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Rumors of privacy rights violations and gun confiscation in New York

Written By: Bob - Apr• 09•13

For the past few months the totalitarians in the polimedia have pushed for every gun control fantasy that they thought would stick. On several occasions they screwed up, and publicly admitted their darkest fantasies, which they then just as quickly publicly backed away from… all the while, finding ways to tuck confiscatory provisions into laws they made certain were passed too quickly to be read or understood.

It now seems that the NY Safe Act that New York dictator Andrew Cuomo and his allies in Albany and downstate rammed through the state’s legislature included provisions that are being used to strip away the firearms of citizens… just as they seem to have plotted all along:

This is hot off the press. I have first-hand knowledge that local NYS police departments are revoking pistol permits of those who are “blown-in” by the medical community for being prescribed anti-anxiety medications (for those who are in therapy for anxiety or depression), under the gray shroud of the UNSAFE Act. This is happening now folks, and it is likely to get worse.

EVERYONE needs to be aware of this, for the sake of keeping their pistol permit in NYS. Please spread this information around – Facebook, Twitter, by every means possible. We need to get the word out as quickly as possible.

If anyone faces such an ordeal with their pistol permit, or you know anyone in the future who faces this issue, you are urged to email It doesn’t matter where you are located in NY.

By all means use this thread to discuss – this is something that was mentioned as a potential major issue with the new laws signed by Cuomo, and it’s becoming reality.

If this is true, then we’re seeing members of the medical community in the state of New York violating patient privacy laws and turning over patient records to the government, and the government is just as illegally using this information to violate the Constitutional rights of New Yorkers.

There are apparently attempts to sue for justice with various legal filings and court cases challenging the NY SAFE Act, and lawsuits that will eventually target these doctors. These legal avenues will take years, and it is doubtful that the leftists in the medical community “cooperating” with the equally repulsive lawmakers will ever face anything approaching justice, which should include the revocation of their license to practice medicine, and jail time and hefty fines for HIPPA violations.

Of course, none if this does a damn thing to stop these revocations as they occur. None of this is preventing law enforcement in New York from turning a blind eye to the blatant criminality of where they are getting their information, or from using this illegally obtained and out of context information to destroy the constitutional rights of American citizens trapped behind enemy lines in New York.

If I were privy to the names of the doctors breaking the law, I think I might be tempted to share than information, and let the chips fall where they may. If these doctors are boycotted, protested, and driven out of business, they will have earned it.

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  1. LC Scotty says:

    Bob, there’s some speculation that it’s not the doctors, but the state police browsing prescription records and cross referencing them to the permit database. As I understand it, here in NY our scripts are written on state provided barcode paper, and when those are filled Albany is alerted. IIRC, the intent was to catch “Doc Hoppers” seeking pain pills.

    I’m not sure how much of this is fact and how much is speculation.

  2. Thomas says:

    Great, now those who would seek help for mental health issues will instead go untreated so to avoid having their firearms taken. I feel safer already!

  3. JD says:

    Defcon 1 NY.

  4. Rob Crawford says:

    So… you’ve been threatened repeatedly by an ex-. The threats are so serious that even NYS felt the need to issue you a “permit” to defend yourself. The threats have you so nervous you seek help, and get anti-anxiety medication to help.

    And the “police” paw through records that, legally, they have no authority to access, then swoop in and render you defenseless.

  5. Orion says:

    If you live in NY, now’s the time.

    Lexington…Concorde. Albany.


  6. Rand says:

    I would encourage the publication of the doctors names – if it is indeed the doctors and not somebody snooping thru the prescription databases – for all to see. Let the public make the decision on whether or not they want a doctor who understands and respects their rights as a patient or not.

    If this is being pulled from prescription databases, I would like to know who authorized this, and I would like all to know. Our side needs to know who is doing this, and the names need to be repeated often and loudly. What is that rule the…#8 keep the pressure on. Never let up.