that aside, I hear more and more parents talking about preparing their children for a future that is far different from today. It may be too late for many, but more and more are catching on.

    • JD says:

      I too am one of those twenty somethings you’re looking for. I share your frustrations with my generation but I can tell you there are alot more of us than you think. Ive got a squad sized element of young whipper snapper patriots training and preparing right now. There would be alot more of us if they had a clue about what is happening to this country. So instead of sayin @#$% em, share your wisdom. Teach them what this country was and where its headed now. For the most part guns and ammo and backpacks arent the problem, its the knowledge of why we need to be getting ready to use our guns and ammo and backpacks that s the problem.

  11. MOA says:

    TP off the spool packed flat in 1 gallon freezer bags. Some form of flint or fire starting device, small magnifying glass, good compass.

  12. Cole says:

    Helping others and aiding the war effort is a noble thing to do, but if war comes it won’t always be on some distant battlefield. Samuel Whittemore stood his ground at age 80 when the Brits came to his town.

  13. Lt. Greyman, 1st B says:

    Ruger or Savage Scout rifle in 308 is cheaper than an AR-15 and hits harder.

  14. B Woodman says:

    Food. I don’t see food on your list. A couple of packs of MREs would take care of that.
    An added nicety might be one of those (waterproof) spiral note pads and a pencil or two.

  15. Lee Savage says:

    When the SHTF remember that all like minded people need to band together to stand up for the principles that once made this the greatest Nation in the World. Do not judge a person based on generalities. Those who you might think would tuck tail and suck their thumbs may just be the one standing next to you returning fire and watching your 6. I have met a lot of young Patriots at the Church that we attend and I personally would be proud to stand with many of them. Take the time to explain to them what this Country was all about and you will be surprised at the response that you may get, some parents still take the time to instill pride in their children.

  16. Austerlitz says:

    What would be the best 5.56 to get right now?

    Or would it make sense to go M1, considering current use of a scoped 30-06 bolt action hunting rifle?

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      M1’s are great but they are nuts expensive right now. You can buy a nice 5.56 rifle and a pistol for the price of a clean M1 right now.

      I have AR’s and Ruger Mini-14’s – love them all. But if I had to go with ONE 5.56 gun it would be the Mini-14. It is fast and easy to use and just indestructible and life depending reliable. Get yourself an extra firing pin for it and you are good to go for a long time.

      Only issue is finding one (and the mags) right now. What ever gun you decide to get – I would try and get mags for it immediately. Even before you get the gun as I think Obama will be banning mags over 10 rounds via executive order after the elections in ’14. (maybe sooner).

    • Chuck says:

      I’d go with the AR. If you’re careful and do your research (spend some time on you can get a decent rifle for a reasonable price, and more importantly, you can get the necessary accessories to keep it running, feed it, and use it effectively, for cheaper than just about anything else out there, especially mags. Ammo can still be found for a relatively reasonable price if you’re quick with a mouse and very patient.

      However, here’s the number one reason why you should get an AR and get trained up on it: guess what the OPFOR uses? When it comes time to resupply ammo or parts or compatible kit by, shall we say, liberating it from the bad guys, it will be one stop shopping.

  17. StukaPilot says:

    Add: roll of duct tape. Problem with these lists is, pretty soon it’d take an airbus to carry it all.

  18. Mountainsniper31 says:

    Add to the list good boots, two pair of good wool hiking socks and foot powder.

  19. bubba says:

    If you’re a vet and/or belong to a marksmanship club affiliated with the CMP you can still get an .30 cal M1 for a reasonable price sent right to your home, but the wait is long. Also the CMP is limiting the amount of surplus ammo you can buy to 10-.30 cal cans a year, that equals 2000 rounds. You’ll have to buy clips and bandoliers seperately. Bolt action rifles used to be the military arm 100 years ago, they are reasonable in price and readily available. Ammo and components in any quantity is a problem right now.

  20. Honeybadger says:

    Compass, small binos, Good small flashlight with spare batteries, extra BDU trousers, extra shirt, 2 extra pair socks.
    Swap out cleaning kit with bore snake and store in rifle handle if possible.
    Swap out small camo tarp with a “Landshark” camo survival blanket to defeat FLIR.
    For food invest in some homemade beef Jerky. Light and nutritious. Vacuum pack it and also pack some dried fruit and nuts. Hot food is a luxury for the homebodies.

    • Chuck says:

      Bore snakes are great until you have to clear an obstruction from the barrel, or punch out a stuck case. There’s still a need for the old steel cleaning rod.

  21. Bart Sands says:

    I’m humbled by this article. At 60 I am struggling to accept that I cannot hump a 70 lbs gear pack and not be a liability. This man has shown me that I can do something else–supply those who can. Thank you.

  22. PubliusII says:

    And for what it’s worth, .30-06 ammo is still generally available, at least in my local Walmart.

  23. Survival Skvez says:

    These lists potentially omit a lot of stuff the person needs to be able to wear.
    There could be women caught in an event at work where they have to wear a skirt suit and heals, they’d really appreciate a more practical set of clothes. Even most men’s office clothes wouldn’t last too long in a harsh environment.
    You don’t need two expensive sets of BDUs in the latest pattern but two complete sets of clothes (from a warm jacket right down to including ‘smalls’) would be really useful (perhaps just one pair of boots), the problem would be knowing what sizes to get.
    Yes everyone should have a Bug-out-bag or a Get-home-bag but circumstances may mean that even those who have them might not be able to get to them (or may have them stolen).

  24. Doug Bronnenberg says:

    When I was a boy there was no such thing as SHTF. I grew up at the end of WW2 and we (my parents) were busy rebuilding the world. When I bought a gun back then I had to sell one to get the money to buy the next one. I’m older now and I’m getting too old to keep up with the young guys. On the plus side, I’ve got more money now and I don’t sell a gun when I want to buy a new one. I just clean them up and put them in the back of the safe. I spend my time teaching marksmanship to young people and while I don’t talk about military or tactical things I make sure they have the foundation they need. Yes, they spend a lot of time looking at their phones but when I was young the older folks who had just come back from the war thought my generation was pretty useless too.
    Some will be useless but many will do whatever they need to do when when time comes. If that time comes before they are ready, I have lots of spare rifles in the back of the safe.


  25. Real Deal says:

    Looks like have some work to do, I appreciate the info here. Been putting the wife through college out of pocket so funds are slim and I haven’t built up what I’ve felt I need. I was able to purchase a pistol for myself and the wife this past year. Maybe I should have bought a rifle instead but she needed something for self defense should I have to leave her alone. In a pinch I’ll use my .270 until I can obtain something else.

    A visit to Valley Forge this past week was inspiring. Their courage and resolve in the face of brutal hardship was humbling. Additionally the 7.62 mile walk was informative as well, I need to work on my physical condition, my body is in its 40s but my mind refuses to admit I’m not in my 20s.

    I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was. So true.

  26. Real Deal says:

    Another question, why an ALICE pack and not a MOLLE or ILBE?

    • Semper Fi, 0321 says:

      They’re super cheap! 1/3 the cost of a MOLLE or ILBE, and very tough.

      • JD says:

        Also less bulky and i prefer the metal frame. You should be able to find a good one with all the parts on ebay for about 35 bucks. I do prefer the molle vest and mag pouches for carrying ammo though, also pretty cheap on ebay.

  27. David B. Schmidt says:

    Through in a trot line for fishing and of course a nice Ghillie suit (multiple spellings) with a little information on proper usage. As an ANLGO during my enlistment, I also picked up an MOS of 0317 (mainly as scout during my couple of missions). If, or when, the SHTF, having a well trained group of little pissants that could do significant damage without detection.

  28. Johnny says:

    First I’d add going to: Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinics are now in almost every state and for the scant price of $80. for two days of training and making local contacts of like minded Americans, I cannot recommend this with more vigor. Learning how to make hits on a 20″x20″ target out to 500m, how to use your front sight or recitals as a rangefinder, shooting from the 3 main positions, NPOA and sighting-in with one shot in a pinch…priceless!
    Write to Boston T Party…address in his book “Boston’s Gun Bible” and ask for a copy of his in depth study of the Burris Fullfield scopes bullet drop compensation for most calibers, as well as subtends for range-finding by using varies power setting for different ranges. I got this years ago and found the info to be spot on and there is so munch info you’ll find yourself reading it several times to absorb it all. He has info on the 2-7 and 3-9 as well as the pistol scopes. He’s done all the hard work and spent the money shooting several different cartridges and bullets. For my 500 meter work I skip the 168 MK for the Serria HPBT hunting 165 grain bullet. This bullet is cheaper and always available and at 500m it hits hard and is made to expand at longrange…a hit anywhere is a bad thing with this bullet!
    Years ago I bought a Katadyne Pocket water filter and payed $225. This is the one the SAS, SEAL’s and most SF teams have been issued for a long time. It will clean water for 13,000 gallons, has a 20 year warranty and has the instructions sewn into the inside of the carrying case. Filtered lake water does NOT taste great unless you are truly thirsty!

  29. Paco says:

    IMO, there are some things that go with the loaded pack and some things that are receiver picks from a supply. Fire starter, first aid and compass are pre-loads. Clothing, boots, binocs and radios the wearer picks. Clothing size is an issue as well as weight so don’t load stuff that will be thrown away on the trail. Don’t assume all fighters are going to be male (hygiene kit:yes, shaving kit:not necessarily). Also, have an inventory sheet of what you pre-loaded and in which pocket.
    Something I didn’t see mentioned: local map(s).

  30. Sharpshooter says:

    As a geezer with arthritis, who hits sixty in a few weeks, my pack is geared for longer range engagement, rather than movement (“assault weapon”).

    It consists of a bolt action, heavy barrel .308 with 6x-18x scope and an (civilian version) FAL with six magazines, 200 rounds loaded at all times, and enough brass, bullets, powder and primers to load 1,200 more rounds.

    And a couple 1911’s, well nourished.

    My kid and her hubby are equally well heeled.

    Thing is: how many of us have the guts/temerity to fight back in terms of a deadly conflict?

  31. Sharpshooter says:

    Oh, and remember: one man alone is a sitting duck, and two men have to worry if the other is a snitch.